MINUTES November 21, 1997



Approval of the Agenda

Larry Furukawa-Schlereth convened the meeting at 1:15 PM by asking for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Dennis Harris. A second was obtained from Marty Ruddell. The Agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes: 10-10-97

Schlereth then asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of October 10, 1997. A motion was made by Harris. A second was obtained from Drew Calandrella. The Minutes of 10-10-97 were then approved with no nay votes. Harris and Ian McCullough abstained from voting since they were not present at the meeting.

CRC Items to Date

Schlereth then reviewed Action Items, Information Items, Items for the Good of the Order and the 52 Ways to Student Satisfaction Program discussed or acted on at the 10-10-97 meeting.

Vice-President's Report

Prior to making his report, Schlereth indicated that he had appointed Professor Susan McKillop to the CRC taking the spot previously occupied by Carol Currier. Schlereth welcomed McKillop to the CRC and expressed his appreciation to her for her willingness to serve. Schlereth then reported on a number of items.

  1. He indicated that response from Legal Counsel had been obtained regarding free parking for disabled employees. Counsel noted that the University differed from municipal government and should follow the Education Code with respect to parking regulations. In this sense, free parking for disabled employees could not be provided.
  2. Four collaborative efforts with Santa Rosa Junior College were described including
    1. non-emergency dispatch collaboration
    2. collaborative fire-arm training
    3. collaborative defensive tactic training
    4. joint training in human resource progressive discipline
  3. Schlereth noted that the University would soon embark upon a program to consolidate the number of Trust and Foundation accounts as well as eliminate any deficits that might exist in these areas. Input from campus fiscal officers would be a part of this initiative.
  4. The Vice-President noted that the campus Housing Growth initiative had been approved by the CSU.
  5. Schlereth described a proposed new classification system, scheduled to be bargained between the CSU and CSEA, for clerical and administrative support positions. He indicated that challenges existed related to campus equity and work demands for the human resource team.
  6. Calculations for the CSEA/MSA settlement are being finalized and estimated to equal nearly $900,000. $450,000 is assumed to be financed by the CSU. The balance will be funded by Administration and Finance (over several years) and the campus special funds including Special Projects, Parking Housing, Continuing Education etc.
  7. The Laurel Drive transition to a one-way street is scheduled for 12-15-97. Appropriate signage and publicity is a part of the project.
  8. Three vendors remain in the CMS Project including SCT, People Soft, and Oracle. Schlereth mentioned that SSU was currently indicating an interest in SCT and final decisions regarding the timing for campus administrative software acquisition and related funding would likely take place during the Spring, 1998 semester.
  9. Schlereth indicated that a new campus Task Force was being formed to develop recommendations regarding the Student Union and the University Center. He promised to keep the CRC informed of the Task Force's work.
  10. Schlereth updated the CRC on the text book ordering progress for Spring, 1998.
  11. He also announced the retirements of Bill DiPiero and Rich Pennington. He indicated that Rich's position would be filled by Facilities Intern Sylvia Sifuentes. Bill's position would be filled by Ron Russell whose position, in turn, would be filled by Facilities Inrtern Celase Neguse. Both intern positions would not be replaced because of funding requirements of the CSEA/MSA settlement. Schlereth expressed particular pleasure with the intern program indicating that SSU had been successful, as a result of the program, in providing opportunities for two women to move into the trades, an area traditionally underrepresented by female employees.

Marty Rudell introduced a motion to restore the Intern Program once resources were available. A second was obtained from Harris. After discussion, the motion was approved unanimously.

Key Replacement

The Chair recognized Gloria Ogg who provided information to the CRC regarding fee differentials for students and employees who lose keys. She also provided information regarding key replacement fee schedules from other CSU campuses. After discussion, it was agreed that Gloria would develop additional statistical information for CRC review at their December, 1997 and January, 1998 meetings.

Campus Lighting

The Chair recognized John Bond who presented the final recommendations from the CRC Sub-Committee on Campus Lighting. Specific recommendations from the Committee included an expenditure of approximately $17,000 that if made, would address areas seen by both the Sub-Committee and the Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA) as deficient. Schlereth indicated that he would analyze the funding request and bring a proposal to the CRC in December for action.

Alternate Transportation Sub-Committee

Schlereth recognized Ogg who provided an update on the Alternate Transportation Committee. Ogg indicated that the Committee had its initial meeting and was brainstorming ideas. Further information would be provided to the CRC as it was developed.

Renovation Policy Sub-Committee

Schlereth recognized Dennis Harris who provided an update on the Campus Renovation Policy Sub-Committe. Bond noted that the Committee held its initial meeting and was reviewing a previous proposal in this area. He noted that a proposed "blue paper" policy would likely come to the CRC at its December meeting.

President's Budget Advisory Committee

Referencing materials included with the Agenda Packet, Schlereth updated the CRC on the activities of the PBAC. He noted that the PBAC was primarily analyzing ideas generated by PBAC members in Spring, 1997 related to potential cost savings or revenue enhancements. He indicated that this process would continue at the PBAC December meeting.

Construction Communication Sub-Committee

Schlereth recognized Dennis Harris who updated the CRC on the activities of the Construction Communication Sub-Committee. Harris noted that the Sub-Committee was created to develop a communication strategy for several major construction/renovation projects including the Information Center, Stevenson Darwin Soffit Repair, and the Housing Growth initiative. Harris noted that the Sub-Committee had accomplished several objectives including the creation of a logo for all communication pieces related to construction, a construction signage plan, a publicity and communication plan and a plan to notify the campus of construction related emergency information.

Items for the Good of the Order

The following items were raised for the good of the order:


There being no additional business, Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 4:10 PM.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

CRC Minutes 1997-1998
Updated 2007-12-17