MINUTES July 18, 1996



MSPU the agenda (Bond/Brown)


MSPU the minutes of June 13, 1996, (Bond/McIntyre)


Larry stated that a new list of action and information items was attached to the agenda reflecting only those items discussed during the 1996/97 fiscal year.


Space Issues
At the last meeting there was discussion of space issues affecting the Administration and Finance Division and space issues affecting Academic Affairs. While there was much discussion, there was no resolution by the end of the meeting. Larry has met with Don Farish and President Arminana, and while Dr. Arminana has indicated that he would like to be able to purchase space for both areas, the global campus budget does not have any extra resources. He has said that each division must solve their own issues through their division resources. Larry and Don have a possible solution for the space need for faculty offices; i.e., to move non-faculty functions out of Carson area by obtaining a Northridge building (not likely short-term) or by purchasing a new modular. AFD plans to proceed with the purchase of a modular building to allow for the move of the Financial Services unit, and to connect the Human Services functions as discussed at the June meeting.
Fee Advisory Committee Update
The following assumptions are being made with respect to the proposed new fee:
  1. The campus must set aside 33% for financial aid.
  2. Miscellaneous course fees would be eliminated, but a portion of the fee revenue would be shifted to the affected departments to make them "whole."
  3. 8% of the revenue will go to Associated Students Productions to increase programming and enhance student life. This amount is estimated at $100,000/year.
  4. Remaining revenues would go to the Provost for allocation to support instruction. Likely needs are instructional equipment and part-time faculty.
  5. This fee would apply to undergrads only. There may be a separate proposal for grad students.

The next step is to draft the ballot language. Larry and Lynn McIntyre will meet next week to develop a starting document. This will be in draft form throughout October while the consultation process takes place. There will also be a "voter's pamphlet" of opinion statements for and against.

Financial Services Product Review
Steve provided a chart and will update throughout the year as issues are addressed.
Human Services Staffing
Because Edna was detained with legal issues, Larry presented this item. Edna is proposing to reduce the number of dispatchers from 6 back to 5. She wants to keep the position dollars but convert the position to a Human Resources specialist, as this is where the need is. Melinda and Andy proposed that this be considered as an action item since we would be substituting a "professional" position in place of a "paraprofessional." Larry agreed to provide more information and put the question to a vote.
SSU Budget
The governor signed the 96197 budget, fully funding the CSU request. For SSU that means a steady-state budget. A budget summary paper will be issued at convocation, and the detailed "black book" should be issued by December.
Enrollment and Housing
Because we have admitted more freshmen students than anticipated, and because the parents of those freshmen want their children to be housed on campus, we are going to be "tripling" some of the rooms in the Residence Halls. This could have implications in many areas; Facilities, Enterprises, Housing, Counseling, Public Safety. In addition, it points to the need to be planning for increased on-campus housing, since the surrounding community has very few vacancies and is not building more rental units.


Larry reported that the task force had met and discussed the following:

  1. To expand membership to include representatives from Recreational Sports and Kinesiology.
  2. That the baseball field is number one priority, for safety reasons.
  3. That the interior of the gym needs painting.
  4. To expend approximately $2000 to hire an outside consultant to advise us on maximizing field use.
  5. Price tags associated with various equipment and repair projects (itemized on the attachment to the agenda).
  6. To explore the use of student assistants (athletes) in the field maintenance area, perhaps funding this in part from the financial aid portion of the differential fee, if passed.


Steve Wilson reviewed the concept of "one-card." A request for proposal was issued the end of June. The timetable is to award the contract by the end of November, with January targeted for implementation. Steve thinks that June will be more likely.


Larry reviewed the list of task forces and membership. He said that some of the task forces may hold public hearings, as appropriate. Melinda said that she would announce the task forces at convocation and let faculty know that if they want to be involved to contact the senate. She also suggested that Larry keep the senate informed in order to get feedback and support. Larry said that he would keep the senate informed but direct their feedback to their CRC reps and/or the hearings.

MSPU (Barnard/Christmann): to accept the AFD task forces as presented.


Larry presented the updated list of AFD objectives for 1996/97 stating that they are not in priority order. He said he would add Student Union Internal Audit to the list.

MSPU (Brown/Merrifield) to accept the AFD goals/objectives as an information item.


Larry reviewed the revised internal audit program outlined as an attachment to the agenda. The scope was narrowed from the first reading based on CRC feedback. Larry said he would add "Student Union Internal Audit" and "Review of Campus Cash Collection Points" to the list of scheduled audits. There were questions about how public the audit reports would be, and Larry responded that he would get clarification from the President on this.

MSPU (Barnard/Merrifield) to accept the proposal for the Internal Audit Program without endorsing the list of proposed first audits. list would be included for information purposes.


Larry presented the final report of the Pub Renovation Task Force (attached to the agenda) received from Dennis Harris. The recommendation of the task force was to cancel the renovation plans, begin creating plans for the new Pub in the University Center, and direct the Pub Manager to work with AFD and the Enterprises to develop short term enhancements to the current location.

MSPU (Crabbe/Barnard) to accept the report of the Pub Renovation Task Force.


Larry informed the committee that the University Center Task Force had met to discuss revising the University Center Program (square footage allocations) given that the Administration and Finance Division would probably be relocating to the Salazar Library. The task force is recommending that we don't reduce the size of the building if we can afford it, but to substitute in place of the Administration and Finance space a larger "ballroom," general purpose conference and meeting space, and space for lease to an entity such as the Cotati/Rohnert Park School District. These proposed changes related to Phase I of the building. There were no proposed changes to Phase II (the recreation center).


The following suggestions were made for Edna to explore:

  1. a faster reclassification process
  2. increased patrol of the campus
  3. an attendance clerk training manual
  4. one-stop sign-ups
  5. Human Resources updates via meetings with Administrative Managers or through use of a QuickMail tree
  6. streamline the recruitment process
  7. reevaluate the student patrol program for better utilization

Compliments were given to the following areas:

  1. the Employee Assistance Program
  2. the employee evaluation process


Alan Murray presented the reengineering proposal from Reprographics entitled "Lasting Impressions." The proposal will be brought back for a second reading with the following additions:

  1. a list of equipment needs, with impact on operating costs assuming a 5-year amortization schedule
  2. more information related to customer opinion
  3. proposed prices and comparison to the off-campus businesses frequented by campus departments
  4. a separate section related to the Copy Center, and the copier program

Andy also suggested that if we know of a campus that has privatized the operation, it would be interesting to hear their experience after five or so years.

Larry summarized that the questions before us are:

  1. Should the Administration and Finance Division continue to subsidize the operation?
  2. Should prices be raised?
  3. Should the operation be contracted?


Alan showed the committee a copy of a magazine article showcasing our Zinfandel Marketplace.

The committee was informed about the removal of the trees in front of the Commons. Lynn will notify the campus through This Week as to the reason; i.e., as trees die (as many of the alders are reaching the end of their life span) they will be removed and replaced with redwoods whenever possible.

Melinda asked what was happening in the Commons hallway. The project is the last part of the larger Commons renovation project (the purple ceiling, etc.). It is a minor project to lighten and clean up the hallway to the restrooms and University Club.

Melinda asked for clarification as to where the funding for Dennis's position in AFD was coming from. Larry responded that the position is being funded in part from AFD year-end funds, and in part from Social Sciences difference-in-pay funds.

NEXT MEETING: October 11,12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Terrace Room

CRC Minutes 1996-1997
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