Minutes: March 15, 1996

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Approval of Agenda

MSPU the agenda (Harris/Christmann)

Approval of Minutes, 2/16/96

MSPU the minutes of February 16, 1996, (Harris/Bond)

Vice-President's Report

Larry had distributed his report in advance as well as with the agenda. He stated that he had included the PBAC Minutes and recommendations, and hoped that the CRC members found them helpful. President Arminana had accepted the PBAC recommendations for 1996/97, and the campus now has an approved budget plan for next year.

Deborah DuVall was asked to attend the meeting to show a video of our campus that was produced for the Trustees. Each campus was asked to produce a video to showcase the campuses while at the same time highlighting the many deferred maintenance and other physical needs. The committee commended Deborah on the quality of the video, and Larry also stated that Lynn McIntyre also should be congratulated on the project.

Action Items to Date Information Items to Date for the Good of the University--to Date

Larry reviewed the updated list of Action and Information Items attached to the agenda. New items were listed in boldface. He noted that the Custodial position was in recruitment and that the President had not yet approved the Pub Renovation. There was one item missing--Condom Machines in the Restrooms. Larry said he had no report on this subject yet.

Update: Administrative Intern Program

Alan Murray reported on this item, stating that the program has been successful in its first six months, and that a fourth intern is being added in the Bookstore. Other intern positions are in Catering, the Pub, and the Zinfandel Marketplace. Questions were raised about how the program is advertised, and Alan responded that the opening was advertised in Human Services, the Career Center, and the Enterprises Units. A suggestion was made that this program would be a good feature story for the STAR. Larry said that he would like to see other campus departments provide similar opportunities for students, however that because of the compensation package, non-general fund resources must be used.

Reproducing Copyright Materials

Diane Brown had asked for this item to be placed on the agenda to open discussion of reviewing and updating the policy regarding copyrighted materials. She distributed copies of the "Fair Use Statute" and suggested ways to change our campus policy to enable the instructional units to utilize the Koda Center and Reprographics within the parameters of the law. Larry asked Alan to review the document and revise the policy if appropriate, forwarding the new draft via QuickMail to CRC members prior to the April meeting.

Alcohol Management Agreement

Larry provided background on this item, stating that the policy on the service of alcohol on campus was last reviewed under President Benson's administration. Alan Murray provided an updated package for requesting permission to serve alcohol on campus. The main change is that the signature of the Vice President (Larry) is no longer required, but has been replaced by the Special Events Director. Suggestions were made to include a preamble about what constitutes an "event"; i.e., when the form is required, and also what the repercussions are for violating the policy. Larry asked Alan to redraft the document and forward it for comment via QuickMail. If everyone concurs with the redraft, Larry will forward it on to Cabinet.

PBAC - CRC/AARCC Confernce Committee: Multi-Year Financial Plan Implications for CRC

Larry reviewed the PBAC Multi-Year Plan, stating that the objective was to look beyond one year and create a longer range plan to become a "public ivy." He stated that the plan was developed by Don Farish and Larry Schlereth, and that it will serve as a beginning for discussions by PBAC. The plan includes interfund borrowing from the Parking Fund and the Enterprises, as well as capital project financing via the CSU Institute.

Custodial Assessment Report

Larry stated that this item was now ready for action by CRC. He stated that he had inadvertently left off "Some of" on Issue #5. He said he would make the correction.

MSPU (Ben-Zion/Harris) to approve the Custodial Assessment Report Recommendations.

Cars, Walkways. Parking Repairs
Larry explained a proposal to utilize $150,000 of 95/96 Parking Funds to address Parking Lot Asphalt Repairs and Restriping. A question was raised regarding Proposition 203 and the impact on the projects should the bond measure pass. Larry replied that even if Prop. 203 passes, the groundbreaking would be two years off, and some repairs would still need to be done, although possibly on a reduced level.

MSPU (Harris/Christmann) to waive second reading and approve the expenditure of $150,000 of 95/96 Parking Funds to accomplish the proposed project list, giving John Bond the discretion to adjust the projects appropriately should Proposition 203 pass.

Financial Services Staff Reengineering

Steve Wilson reviewed a revision to the February 16 Financial Services Reengineering Plan. After discussion, Larry asked if the committee was willing to waive an extended second reading in order to take action because:

  1. the employees affected are anxious
  2. he wants the reorganization in place prior to the next COLA (possible July 1) in order to get the extra salary dollars
  3. the employees need to know where they stand in the Financial Services Reengineering in order to decide whether to apply for the Customer Services jobs to be posted May 1.

Larry clarified that if an employee does not wish to accept a new classification, they will remain at their current level as a transitional employee. MSPU (Brown/Harris) to accept the proposed Financial Services Restructuring. MSP (Nakamoto/Cinquini) to accomplish the reorganization by reassignment of Administration and Finance employees first at the discretion of Associate Vice President Wilson, and then open recruitment for any remaining positions in accordance with collective bargaining agreements. (1 abstention - Merrifield)

Line of Credit for Campus Infrastructure Larry reviewed concept and assumptions for borrowing funds to accomplish major improvements to the campus infrastructure. He stated that this plan is premised on the passage of the Governor's Budget. The plan would provide for many of the most needed projects to be accomplished at once,
rather than a little at a time spread over many years. Under "Projected Utilization," a correction was made--Instructional Equipment Backlog, $1,000,000 was deleted because it is covered on the second page.

MS (Coate/Christmann) to move resolution for discussion, with a change that the project list state "infrastructure projects that currently include...." leaving room for input on priority and additional items.

Discussion tabled to April 19, 1996.

Open Forum--Items for the Good of the University Larry asked if the CRC members were willing to meet during the summer. The consensus was "yes," and Larry asked Gloria to select some dates. Edna reported that SSU has just completed the hire of a female police officer who will start work March 24. Recruitment of another police officer is nearly complete and will bring us to full staff.

A suggestion was raised about putting signs warning drivers about the new crosswalks from Parking Lot J. Edna will ask Pat to look into it and forward an appropriate recommendation to the Campus Planning Committee.

Next Meeting: APRIL 19, 1996, 12:00 - 4:00 P.M., ZINFANDEL MEETING ROOM

Tentative Summer Dates:
TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 1996, 10:00 - 3:00, TERRACE ROOM
TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1996, 10:00 - 3:00, TERRACE ROOM
TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1996, 10:00 - 3:00, TERRACE ROOM

CRC Minutes 1995-1996
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