Minutes: JUNE 6, 1995

Members Present


Larry welcomed the new Administration and Finance Senior Directors to the Campus Reengineering Committee.

Approval of Agenda

MSPU the agenda (Merrifield/Calandrella)

Approval of Minutes

MSPU the minutes of April 14, 1995 (Harris/Merrifield)

Items to Date

Larry reviewed the list of action and information items from the previous meeting distributed with the agenda.

Under "action" items, the Commons Renovation Phase II is out to bid. Larry reviewed the plan for appointments of the AFD management positions, and added the recruitments for the payroll and human resources technicians.

Contract Post Office--Residence Community(Action)

Alan Murray had a scheduling conflict, so Larry presented this item for him. Negotiations are underway with the U.S. Postal Service to put a contract post office in the convenience store in the Residence Halls. The cost to SSU would be the space, a safe, countertops, and a phone line. The U.S. Postal Service would provide the scale, money order printer, mail bags, and other necessary supplies. We would hire the employees ($10,200 for student assistants) but the USPS would reimburse us. The Post Office would be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. The Post Office would be open to the entire campus, not just resident students, and would offer all services except international money orders. The contract would carry a 60-day termination clause.

MSPU (Harris/Calandrella) to approve the Contract Post Office project as submitted.

Marketing Student Workstations

Ken Brown presented the plan for marketing student workstations at Summer Orientation. On Monday afternoon of orientation, the vendors will be on campus to show their goods. Included will be Apple, IBM, Claris, and Microsoft. In addition, representatives from the Apple Loan program and the Sonoma County Schools Credit Union will be present to offer financing options. CMTS and Bookstore personnel will be present to answer questions of customers, and the Bookstore will have three registers operating to transact sales. Dennis asked that Ken contact Steve Lewis about having someone from the IBM users group present. He also asked that the prices be checked with the J.C. and local market to be sure we are competitive. Andy raised the concern that students in particular fields really need an IBM and wanted to know if precautions would be taken to advise these students appropriately so that they don't buy a machine that won't work for them in the long run. Larry said he would communicate the concern to Don Farish and Mark Resmer. Bill stated that specialized software will be made available in the labs as well.

Larry informed the Committee that the Chancellor's Office will not be able to approve the fee for Fall, because of scheduling issues with the Trustees' agenda, but that the Chancellor's Office has committed the funds to the campus for Fall, with approval of the fee expected for Spring.

Reengineering and Enhancements--Reentry and Additional Counsellor Position

Larry asked that the Committee hear these two items together, as presented by Joaquin Sanchez and Tak Richards. Larry further stated that he had asked the Counseling Quality Circle to propose a plan for - enhancing both the Counseling and Reentry programs, irrespective of reporting lines. This follows from the philosophy of Administration and Finance to provide high quality, customer-oriented programs. Joaquin stated that the Counseling Q.C. is no longer focusing on just the students, but on the entire University community as a system. One of the ways that Reentry can play a part in this system is by providing critically needed staff development counseling and training. In addition, over 100 of our employees are "adult learners" working toward various degrees. Currently, the Reentry function is staffed with half of Tak, plus student interns. Tak has asked Larry for $20,000, of which half would be used to fund the interns, and the other half would be used for Staff Development programs. The Q.C. has also asked Larry for an additional Psychologist position, 12 months, to provide psychological counseling to students and back up Joaquin during the periods when the academic-year counselors are not here. This would free part of Tak and part of Joaquin to devote to the Staff Development Program.

Since this was a first "reading," Larry asked for a sense of the Committee as to whether or not these three issues (mental health, reentry, and staff development) should be further fleshed out. Carol stated that she would like to see a written plan as to how staff development, personal counseling, and employee assistance would work. Andy stated that he would like to see Reentry emphasized more than it has been. Since there appeared to be more than passing interest in this subject, Larry asked Edna to prepare a written package outlining the proposed services to be offered, how they would be offered, and what steps including funding would be needed to implement.

University Club Enhancements

Over lunch, Larry asked that the Committee brainstorm ideas for improving the University Club. Although the unit has been successful, and the clientele seem happy, he does not want to "rest on our laurels" so to speak. The Committee did not think the physical facility needs changing at this point. Some comments included: better coffee, a magazine/newspaper rack, "celebrity chefs" on given days with a small upcharge to benefit the Staff Council/Academic Senate. These suggestions will be explored.

Human Services Sixth Dispatcher Position(Second Reading)

Edna introduced this item by stating that the Human Services managers had discussed this issue at length and were in full support. Pat Carr then proceeded to explain the need for the sixth dispatcher position, stating that because of the high level of turnover in dispatchers, the overtime costs (both financial and human) required to fill the shifts warranted filling a sixth position. For example, during the last 60 months, there has been at least one vacancy 30 of the months. Several members of the Committee stated that they needed to see more information related to the cost, i.e., a breakdown of the overtime costs versus the cost of the additional dispatcher. Pat left the meeting and returned later with the data. The overtime costs for the past six months for other CSO's (dispatchers), for officers (both at straight-time and overtime rates), and for the Parking Coordinator at straight time totaled $14,571 for six months. Beyond the dollar cost, Pat stated that the dispatchers had to fill in the shifts by working 12-hour shifts, which is very draining, and that officers had filled in also, but that their MOU does not require them to dispatch. Also, when the officers are dispatching, it takes them away from patrol and other needed functions. Finally, Pat stated that the reason he was asking approval particularly at this time, is that he has a second viable candidate in the current recruitment, and would like to make the offer before the candidate accepts employment elsewhere.

MSPU (Calandrella/Barnier) to approve the expenditure of funds to hire a sixth dispatcher.

Student Employment Policy Task Force Report(First Reading)

Bill Houghton, the chair of this task force was on vacation, therefore, Larry presented the item on his behalf. Larry stated that this issue was raised by Victor Garlin last year, because there was no clear procedure for students to utilize if they felt they had been unfairly treated in their employment. There was considerable discussion about the policy (distributed with the agenda), with consensus that the policy needed dramatic revision. Larry clarified that the policy was the work of the task force, made up of a variety of representatives including faculty. He also stated that the Senior Directors had not supported this policy, but felt that Human Resources should take a more central role in student employment issues.

MSPU (Harris/Calandrella) that the Campus Reengineering Committee take no action on the Student Employment Policy, but ask Larry to direct appropriate Human Services managers to review and rewrite the Student Employment Policy encouraging an approach which mirrors the procedures related to other University employees.

Off-Campus Task Force Report(First Reading)

John Bond reviewed the Task Force Report (distributed with the agenda). Several members of the Campus Reengineering Committee stated that missing from the report was the data on which conclusions were based. Dennis asked that spec fic data for a given period of time be provided, showing demand and costs based on several scenarios; i.e., cost of motor pool versus Hertz versus Avis, etc. Larry asked that the CRC do nothing with the report at this time, and that he would request the Senior Director for Facilities to compile and analyze the data and report back at a future meeting.

Child Abuse Reporting Policy Task Force Report(First Reading)

Anthony Tusler reviewed the draft report distributed with the agenda. Of key importance is the definition of "mandated reporter." Anthony stated that in general faculty are not mandated reporters, except in certain special courses targeting children, such as EXCEL. The issue of internships and student teaching were discussed. Anthony responded that we cannot enforce this policy in another administrative setting, but that the Dean of Education would be consulted. Bill Barnier stated that he would not want to vote on this document since it is very technical and has legal implications. Larry responded that he was bringing it to CRC as protocol prior to taking it to Cabinet for deliberation and legal review if deemed necessary.

MSPU (Harris/Calandrella) to waive the second reading of this report and forward the report to Cabinet.

Residence Life Consultants Repor(First Reading)

Larry summarized the consultant's recommendations and asked that the Committee provide him with a request for whatever information they wish in order to consider and act on the recommendations. He stated that the savings if the recommendations are implemented would be in the Dormitory Revenue Fund - Housing and would be used for land acquisition.

Andy asked that an objective response to each recommendation, point by point, be prepared-similar to an audit response. The committee by consensus asked that Alan Murray and Drew Calandrella, separately, or together if they agree, prepare such a response. Larry asked that their report be completed by July 18 for mailing to the CRC for discussion on July 25.

Next Meeting: JUNE 20, 1995, TERRACE ROOM

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