November 14, 2000


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Armiñana, President

Subject: Notes from the October 30, 2000 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Approval of California Institute on Human Services Building Addition

John Bond presented a request from Tony Apolloni to add 6,500 square feet of modular building space to the existing California Institute on Human Services Building. The level of grants and contracts on campus has undergone rapid growth; the existing building can no longer accommodate any additional workstations to support that growth. The CIHS building no longer has a conference room and very little storage space or other work areas. Additionally, CIHS has dramatically increased the number of students it is employing. It has no space in its current building for new employees or students. The new building addition will match the existing architectural style of the existing modular buildings. The addition will include the demolition of the existing concrete handball courts to the east of the CIHS building. Given the expressed space needs and the fact that the handball courts have been only marginally used for years, the committee approved the request unanimously.

Approval of Campus Kiosks

John Bond asked that the committee approve as campus-wide standard the architectural style of the kiosk used in the Sauvignon Village project. The kiosk used in that project is from StreetSmart Designs and includes posting and emergency telephone capabilities. John asked that the committee approve the design standard and two campus locations as a beginning of the kiosk program. The two locations were between Salazar and Darwin Halls and on the southwest corner of Stevenson Hall. After some discussion of the changing campus pedestrian traffic patterns, the committee approved the kiosks unanimously.

Baseball Field Upgrades

Bill Fusco presented an improvement plan for the campus baseball field that included a general refurbishment of the existing field, replacing the scoreboard and adding box seats to replace the limited portable bleacher seating. Further additions will provide new practice and player amenities, such as batting cages and dugouts, with the final phases featuring the construction of a classroom building that will also serve as a right field fa¬ćade. Funding will be achieved through private sources, including corporate sponsorships, season ticket sale and private donations. At this first phase, however, the committee approved unanimously the reserved seating and the seating access walkway. The scoreboard was approved at a previous meeting.

Approval of University Signage Policy

Lynn McIntyre summarized the proposed new blue paper policy for University Signage. The committee approved the policy with the understanding that the following changes would be made and brought back to the committee as an information item:


Political Signs, would be modified to eliminate the wording "(i.e. General Fund) when referring to the ability to fund political signs with state resources.


Remove this section stating that abandoned signs would be stored for 20 days.


Insert wording on copyrighted material relating to imitative official government signs or copyrighted signs, logos or marks.

Ruben Salazar Stairwell Addition

Deborah DuVall informed the committee that recent meetings with the State Fire Marshal regarding occupancy levels in the Salazar building once remodeled indicated that there would be a need for an external stairwell leading from the north central wall of the second floor into the Central Quadrangle. A model of such a stairwell was presented to the committee as an information item.

Environmental Technology Landscape Improvements

This item was dropped from the agenda because the landscape improvements planned for the project had not developed as initially expected. The landscaped improvements would be staying within the defined scope of the project as originally approved and, therefore, did not need further approvals at this time.

CPC Minutes 2000-2001
Updated 2008-01-17