Minutes: March 14, 1997

Members Present

Approval Of the Agenda

MSPU (Harris/Wilson) the agenda.

Approval Of the Minutes

MSPU (Bond/Ben-Zion) the minutes of November 8, 1996. The minutes of February 7, 1997, were deferred to the next meeting.

Action and Information Items to Date

Larry reviewed the items added to the list as a result of the last meeting. Under "Action," Dennis Harris was added to PBAC. Information items included updates on off-campus student housing, housing growth, GTE, One Card, and AFD Objectives. Other items discussed included Capital Outlay Delegation and Larry's efforts to collaborate with area community colleges with regard to administrative functions.

Vice-President's Report

Larry explained the decentralization of the Capital Outlay program, the requirements, and how it affects SSU. In order for a campus to become "certified" to manage its own projects, we must submit a plan for CSU approval. This plan was distributed to the CRC and was submitted to the Chancellor's Office in March. If we are certified to manage our own projects, we would keep about 4-5% of the overhead costs currently retained at the system level. This delegation is very important given our planned $38 million Information Center building. If approved for delegated authority, we would have to add some staff. Ultimately, if the document passes, the campus will have to decide whether or not to accept the delegation on a project by project basis.

AFD Objectives: 1997/98
This item was heard as a first reading. Larry was asked to agendize for a future meeting a briefing by Edna and Steve about the transition of the Foundation personnel to "reimbursed" State employment.
Campus Deferred Maintanance Priorities
Larry reviewed the list, stating that Item 31, Overlay Cypress/Zelkova/Remaining Redwood Circle, should be removed because it belongs in the Parking Budget. However, an item was left off--Architectural Study of Safety Issues of Stevenson Dock: $15,000. He proposed substituting this item for the previous Item 31. MSPU (Harris/Lee) the Campus Deferred Maintenance List as amended. Larry clarified that this process occurs every year, i.e., Deborah DuVall/John Bond put out a call for projects each Fall and they are evaluated and prioritized for the next cycle. Priorities are given for projects addressing health and safety issues. Johanna Filp asked about the possibility of including funding for campus or departmental "gathering spaces." Larry responded that this issue has been discussed in the past, but that he would agendize it for a future meeting to revisit the question.
AFD Financial Analysis
Dennis explained the charts outlining the Administration and Finance Division's budget for 1996/97 and projected for 1997/98, both Personal Services and Operating Expenses by cluster. Larry then reviewed the list of unfunded issues for the division, totaling approximately $1 million. Two of the unfunded items were related to Parking and Housing, prompting further discussion. Larry explained that positions currently paid from these two funds need to be transferred back to the General Fund because each of the special funds has responsibilities to plan for. The Parking Fund must build enough reserve to add parking lots to accommodate the loss of spaces at the perimeter of campus (Petaluma Hill Road and East Cotati), as well as future repairs and resurfacing. Housing must build a reserve in order to secure financing for growth. Questions were raised about the possibility of private, profit-making housing or parking, and Larry responded that the President has met with local City Councils but the growth/no-growth and wastewater issues present stumbling blocks to this approach. Larry agreed to ask the Campus Planning Committee to review the cost associated with their recommendation to eliminate perimeter parking.
President's Budget Advisory Committee
A synopsis of the the activities of the PBAC was included with the agenda. Larry reviewed the list and mentioned that the minutes of the PBAC are also available on the Web. About mid-April, the PBAC will begin a series of long meetings to formulate recommendations. The April 11 CRC meeting will be the last chance for the CRC to provide input to the CRC reps to PBAC.
Administrative Intern Program
Larry stated that the Administrative Intern program has been in existence long enough to warrant review and assessment. Some issues have been raised by the students, including equitability for students in other divisions, mentorship between the appropriate senior director and the interns, and the requirement that the interns live on campus.
MSPU (Terrill/Ben-Zion) to create a Task Force consisting of Alan Murray (Chair), Edna Nakamoto, Tracy Terrill, Letitia Coate, and Katharyn Crabbe (if she is willing) to review and assess the Administrative Intern Program and provide a report to the CRC at the May meeting.
Revenue Collection Activities in the Classroom
Tracy and Neil asked that campus policy be developed related to collection of fees/payments in the classroom. Examples given included selling of course packs, collection of funds to cover field trips or vehicles, supply sales, etc. here were several concerns, including the right of students to know the costs of a course prior to enrolling, and control over the collection and deposit of funds. Steve Wilson volunteered to draft policy recommendations for consideration by CRC, and asked that CRC members send their input to him. Once CRC comes to agreement on the recommendations, the document would be forwarded to the Academic Senate for consideration.

Open Forum -Items for the Good of the University

Questions were raised about the landscaping and rock wall in front of the Commons, and whether or not the campus has a design review board. Also, there were questions about the re-seeding of the lawn. Gloria stated that a design for the wall in front of the Commons was circulated at a previous CRC meeting. Larry said he will look into it and get back to the committee.

NEXT MEETING: April 11, 1997, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Terrace Room

CRC Minutes 1996-1997
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