Campus Reengineering Committee

Minutes: February 7, 1997

Members Present

Approval of Agenda

MSPU (Harris/Murray) the agenda.

Approval of Minutes

MSPU (Harris/Calandrella) the minutes of October 11, 1996.

The minutes of November 8, 1997, were deferred to the next meeting.

Action and Information Items to Date

Larry reviewed the action items added to the list from the last meeting, specifically that the CRC approved the Workers Compensation strategy, the Staff Training and Development Program, and the AFD Partners for Excellence Program resolution. Eight additional information items were added at the last meeting.

Vice President's Report

Larry reported that negotiations are scheduled for next week with the owner of the Park Garden Apartments. The asbestos and paint tests were acceptable, and the legal issues related to the current occupants will also be discussed.

Larry met with Don Farish to discuss the Housing Phase I presentation to start the process moving. The presentation will be made to CRC and then to the Chancellor's Office.

Negotiations are continuing on the GTE tower.

SSU is no longer participating in the "One Card" project, because of the start-up costs associated with the project.

We are taking the appropriate steps to become "certified" for capital project management. With decentralization, this allows the overhead percentage to stay with the campus. This is very important considering our upcoming Information Center project.

The Staff Training and Development Brochure has been issued. The staff computer training component is missing, because of lack of funding.

Larry reported that he has met with his counterparts from the North Bay Community Colleges in an effort to establish collaborative relationships with regard to administrative affairs. The next step will be for the Senior Directors from AFD to meet with their counterparts. Hopefully, there will be ways to work together to both save money for the campuses and enhance services.

Larry reviewed the list of AFD objectives for 1996/97 and stated that the list had been revised after the failure of the fee referendum.

CRC Representative to the PBAC

Larry reported that Letitia Coate had resigned as the CRC representative to PBAC because of her significant workload. Larry had asked Dennis Harris to replace her, primarily because of Dennis's experience as a former member.

MSPU (Calandrella/Parker) to approve the appointment of Dennis Harris to PBAC as a CRC representative.

President's Budget Advisory Committee Update

Larry reported that the PBAC at its first meeting of the semester had welcomed new members Debbie Gallagher (a staff appointment made by Dr. Armi‚Äďana) and Dennis Harris (replacing Letitia Coate as a CRC representative). The committee also determined their meeting schedule for the Spring semester: Thursday mornings from 8 to 10 a.m. Larry will continue to provide the CRC with minutes of the PBAC meetings. Larry stated that the current year budget is out of balance by approximately $422,000, largely attributable to benefit and COLA shortfalls. Academic Affairs and AFD are going to share this deficit 66%/33%, by borrowing from the Health Center reserve.

Larry reviewed the 1997/98 Trustees Budget presentation, explaining the new funds and their uses. The requested compensation pool is currently at 3.4%, but is subject to collective bargaining. With regard to the Capital Outlay Budget, our Information Center is included at $30,000,000, but this project is contingent on the campus raising the remaining $8,000,000 cost of the project. We also will likely get some of the minor capital projects budget primarily for safety projects. Steve Wilson explained a handout estimating the impact of the Trustees Budget on SSU. Larry then explained to the committee some of the challenges facing Administration and Finance with regard to the budget, as attached to the agenda.

Campus Deferred Maintenance Priorities

The committee reviewed as a first reading the list of deferred maintenance projects distributed with the agenda. Larry asked John Bond to add to the list the Stevenson Hall Loading Dock project with an estimated cost.

AFD Objectives: 1997-1998

The AFD objectives for 1997-98 were distributed with the agenda. Larry stated that the list is much shorter for the coming year with the emphasis being on our "core" services, rather than new initiatives. This is a result of the campus budget concerns.

CRC Spring Agenda Topics

Larry reviewed the list attached to the agenda. He said he would add "Deposit of Revenues to Appropriate Funds." Tracy Terrill asked that "Administrative Intern Program" and "Faculty Selling to Students in the Classroom" also be added. Finally, "Transition of Enterprises and Foundation Employees" will be added.

Open Forum - Items for the Good of the University

Diane Brown asked whether or not we would be "tripling" in the dorms next year. Larry responded that marketing materials offer singles, doubles, and triples, and the number of triples needed will depend on enrollment and demand.

Diane reported on the Wine Institute dinner held in January in the Commons, stating that everyone involved helped to make the evening successful; the Food Service staff catered a wonderful dinner, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity provided escort service to and from the parking lots, and Freddie Van Drumpt stayed late at the Information Booth to ensure that guests had directions and parking passes. Chancellor Munitz attended as well as nearly every dignitary from the local wine industry.

Larry complimented the Customer Services Center on the Spring semester opening. Students have been very positive in their feedback about the Center.

Tracy complimented the Residence Halls Food Service on the big improvement

Katharyn was proud to announce that SSU has been invited to join the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.

Next Meeting: March 14, 1997, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Terrace Room

CRC Minutes 1996-1997
Updated 2007-12-17