MINUTES October 10, 1997




Approval of the Agenda

Larry Furukawa-Schlereth convened the meeting at 1:15 PM by asking for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Diane Brown. A second was obtained from Jim Christman. The Agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes: 7-17-97 and 9-12-97

Schlereth then asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of July 17, 1997. A motion was made by Steve Wilson. A second was obtained from Andy Merrifield. The Minutes of July 17, 1997 were then approved with no nay votes. Brown and Rudesill abstained from voting since they were not present at the 7-17-97 meeting.

Schlereth then asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of September 12, 1997 A motion was made by John Bond. A second was obtained from Aaron Pava. The Minutes of September 12, 1997 were then approved with no nay votes. Rudesill abstained from voting since he was not present at the 9-12-97 meeting.

CRC Items to Date

Schlereth then reviewed Items addressed by the CRC at the 9-12-97 meeting.

Action items included:

Information items included:

Items for the Good of the Order included:

Vice-President's Report

Schlereth then made his monthly report to the CRC and discussed the following items.

  1. Given changes in assigned responsibilities, Schlereth noted that Dennis Harris's title had been changed to Senior Director of Planning and Analysis. This change was effective 7-1-97. Harris would continue to report directly to the Vice-President.
  2. Schlereth noted that the campus was still awaiting specific implementation information related to the CSEA/MSA settlement.
  3. Schlereth updated the CRC on progress made with the CSU Collaborative Management Systems initiative noting that the procurement process had, to date, narrowed the field to three potential vendors including SCT, Peoplesoft and Oracle.
  4. He also indicated that the CSU CABO Energy Task Force was making significant progress and noted that an RFP had been released.
  5. Mutual aid agreements were being developed with area Community Colleges related to emergency preparedness as an initial outcome of the North Bay Education Collaboration initiative. Similar agreements were being created between SSU and the Santa Rosa Police Department and the Sonoma County Sheriff related to bomb response and serious crimes respectively.
  6. Schlereth reported that as part of Administration and Finance's effort to support the California Institute for Human Services, the Division had agreed to purchase the current CIHS building for $120,000. These resources will assist the Center in obtaining new space near the Corporation Yard needed for the recently awarded Hilton grant. AFD plans to finance its purchase of the current CIHS space over a 5 year period with annual salary savings and is developing plans regarding how the new space will be utilized.
  7. Schlereth reported on action taken by the Campus Planning Committee (CPC) to make Laurel Drive a one-way street entering campus from Petaluma Hill Road. He explained that appropriate signage and a public information campaign was being developed and thanked Lynn McIntyre for her assistance.
  8. The Vice-President indicated that the 97-98 Deferred Maintenance Program included a $15,000 design study associated with the rear entrance of Stevenson Hall. He thanked Steve Orlick for supporting this important safety initiative.
  9. Schlereth noted that the Financial Services staff had completed activities associated with the annual audit of the Sonoma State Enterprises and the University Foundation. Work was underway with the audit of the University itself. He indicated that because of a new auditor (KPMG Peat Marwick) progress was more cumbersome than in past years and asked for patience from the campus in directing requests to the financial staff for day to day information and needed services.
  10. Schlereth reported on temporary and permanent repairs made or being planned for the stairwells in the Residence Community. He also indicated that an engineering study related to the Residence Community second floor decks was underway as were programmatic and financial plans for the University Center.
  11. Schlereth concluded his report by asking Gloria Ogg to provide information to the CRC regarding revised procedures for textbook ordering.

Parking Policy Update

The Chair then recognized Ken Levels who had come to the CRC to express his desire that the campus Parking Policy be amended to permit those persons with disabilities to be granted free parking on campus. Schlereth indicated that SSU currently followed the Education Code with respect to parking charges for employees and students and would seek an opinion from the University's Legal Counsel regarding whether a CSU campus had the ability to deviate from the Education Code in this regard.

PBAC Update

Discussion then turned to the activities of the President's Budget Advisory Committee and items addressed by the PBAC at their October 2, 1997 meeting. Schlereth referenced materials attached to the Agenda packet and responded to several questions posed by CRC members.

Alternate Transportation Report

Schlereth then recognized Ogg who provided an update on the Alternate Transportation Committee. Ogg indicated that the Committee had not yet formally met since it still was in the process of obtaining appropriate representation from the campus community. She noted that she expected that process to be complete in the next few days at which point the Committee would begin its work.

Campus Lighting Report

Schlereth then recognized John Bond who provided an update on the Campus Lighting Committee. Bond noted that the Committee had already met and reviewed the work of the past committee on campus lighting. Following the implementation of Pacific Standard Time, the Committee planned to walk the campus during the evening hours to assess conditions utilizing, as appropriate, a light meter. Bond noted that recommendations would likely be forthcoming at the next meeting of the CRC.

Housing Growth Initiative

Schlereth then proceeded with a detailed presentation of the SSU Housing Growth Initiative referencing a document (attached to the Agenda packet) prepared for the CSU Housing Proposal Review Committee. Schlereth acknowledged the many helpful comments provided by CRC Members regarding the presentation which, he noted, would be made to the CSU on October 15, 1997 in Fullerton, California.

Good of the Order

No items were raised for the good of the order.


There being no additional minutes, Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 4:35 PM.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

CRC Minutes 1997-1998
Updated 2007-12-17