April 17, 2000


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Arminana President

Subject: Notes from March 27, 2000 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Approval of the Master Plan Revision

Deborah DuVall began the discussion with a summary of where the committee was in the process to approve the Master Plan Revision. The Final EIR on the Proposed Master Plan Revision was complete and provided to members. President Arminana stated that he had received a letter from the ENSP faculty asking to postpone the decision until the public had time to comment on the Final EIR and the committee had sufficient time to review the document. Tom Jacobson summarized the letter from the ENSP faculty emphasizing three issues: A recommendation that the proposed Creek Task Force meet before the committee approved the Master Plan, that a Financial Plan for the Music Center be distributed before the committee approve the Master Plan and that any reports supporting the proposed site for the University Center be made available. In response to that request, President Arminana removed the item from the agenda and postponed the decision until the next meeting on April 24, 2000, with a deadline for comments of April 17, 2000. He referred Tom to the minutes of the Task Force for the University Center, stated that a general Financial Plan could be made available and stated that the meeting of the Creek Task Force was dependent on membership assignments from the Senate and the Associated Students.

Designation of a Free Speech Area.

The Associated Students, represented by Brian Talbot and Melissa Bonham, made a presentation to the committee revisiting the request to identify and name a Free Speech Area on campus. The students summarized the history of the request dating back to 1997, a listing of the amount of support on campus for this proposal and then presented a schematic concept sketch of the location in front of the Student Union on the northwest corner of the Central Quadrangle. The proposal was discussed in two sections: identification of the concept and location of a free speech area on the northwest corner of the Central Quadrangle in front of the Student Union and the naming of that area after Mario Savio. The naming policy was reviewed, and the committee reminded, that the action at this meeting was to accept the proposal and to refer it to subcommittee for further campus discussion with the goal of returning to the next Campus Planning Committee with a recommendation. The motion was made to accept the naming proposal and refer it to subcommittee and to approve the designation of a Free Speech Area in the recommended location in front of the Student Union. Vice President Larry Schlereth reminded the committee that the design and construction of the physical aspects of the space would have to adhere to the blue paper policy for Construction of New Buildings or Structures to assure safety and access. Nate Johnson recommended that the approval of this site development include policy assurance to eliminate the possibility of event conflicts with other activities in the Central Quadrangle. The committee agreed with this approach.

Proposed Name for the SSU Native Plant Garden

The committee had received a proposal from the ENSP faculty to name the Native Plant Garden after Kenneth Stocking. Steve Orlick, representing the faculty, summarized the proposal. The committee accepted the proposal and referred it to subcommittee for further campus discussion with the goal of returning to the next Campus Planning Committee with a recommendation.

Status Report on the Athletic Field Development

Bill Fusco gave the committee an update on his progress to define the development of the new soccer stadium which is an element of the proposed Master Plan Revision. He distributed a schematic drawing that was intended for use in fundraising endeavors. The stadium would be the home of the SSU menÕs and womenÕs soccer teams but would also allow for use for college, high school, club youth and pro levels of soccer. President Arminana asked if the field could be used for LaCrosse as well as soccer and Bill Fusco assured him that it could be.

Report on the Music Center Schematics

Bruce Walker gave the committee an update on the Music Center Schematic planning efforts showing the committee progress in the development of site and building issues along with floor plan and building elevations.

CPC Minutes 1999-2000
Updated 2008-01-17