MINUTES June 13, 1996



MSPU the agenda (Cinquini/Harris)


MSPU the minutes of April 19, 1996, (McIntyre/Crabbe)


Larry had not distributed a written report to the committee, so he updated the group on each item listed with the agenda.

Line of Credit Consultation
Staffing Plan Dennis Harris has agreed to join AFD for a year to assist with the consultative process related to the various projects included in the line of credit. He will be taking a year off from teaching to do this, and the Administration and Finance Division is delightedto have him. His title is Special Assistant to the Vice President for Administration and Finance for Project Management.
Discussions with Cotati/Rohnert Park School District
Info. Center Larry is negotiating an $8 million contribution to the Information Center from CRPSD. There is a separate committee (including Susan Harris, Mark Resmer, and Jim Fouche) which is meeting regarding the impact to Academic Affairs. Part of the proposal includes the establishment of a "gifted" high school.
Status Change in Budget Presentation
Larry reported that his meeting with the Chancellor's Office hadnot gone well in that we will not be allowed to move all of the salaries of the special funds to the General Fund in order to maximize the cost of living augmentation. The only special fund approved for this is the Health Center Fee.
One Card Task Force
SSU is one of 14 campuses participating in this program. Steve Wilson is spearheading the effort on our campus, and we are targeting implementation for January of 1997. Housing Network Improvements Last year we networked the Zinfandel complex. In order to bring the rest of the Housing facilities up to the same level, $400,000 has been allocated for the project. This represents a big additional workload for Facilities and I.T.
Line of Credit
Infrastructure: Larry stated that the CSU Trustees are uncomfortable with using the operating budget to repay debt (although it is already done in many ways). He is working on a solution to the concern; one way is to re-phrase "line of credit" to "lease purchase."
Stevenson Roof Repair
This project will start June 17. QuickMails have been sent to advise occupants of Stevenson that there will be noise, etc.
Stevenson Bathroom Repair
This project to make the bathrooms conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act should be completed within the next 25 days.
Parking Lot Repair
The lots are being resurfaced and restriped. The campus has been notified to expect short term closures of the lots.
Osborne Preserve
Negotiations are underway to acquire the 400 acre preserve from the Nature Conservancy. There is no cost; however, there are infrastructure improvements that need to be made (to an existing building, and the day-to-day management needs to be worked out.
University Budget
Current year is being closed, and we expect to end the year balanced; i.e., "leave nothing on the table." Academic Affairs will roll funds for faculty costs as usual. Next year's budget is currently out of balance by $35,000, because of a risk management cost for worker's comp.
Housing Demand Study
The University has hired a consultant (Lesser and Co.) to perform the study. The consultant is being paid through the Enterprises. The incoming freshman class is the largest ever at 875. The majority are from out of the area and need housing. The occupancy level in the surrounding community is approximately 98%, and no more apartments are being built. Our students have expressed difficulty in finding landlords who will rent to them. Mutual Aid Pact Larry is working with his counterparts at the community colleges, school districts, and cities to explore joint projects and acquisitions for high cost items of infrequent use, such as boom trucks, or for specialized services, such as environmental health and safety.


New items were reflected on the list in bold.


Larry updated the committee on the new CSU Trustees Policy on Student Fees, as well as the composition of our campus committee and its charge. The first priority for the group is to take the new proposed differential fee to referendum in the Fall. The timeline for the process was attached.


A list of the various task forces and subcommittees was provided, and Larry asked for input from the committee as to suggested participants in the subcommittees.


This subcommittee started out as a result of a safety problem with the baseball field. The scope quickly grew to encompass all athletic fields. Several members of CRC felt that representation from Recreational
and Club Sports was needed. Larry said he would consult with the Dean of Natural Sciences, the Director of Athletics, and the Director of Recreational Sports to try to re-focus this committee.


Larry distributed the 96/97 Objectives for the Division of Administration and Finance.

MSPU (Ben-Zion/McIntyre) to accept the document as a first reading for further discussion in July.


Larry reminded the committee that STS IV had created an Internal Auditor. This item is the recommended associated program to be assigned to the position. An outline was provided. Larry stated that the function of the internal auditor would be to review areas which go beyond what is normally covered by outside auditors, including compliance issues, assessment of risk, and identification of key weaknesses and challenges.

MSPU (Harris/Ben-Zion) to accept as a first reading for further discussion in July.

Tracy asked if the Student Union could be added to the 96/97 schedule. Anne suggested that the projected schedule for the next couple of years be outlined. Melinda suggested that some of the more complicated departments might need to be looked at individually, rather than as a part of a school review. Tracy asked that student input be a part of the review as well


Some of the suggestions for Steve for improving the Financial Services product included:


Larry reviewed the background about the Department of Rehabilitative Services claiming the rights to profits from vending programs. In preparation for a systemwide response, Gloria prepared an analysis of SSU's various vending activities, along with itemizing every cost that could be allocated against profits. The result is a net loss, which we expected would be the case. This analysis will serve as a model for the other CSU campuses in developing a systemwide response.


Gloria presented the 1996/97 Budget for Sonoma State Enterprises as approved by the Enterprises Board. The budget is status quo in terms of enrollment and projected sales level, with adjustments from last year in the area of computer sales, the Zinfandel Marketplace, and cost-of-living and merit salary adjustments. The budget also allows for an increase of 50 cents per hour in the entry-level student positions in the corporation.


Gloria gave a brief summary of the efforts to launch SSU TODAY, and recommended that the CRC support the elimination of SSU TODAY as an AFD production, referring the project to the Public Information Office as a potential replacement for, or addition to, THIS WEEK accessible daily or weekly on the Web. MSPU (Ogg/Cinquini)


Gloria stated that the motorcycle lockers on campus are deteriorating and are beyond repair. Costs for replacement, along with survey data from other campuses was discussed. Because of the few served, and the high cost of the product, the recommendation was to eliminate the lockers as they deteriorate. MSPU (Ogg/Harris) to eliminate the lockers as they deteriorate, but to build into new housing construction projects the acquisition of new lockers.


Larry outlined his plan for utilizing existing AFD staff to aggressively collect outstanding debts. The committee suggested that the "targeted purchases" not be specified, but be more general; i.e., administrative equipment.

MSPU (Crabbe/Harris) to waive first reading.

MSPU (Crabbe/Murray) to approve on second reading.


Larry presented a proposal for acquiring additional space for the Administration and Finance Division. Katharyn questioned the appropriateness of space being acquired piecemeal, rather than looking at space needs for the University globally. Larry responded that he was trying to solve the space needs of AFD without impacting other divisions, and that this plan could free up the fieldhouse space for allocation by the Campus Space Committee. He apologized for the breakdown in communication, and said that it wasn't intentional.


Neil distributed two fliers about delivery service from the Pub. He will send a follow-up QuickMail asking which menu plan people prefer.

Larry stated that summer stipends for the faculty members of the committee would be available at the next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: JULY 18, 1996, 10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M., TERRACE ROOM

CRC Minutes 1995-1996
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