Minutes: March 13, 1998

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Approval Of The Agenda

Furukawa-Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Dennis Harris. A second was obtained from John Bond . The Agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of the minutes

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of 1-30-98. A motion was made by Harris. A second was obtained from Steve Orlich. The Minutes were approved unanimously.

Action, Information Items From 1-30-98

Schlereth reviewed Action and Information items from the previous CRC meeting. He noted that the CRC approved the Lighting Task Force's recommendations and that these items were being implemented. He also called attention to the 52 Ways to Student Satisfaction program noting that three additional items had been added since the last meeting.

Vice President's Report

Capital Budget:
Schlereth referred to the Packet and explained sources of,capital funds for 1997-1998 and how these funds would be deployed for a variety of renovation, construction and deferred maintenance initiatives.
SSE Budget:
Schlereth again referred to the Packet and explained the Sonoma State Enterprises budget for fiscal 97-98. He noted that he was especially pleased at the improved profit projection between 1996-1997 and 1997-1998.
RFP Integrated Waste Management:
Schlereth indicated that an RFP for Integrated Waste Management would soon be issued. He noted that the RFP would include an evaluation criteria related to the degree of involvement of SSU students by the responding vendors. He also indicated that Harris would prepare the analysis of bids received and prepare a recommendation for the CRC.
Direct Access Electricity:
Schlereth noted that the transition from PG&E to ENRON would be effective around April 1, 1998 saving between $40,000 and $45,000 annually.
Collaborative Procurement Initiatives:
The VP noted that the CSU had established several new collaborative procurement contracts that would save money for SSU. These were largely done in conjunction with the University of California and included a contract with Office Depot (savings approximately 15%) Steelcase (saving about 70%) and Fisher Scientific (saving about 75%). He also noted that Administration and Finance was exploring methods to reduce employee relocation costs via participation in the E&I Cooperative.
Residence Hall Dining Room Task Force
Gloria Ogg reported on behalf of the Alan Murray that the Task Force had been formed and was meeting.
CRPSD Lease Agreement
Schlereth noted that progress was being made the CRPSD and the its $5,000,000 contribution to the Schulz Center construction budget.
Temporary Space Science/Tech High School
Schlereth indicated that temporary space for the Science and Technology High School had been identified in an administrative area at the northern edge of the Residence Community. He noted that AFD had been assigned the financial responsibility for the renovation/expansion of the facility in question.
Textbook Ordering
The Vice-President explained that the process for the ordering of Fall semester textbooks was underway and that Alan Murray was coordinating the effort in concert with Bookstore staff.
Selection of PBAC Representative
Schlereth announced that he had asked Gloria Ogg to fill the spot vacated by Andy Merrifield on the PBAC as the fourth representative from the CRC to the PBAC.

SSE Personal And Departmental Charges

Schlereth indicated that at a recent meeting of the SSE Board of Directors, the Board took action eliminating personal charges for items purchases in SSE venues by campus employees. The Board's action was taken with the understanding that credit cards for purchases would be accepted in the University Club. In addition, the SSE Board ratified a policy to permit campus departments to purchase items from the Enterprises via electronic funds transfer or departmental charge cards. Schlereth asked for a motion from the CRC to endorse the SSE Board's action. A motion was made by Harris. A second was obtained from Coate. The motion passed unanimously.

Construction And Communication Report

Schlereth recognized Harris who updated the CRC on latest developments regarding logistical planning for upcoming construction activities.

Alternate Transportation Committee Report

Schlereth recognized Ogg who asked for a "sense of the CRC" regarding a recommendation to create close-in, reserved spots for those persons who chose to car-pool to the campus. The CRC, by consensus, strongly supported the concept and Ogg agreed to incorporate this initiative in the Parking Policy scheduled to come to the CRC for review later in the Spring.

Signage Task Force Update

Schlereth recognized John Bond who indicated that the Task Force had been formed but he had not yet heard from faculty or students wishing to serve. Aaron Pava agreed to be the student representative. Steve Orlich volunteered to fill the faculty spot.

Budget Development: 1998-1999

Schlereth presented recommendations prepared by the Cabinet Officers regarding the 1998-1999 General Fund Budget contained in the Packet. He noted that the recommendations were developed during a recent Cabinet Retreat and reflected a starting point for the PBAC, VPBAC and CRC to consider. Following Schlereth's presentation, clarifying discussion ensued on the various recommendations. The CRC agreed to continue discussion on this topic at the March 27 meeting.

AFD Budget Priorities

Schlereth then reviewed the current list of Administration and Finance budget priorities contained in the Packet. One-time and on-going needs for 98-99 were discussed as were longer-term on-going and interim financial priorities. The Committee agreed to continue discussion of the priorities throughout the Spring as more information became available regarding the final disposition of the campus budget for fiscal 98-99.

Collaborative Management Systems

Schlereth referenced materials contained in the Packet related to the CSU Collaborative Management System initiative. He asked Members to review the material prior to the March 27 meeting and noted that revised data would also be available at that time.


As it was approaching 4:30 PM, Schlereth indicated that discussion related to the proposed Renovation Policy, the proposed Surplus Property Disposition policy and a discussion of a Commercial Advertising policy would be agendized for a future CRC meeting. He then adjourned the meeting at 4:24 PM.

CRC Minutes 1997-1998
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