Minutes: May 9, 1997

Members Present

Approval of the Agenda

MSPU (Terrill/Markley) the agenda with the addition under Item IV of "Administrative Intern Program."

Approval of the Minutes

MSPU (Harris/Nakamoto) the minutes of February 7, 1997.

MSPU (Harris/Ben-Zion) the minutes of March 14, 1997.

Action and Information Items to Date

Larry reviewed the items added to the list as a result of the last meeting. There were no action items added in March, but three information items were added including "Decentralized Capital Outlay Update #2," "AFD Financial Analysis," and "PBAC Update."

Vice-President's Report

Larry informed the committee that the campus is currently being audited by a number of agencies. The Trustees' audit staff are conducting a FISMA (Financial Integrity and State Managers Accountability) audit. KPMG Peat Marwick auditors are conducting a GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) audit for the system, and during the summer through October, independent CPAs will be auditing each of the four campus auxiliary organizations.

We are currently out to bid for a third party provider given the deregulation of natural gas. We expect to see a positive impact with regard to the campus utility bill around January. Savings could be significant by the year 2000/2001.

The CSU is exploring a collaborative management system for providing administrative computing. A task force of approximately 60 representatives from 22 campuses is formulating recommendation. Our campus representatives on this group are Steve Wilson, Edna Nakamoto and Drew Calandrella. The task force is overseen by a system committee of which Larry Schlereth is a member. Larry stated that campuses will be expected to share the cost in 1998/99, with Sonoma's share estimated at $350,000.

Larry informed the committee that the Administration and Finance Division is coordinating a collaborative effort with our counterparts at area community colleges. A meeting will be held on our campus on May 28. So far, Santa Rosa Junior College, Mendocino J.C., College of Marin, and Solano Community College have expressed interest.

Larry distributed a copy of the artist's rendering of the Commons front landscaping. This sketch had been circulated at an earlier CRC meeting, prior to the construction of the rock wall.

Larry informed the committee that we are moving forward with plans to construct a 600-space temporary parking lot on Laurel Drive to offset the loss of parking with the construction of the Information Center. The cost is estimated at $150,000. A question was raised about the possibility of constructing a multilevel parking structure. Larry responded that the cost associated with parking structures is quite high. Proposals for structures on the campus typically are heard by the Campus Planning Committee.

Regarding the Park Gardens (off-campus housing) project, Larry reported that the complex has been sold. A meeting has been scheduled with the new owner, however, as of this time every student requesting on-campus housing for Fall has been accommodated, with the Housing complex fully "tripled."

Larry stated that since the campus budget will now be moving off center stage, he will be working this summer with the C/O staff to develop a private financing package for housing growth.

The AFD objectives for the current year were reviewed.

The Administrative Intern Program was created two years ago, and is undergoing reassessment at this time. Currently, all of the interns are working for and paid through Sonoma State Enterprises. Alan chaired a task force which reviewed the background and structure of the program, and is recommending revising the compensation package, changing from stipend to hourly wage. Another consideration for revision is the requirement that the interns live on campus. After brief discussion, Larry asked Alan and Edna to prepare this item for first reading at the next meeting. He encouraged committee members to give comments to Alan, Edna, Tracy, or Letitia,the task force members.

President'ts Budget Advisory Committee Activities

The PBAC has completed its work for the semester. Larry distributed a document entitled "Historical Financial Analysis 92/93 - 96/97" and encouraged committee members to review it and direct questions, if any, to Larry, Dennis, or any of the PBAC representatives. Larry distributed and explained the Preliminary Financing Model unanimously endorsed by PBAC. Tracy expressed concern that AFD is still perceived as having "more money in some pot." Jim suggested that a listing of the "consequences of budget reductions" be publicized.

Larry responded that it's difficult at this time, but that by summer's end, as division plans are developed, the picture should be clearer.

AFD Budget Strategy: 1997-98

Larry reviewed a one-page document entitled "Administration and Finance Preliminary Financial Assessment 1997/98." The listing showed unfunded expenses for the division that must be met from existing division resources and possible areas in which the budget could be reduced.

AFD Objectives: 1997/98

This item was deferred to the next meeting.

Summer Schedule

Larry stated that he had planned for the committee to meet during the summer but given the budget situation, does not know if funds will be available. Consensus was that at least one meeting would be beneficial. Larry said he would notify the committee members of the date but could not guarantee stipends or lunch.

Open Forum--Items for the Good of the University

Larry announced the changes in committee membership. Because of the Senate terms of office ending, the following people will leave CRC. Sue Parker will leave CRC to be the Senate Chair. Steve Orlick will join the CRC as Senate Chair-Elect. Melinda Barnard will return to the CRC as faculty representative from Arts and Humanities. Ardath Lee (who was replacing Melinda for the year) will leave the CRC. Tracy Terrill will leave the CRC (he's graduating) and will be replaced by Aaron Pava or his designee.

Next meeting: JULY 17, 1997, 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Terrace Room

CRC Minutes 1996-1997
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