MINUTES September 12, 1997




MSPU (Harris/McIntyre) the agenda with no changes.


MSP (Harris/Murray) the minutes of May 9, 1997. (Abstentions--Markley, Cinquini, Orlick, Pava, McCullough)

The minutes of July 17 were deferred to the next meeting.


Larry stated that an updated list will be prepared for the next meeting.


Larry welcomed Ian McCullough officially as the new student representative. The number of student representatives will increase from two to four. The fourth student will be seated at the October meeting.

The PBAC will meet in October. They will hear the latest update on the state budget--the salary increase pool increased to 4%, the inflationary increase was deleted, and deferred maintenance was reduced. President ArmiƱana accepted the PBAC recommendations for 1997/98. Next Friday, the campus budget will be published by division. The "Black Book" with all of the expenditure detail will be published later, after the PSI's are through. Also included will be the audited financial statement from the previous year.

The PBAC will review the charges to the University Reserve that have occurred so far, and will also begin planning for next year.

Larry announced that the Disability Resource Center will change reporting lines to Student Academic Services within the next few weeks.

Larry informed the committee that he is personally looking into the problems surrounding the availability of textbooks in the Bookstore this semester. He assured the committee that the issue would be resolved and a report would be made to the CRC at the October meeting.

The Campus Recycle Program has been the subject of articles in the campus newspaper recently. Larry stated that the program has been staffed with one full-time employee and a number of student assistants. Because of the campus budget being out of balance, the level of student funding available was in question. In addition, this year's budget was signed late, and then we awaited detail from the Chancellor's Office. In short, we did not want to offer employment to students and then have to lay them off. We now have identified funding and the hiring of the students can go forward. Regarding the outsourcing issue, Dennis Harris will be preparing an analysis of the costs of the program as we currently operate, and also will prepare an RFP (request for proposal) for both on and off-campus entities to consider. As the information is available, the CRC will be apprised.

Larry stated that he would be asking a task force to review our existing practices with regard to building renovations and remodels. The purpose would be to develop a "blue policy" for recommendation to Cabinet. The task force tentatively will include Dennis Harris (chair), John Bond, Deborah DuVall, Edna Nakamoto, Marty Ruddell, and Jim Christmann.

Dennis Harris is preparing an analysis of our Fleet Management program (campus vehicles) and will present it at the October meeting.

Larry will present the analysis regarding to Housing Expansion at the October CRC meeting, as well as at the Student Affairs Committee of the Senate and the Chancellor's Office.

Larry gave an update on the Information Center construction project. Dennis Harris is chairing a task force comprised of Lynn McIntyre, John Bond, Deborah DuVall, Jim Christmann, and Ian McCullough to talk about and prepare for such issues as pedestrian flow, fencing, construction traffic, and impact on the neighborhood. At this time the groundbreaking date is hard to predict for the following reasons. The drawings are still being completed. The project has to go to bid. The state has to sell the bonds (timing the interest rate), and finally, there's the weather. We are projecting, at this point, February. Jim Meyer is still raising about $2.5 million. There will be recruitment for or appointment (possibly from the Chancellor's Office) of a project manager. Funding for the position is included in the project budget.

Larry informed the committee that his staff assistant, Julie Winters, who has been on an extended medical leave, has decided to retire on her birthday in March. Her duties have been reassigned to DeeDee Brannan and Dennis Harris.

A new AFD program was announced called "52 Ways to Student Satisfaction." The idea is to think of at least one new way each week to improve service to students. The CRC will be kept apprised of the progress. So far three items have been implemented. The first has to do with the regulation requiring housing students to move out by 8 a.m. Saturday. This is hard for students who have a 6 p.m. final the night before. Therefore, the regulation has been changed to allow a later move-out deadline. The second item had to do with parking on move-in day. Because of the number of cars (students and parents both bringing vehicles) cars were parked inappropriately in red zones, no parking areas, fields, etc. These cars were ticketed. Next year, to avoid the ticketing (and subsequent appeals by upset parents), there will be better communication by the Housing staff regarding parking, and the parking enforcement staff will be on hand to direct people to appropriate parking locations. The third item was the Customer Services Center "Name the Fish" contest. This was a contest designed to provide diversion for students waiting in line at the beginning of the semester. A gift basket containing approximately $100 in student- oriented goodies was donated by the staff of the Customer Services Center.


Dennis Harris reviewed the membership list, as well as the committee charge and accomplishments to date. Neil mentioned that although the Pub Renovation project was at one point approved, it never actually happened. Dennis asked the group to let him know if any other errors or omissions were noticed.


The CRC reviewed the list in July and sent it back for further prioritization by John and Edna. The list was now coming back for approval.

MSP (Ruddell/Harris) to approve the deferred maintenance priority list as submitted. (Abstentions--Pava and McCullough)

Steve Orlick noted that the Stevenson dock/stairwell area was not listed. Larry responded that the project was not listed because the cost is not known; however a project to fund a study to determine costs should have been on the list. The cost of the study is estimated at $11,000. Larry said he would try to identify a funding source for the study. Marty suggested that while we are waiting on the study, it would be a good idea to paint an arch on the floor in bright "hazard" paint to show the swing of the door. Diane suggested that the study also look at the lighting in the dock area.

Katharyn complimented Facilities on the Village and Ives decking and the Darwin lobby.


Aaron reported that he had taken the policy to the A.S. Board and they support it. Katharyn stated that she had heard that there were some problems encountered in the first round of use. Larry asked Edna to solicit feedback from the Administrative Information Group.


MSPU (Harris/Christmann) to approve the AFD Objectives for 1997/98.


Steve Orlick had asked that this issue be revisited, as there used to be a committee that focused on Alternate Transportation, funding various projects to encourage students and employees to bike, carpool, ride buses, etc. Larry explained that the funding, with the exception of the bus pass subsidy, was no longer available, having been eliminated when the parking fine processing was localized. The committee, ` however, could be re-formed, and proposals for funding could be prioritized with other AFD objectives. He asked Gloria Ogg to chair this committee, soliciting membership from the faculty and students. The charge of the committee will be to explore and recommend, with funding estimates, ways to encourage fewer people to drive alone to campus. He asked that John Bond also be included on the committee.


The issue of campus lighting after dark was raised because of safety concerns. Larry reviewed the history of the topic and stated that perhaps it was time to revisit the issue again. The conflict is between employees and students who feel the lighting is inadequate for personal safety, and scientists who are concerned about light pollution affecting the ability of our faculty and students to utilize the observatory. Larry requested that John Bond chair a committee consisting of Deborah DuVall, Lynn McIntyre, Dennis Harris, Pat Carr, an RSA representative (Drew will get) and a non-dorm student (Aaron will get). Larry wants the committee to focus on the technical aspects of improving the lighting, i.e., what are the options and costs. Once we have the estimated cost, Larry will look to Steve and Letitia to figure out financing options. Third, Larry would look to CRC to help "sell" the project, as it will likely be controversial.


Melinda asked about the blue and white signs on the buildings. Drew responded that they were temporary banners used during campus orientations.

Melinda stated that she feels that the staffing for computer support in the Bookstore needed to be looked at, as students who buy computers need to be able to have problems addressed. Larry stated that he would look at this, but that he believed it was not necessarily the Bookstore that would be helping students with computer issues, other than to serve as the retailer. I.T. has a service center and student support staff who assist students in getting hooked up and operational once they purchase their computer.

Alan shared an example of a product printed on the new color press approved for acquisition for Reprographics last year.

Jim questioned the safety at the intersection of East Cotati Avenue and Construction Road (going west). Larry responded that the city of R.P. has jurisdiction at that area, but will see if anything can be done.

Steve added that the East entrance of the campus is also a safety concern. Larry stated that Campus Planning Committee had discussed this issue and he believed had voted down changing it. Larry will double-check on this.

NEXT MEETING: October 10, 1997, 1:15 - 4:00 p.m., Terrace Room

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