Minutes: March 27, 1998

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Approval of the Agenda

Furukawa-Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Alan Murray. A second was obtained from Drew Calandrella. The Agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of March 13, 1998. A motion was made by Steve Wilson. A second was obtained from Alan Murray. The Minutes were approved unanimously.

Vice-President's Report

Schlereth indicated that a variety of title changes were being implemented in the Financial Services Cluster. He noted that no salary changes were involved and that individuals impacted were solely in the Management Personnel Plan.

Colloborative Management Systems

Schlereth referenced materials contained in the Agenda Packet (Packet) which outlined various financial projections associated with the CSU Collaborative Management Systems (CMS) initiative. Highlights included the following:

Schlereth then presented his recommendation (also contained in the Packet) for financing the CMS initiative at SSU. Discussion ensued and clarifying questions were answered. Following discussion, the CRC unanimously supported the concept of sharing CMS costs among all campus funds and utilizing new General Fund technology resources in 98-99 for the duration of the CMS initiative as an offset to the General Fund obligation for the project.

Full Ccost Model

Schlereth then outlined a full-cost model for auxiliary corporations and self-sustaining funds referencing materials contained in the Packet. After discussion and clarifying questions, Steve Wilson moved to adopt the following charges for institutional support, utillities and physical plant/custodial services as they related to the auxiliary corporations and self-sustaining funds. A second was obtained from Aaron Pava.

Institutional Support


$1.25 per square foot *


$2.00 per square foot*

* Except Parking whose charges would be calculated on actual utilities and plant services utilized.

Wilson's motion passed unanimously with Drew Calandrella, Carol Cinquini and Steve Orlick abstaining.

Wilson then moved to utilize the revenue obtained via the full-cost assessment to finance the following institutional support needs. A second was obtained from Susan McKillop.

Wilson's motion passed with one no voted (Orlick) and one abstention (Cinquini).

Campus Budger Development - Input to PBAC

The CRC then turned to the Cabinet Recommendations regarding the 1998-1999. Wilson moved the CRC endorse the Cabinet recommendation regarding the allocation of new revenue as outlined below. A second was obtained from Gloria Ogg.

The Cabinet recommends Sonoma State University follow the intent of both the Governor and the Trustees in the allocation of new revenue to the various budget units on campus. The following specific recommendations are offered:

4% Salary Increase Pool Revenue Recommendation: Per the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

New Revenue - Workers Compensation Recommendation: To University Wide - Risk Pool Premium

New Revenue - Deferred Maintenance Recommendation: To Administration and Finance-Facilities

New Revenue - Teacher Preparation Recommendation: To Academic Affairs

New Revenue - Technology Recommendation: To Academic Affairs-Information Technology

Revenue Adjustments - Financial Aid Recommendation: To University-Wide: Financial Aid

For the past academic year, the University has served several hundred students above funded enrollment levels. Both the Trustees and the Governor have recognized this reality and provided resources to fully address target enrollment as determined by the campus.

The $5900 marginal cost of each new full-time equivalent student recognizes that each new student impacts the instructional, academic support, student services, and institutional support operations of the campus. Specific percentage calculations are reflected in the 1998-1999 Support Budget documentation provided by the Trustees.

The CSU Financial Information Reporting Management System (FIRMS) makes it possible to ascertain where instructional, academic support, student services, and institutional support budgets are deployed within the four Divisions of the University. Utilizing the Trustees Marginal Cost of New Enrollment percentages in concert with FIRMS produces marginal cost of new enrollment percentages for SSU. Following the view of the Trustees as expressed to the Governor, it is the Cabinet's recommendation that Sonoma State University utilize these percentages in the allocation of new enrollment/discretionary resources as outlined below:

Allocation by Fund
Fund Percent Amount
Executive Office 2.18 % $23,391
Academic Affairs 86.22 % $925,142
Student Affairs 2.14 % $22,962
Administration and Finance 9.46 % $101,505
TOTAL 100.00 % $1,073,000

After discussion on the motion, the CRC voted in favor of the motion with one negative vote (Orlick) and no abstentions.


As it was approaching 4:00 PM, Schlereth indicated that the Committee would continue discussion of the campus budget at the April 10 CRC meeting. He then adjourned the Group at 4:05 PM.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

CRC Minutes 1997-1998
Updated 2007-12-17