March 22, 2001


To: Campus Planning Committee

From: Ruben Arminana, President

Subject: Notes from the March 6, 2001 Campus Planning Committee Meeting

Ives Amphi-theatre Stage

Bruce Walker presented a design to construct a performance stage at the Ives Amphi-theatre. This stage would be used for formal and informal activities. The construction would be a concrete slab with a stone wall and a cedar trellis. It would be a jointly funded project with the campus and the Alumni Association. The committee approved the site and concept unanimously.

Alumni Grove

Jim Ford from the Alumni Association asked the committee to approve the identification of a grove that campus graduates could consider as a place that was a special expression of their attachment to the University. It could be a place for them to gather and a place to enhance with landscape features such as trees, plants, signs and benches. The proposed location for this Alumni Grove was between the larger, east lake and the Native Plant Garden on the edge of the existing path. The enhancements would be phased over several years. The first addition would be a pole sign identifying the purpose of the location. The committee approved this proposal unanimously.

Open Discussion

Vice President Schlereth announced that this was the last meeting that John Bond would be attending. John would be retiring by the end of the month. President Arminana expressed his thanks and appreciation of all of the good work and dedication that John had contributed, to both the committee and the campus as a whole, over the many years of his tenure at the University.

Elizabeth Herron joined the committee at this time as a proxy for Richard Gale. President Arminana asked Ms. Herron if she wanted to discuss the issue of bridge construction over Copeland Creek as a part of the development of the northern properties. Ms. Herron agreed that, although that was not the purpose for her attendance, it was of interest to her. The President stated that he thought he had been mistaken at a previous meeting when he had stated that the bridge was for emergency vehicles only. He asked Deborah DuVall for the project definition of the use of the bridge. Ms. DuVall stated that the definition in the Environmental Impact Report describing the project depicted the north entrance road as a primary road and one of two major vehicular entrances to the University. The EIR traffic analysis in the report, that had undergone public review and comment, was consistent with that definition. Ms. Herron stated that it was not clear to her in the EIR that the north entrance road and bridge connection was defined as a major entrance. President Arminana asked that Ms Herron meet with Ms. DuVall to identify that description in the report.

CPC Minutes 2000-2001
Updated 2008-01-17