Campus Reengineering Committee

MINUTES: February 16, 1996

Members Present

Larry introduced Jim Christmann, replacing Bill Barnier.

Approval of Agenda

MSPU the agenda (Harris/Ogg)

Approval of Minutes, 12/8/95

MSPU the minutes of December 8, 1995, (Brown/Merrifield)

Vice President's Report

Larry had furnished his written report in advance and again with the agenda. He stated that one item had changed, that Yolanda Nunez would likely return in a month or so, rather than a week as first stated. He also stated that PBAC meetings had been scheduled and that the group will be focusing on a multi-year financial plan for the campus. The 1995/96 budget will be published soon but will not include salary increases for CSEA nor PSSI's (faculty merit awards).

In the question/answer session, Larry stated that the Customer Services recruitment was delayed in order to be in sync with the Financial Services reengineering and also because of the space issue that needed to be resolved. Recruitment is expected in May with training to begin in August. The space in the Anthropological Studies Center is expected to be vacated in May, and remodeling will occur during the summer.

Lynn McIntyre gave a presentation on the Proposition 203 campaign.

Action Items to Date Information Items to Date for the good of The University - To Date

Larry reviewed the updated list of Action and Information Items attached to the agenda. New items were listed in boldface. Under "Items for the Good of the University," Larry asked if the AFC South reception issue had been resolved. Since there were still some concerns, Larry asked Edna and Letitia to resolve the issues.

Update: Progress With Improvements - University Club and Purchasing

Since Alan Murray was absent, Larry reviewed the list of University Club improvements attached to the agenda. An item not listed was that we are exploring getting more tables for two in order to better utilize the limited space. Dennis suggested that we get the type that can be locked together to make larger tables. The locks keep the tables even and stable.

Steve Wilson updated the committee that the Credit Card Purchasing program has begun implementation and that by the end of the fiscal year, most of the campus departments will have the card available to them.

Pub Renovation and Location - Report From Task Force

Gloria Ogg reviewed the Task Force Report that was included with the agenda. The report recommended that the Pub be kept in its current location and that plans go forward to renovate the facility. Tracy Terrill added that the students are very anxious for this project to go forward, as the Pub management is working with student groups to attract more programming, and with it business, to the Pub.

MSPU to approve the task force report (Harris/Link).

STS Assessment Model

Larry reviewed the STS Assessment Model proposed by the AFD Senior management group. Several committee members encouraged the use of graduate students to help in the facilitation of the focus groups, rather than more expensive consultants. Also the timeline for the review of the self-study was extended to Fall, 1996, to avoid the busy period around finals and commencement.

MSPU the STS Assessment Model with the above additions (Harris/Merrifield).

AFD Communication Issues

Larry informed the committee that Tracy Terrill had assisted in establishing a Home Page for AFD on the World Wide Web. Larry reviewed a list of items that would be included on this Home Page. Larry also asked for feedback on a proposal to pilot a daily "SSU TODAY" communication, a sample of which was attached to the agenda. There was much discussion over the desirability of having this type of document provide campus-wide information, such as information on special events. Larry clarified that this needed to start as a smaller pilot, and that the intent of the document was NOT to be a Special Events or "master" Calendar for the campus, although that may be a campus need. Gloria Ogg will be the initial editor and producer for the information sheet, which would be produced both electronically and in hard copy each morning. A small task force was named to work out the details. The task force will consist of Gloria Ogg (chair), Tracy Terrill, Gary Gannon, Pat Carr, Lynn McIntyre, Neil Markley, and a staff member. Larry asked that the task force work quickly with a hope to have the document in production effective April 1.

Custodial Assessment and Enhancements to the Management of Housekeeping

Larry reviewed his synopsis of the Custodial Assessment Report outlining the issues and recommendations. Andy asked that #5 under "Issues" be modified to read "Some of those..." rather than "Those..." A second handout outlined a strategy of addressing the need for additional supervision of the custodial staff. Larry stated that because of the span of shifts in the Housekeeping function, as well as the number of personnel issues, Dave Powers needed the support of a "super-lead" type of position. The position would be funded by salary savings for the remainder of 1995/96, and in 1996/97 from CSU funds targeted for Physical Plant. The classification of the position is being determined by Human Resources. Larry stated that this item was intended as a first reading, however, he would like approval to begin the recruitment process.

MSPU (Brown/Terrill) to begin the recruitment process for the "super-lead" Housekeeping position.

Financial Services Staff Reengineering

Steve Wilson presented his proposal for Financial Services Reengineering, attached to the agenda. This was presented as a first reading and would be brought back for a second reading and action at a future meeting. Steve stated that he had held three open meetings with the staff of Financial Services and that a lot of good questions and feedback had been received. Under this plan, none of the employees would be adversely affected in terms of salary. Jobs would change, and in most, if not all, cases upward reclassification would take place. A key question raised by Larry to the committee was how to effect the changes in positions; i.e., whether to require the current employees to apply for the jobs, or simply reclassify. Initial feedback from the committee was to reclassify rather than require the employees to apply and interview for the jobs. Steve explained the organizational structure proposed. The General Accounting section as proposed would be able to address the many new reporting and tax issues, as well as respond to the issues raised by GAAP (the move to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). The Payables and Receivables units would encompass all funds, including auxiliaries. Auxiliary employees may convert to state employment if it is in their interest. Larry asked the Committee to read through the proposal, and further discussion would be held at the next meeting.

Open Forum - Items for The Good of The University

Larry stated that the University Club menus had been discontinued in "This Week" at the suggestion of the CRC, but he has had questions/requests to change it back. Consensus was to NOT put the menus back in, but to explore a recorded phone line and use of the World Wide Web.

Neil Markley updated the committee about some of the changes in the Pub, including the addition of a coffee cart that will be wheeled over to Stevenson Hall to serve the evening student population.

Rand Link suggested that thought be given to a juice bar or cart near the new "Open Rec." Facility.

Larry stated that someone had raised the issue in Academic Senate about having condom machines in all of the restrooms. This would be explored.

Next Meeting: March 15, 1996, 12:00 - 4:00 P.M., Terrace Room

CRC Minutes 1995-1996
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