July 16, 1998

Approved Unanimously by CRC, September 11, 1998




Furukawa-Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 11:00 AM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Floyd Ross. A second was obtained from Drew Calandrella. The Agenda was approved unanimously.


Schlereth then made his report to the CRC focusing on the following items:

  1. Schlereth outlined several changes to the CRC membership including the resignation of Barry Ben-Zion and the departure of several student members due to graduation. He also welcomed Andy Merrifield back to the CRC following his sabbatical.
  2. Schlereth informed Members of a variety of personnel changes within Administration and Finance and the Sonoma State Enterprises, including the approved leave of Alan Murray and the appointment and/or redefinition of several other positions as illustrated below:
    Sandy Bond
    Director of Events/Conferences - Departure of G. Casey
    Lisa Andreson
    Interim Director: Dining - Modified Schedule: G. Zindler
    Patti Sinclair
    Associate Director: Events - Reengineering
    Dan O'Brien
    Associate Director: Dining - Reengineering
    Joe Ellebrecht
    Assistant Director: Dining - Reengineering
    Mary Mansi
    Director of Accounting - Departure of V. Arias
    He also informed Members that a search would soon be launched for a position in Financial Services made vacant by the untimely and unexpected death of Roger Rogge.
  3. Schlereth noted that the State of California was still operating without an approved budget and that the President was not likely to take action on PBAC recommendations until a budget had been signed by the Governor and allocated by the Trustees. He noted that payroll activities would continue as usual but that vendor invoices (other than emergencies) would not be paid until a budget was finalized. Employee travel reimbursements would continue to be made.
  4. Schlereth informed Members that the Trustees had approved the change to the SSU non-state capital outlay program, clearing the way for the acquisition of land north of campus to the Rohnert Park Expressway. He noted that the campus was in escrow on the first parcel (approximately 21 acres). Acquisition and financing strategies for the remaining parcels were being developed and implemented by himself and Vice-President Jim Meyer.
  5. Schlereth noted that the campus had finalized a lease with the Mendocino Community College associated with the placement of a SSU portable building on the community college campus. He explained that the building was important to the Liberal Studies Program in Ukiah and would also likely be used by other units in Academic Affairs,. He thanked Dennis Harris for his excellent logistical work on the lease negotiations.
  6. Schlereth reported that the implementation of a piano loan program was near completion for the School of Arts and Humanities and the Center for Performing Arts. The Program would provide the campus with about 12 new pianos at no cost from the dealer/manufacturer. In exchange, the University would agree to coordinate the sale of the instruments, after one year, to faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general public. He explained that costs associated with the sale would be fully reimbursed by the vendor, that campus employee, student and alumni lists would not be released to the vendor and that insurance on the instruments would be obtained. He thanked Jeff Langley and Floyd Ross for their creativity and hard work associated with this initiative.
  7. Schlereth indicated that his office was providing support to Associate Vice-President Lynn McIntyre in the compilation and publication of campus "blue-paper" administrative policies. McIntyre provided additional information. Schlereth thanked McIntyre for her willingness to launch this important University initiative.


Referencing materials in the Agenda Packet (Packet) Schlereth outlined the achievements of the CRC and the Division during the 1997-1998 academic year. He noted that the Division's success was a tribute to the hard work, energy, and commitment of the CRC Members, the Division's management team and the employees of AFD and its related entities. He expressed gratitude to all for an outstanding performance.

Schlereth then introduced a list of draft goals he had prepared for the Division for the upcoming academic year. After discussion, Dennis Harris moved that the goals be accepted as a first reading. Diane Brown provided a second. The motion was approved unanimously. Schlereth indicated the goals would be brought back for action at the next CRC meeting.


CRC Sub-Committee Reports were made as indicated below:


John Bond briefed Members on the status of the following capital projects:


Referencing materials contained with the Packet, Schlereth provided Members with revised programmatic and financial information associated with the CMS project. He noted that Peoplesoft was the vendor selected by the CSU for System support and that SSU would likely be a first-wave implementation campus. Next steps included negotiations regarding price and implementation strategy with Peoplesoft as well as the appointment of a SSU delegate to the CMS Collaborative.

Schlereth also outlined his recommendation regarding the financing of the CMS initiative over the next seven years, again referencing materials in the Packet. He noted that his recommendation would also be discussed by the Cabinet. Because of the magnitude of the Project and the substantial cost, Schlereth noted his personal desire to discuss the fiscal impact of CMS with the PBAC since more detailed financial information was now available for PBAC consideration and analysis. By consensus, CRC Members concurred with Schlereth's views in this regard.


Dennis Harris informed the Members that the Waste Management RFP had been issued,. He referenced materials contained with the Packet and outlined the key points associated with the RFP. He also indicated that the strategic decision regarding whether to outsource waste management would be brought to the CRC at the conclusion of the RFP process.


Dennis Harris coordinated the first reading of the Campus Construction Policy, referencing materials contained in the packet. After discussion, Members agreed, by consensus, to accept the item as a first reading and move it to action at the September CRC meeting.


Gloria Ogg coordinated the second reading of the Proposed Parking Policy. After discussion, Dennis Harris moved the Policy be approved by the CRC and sent forward to the Vice-President and President with the recommendation that the policy be implemented. Jim Christmann provided a second to the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.


Dennis Harris briefed Members on an analysis done regarding the University's fleet management program. Salient points of his presentation included the following:

Following discussion Schlereth noted that this item would be kept active but immediate action would likely not take place since it did not appear possible to execute the employee reassignment in the near future. He also agreed to examine the composition of the fleet pool to ascertain whether a different mix of vehicles would be more appropriate and cost effective.


Schlereth introduced the SSE Strategic Planning Process and "Recommended Decisions to Date" as a first reading for CRC Members. He noted that a second reading and action on the item would take place in September with final action by the SSE Board of Directors and President. Key specific items covered and included in the Packet were:

Schlereth also noted that the planning initiative was producing desired results, as evidenced by an increase in corporate profitability from $12,000 in 96-97 to over $200,000 in 97-98.

Members agreed to continue discussion on this item at the September meeting.


John Bond coordinated the second reading of the 1998-1999 prioritized list of deferred maintenance items. After discussion, Jim Christmann moved to approve the list. Drew Calandrella provided a second to the motion. The motion was approved unanimously. Schlereth noted that, once final financial figures were received from the CSU, a listing of what projects would be funded, using the prioritized list, would be provided to CRC Members and the campus community.


Dennis Harris noted the Fall meeting schedule for the CRC including the following dates, times and locations:


As it was approaching 4:30 PM, Schlereth adjourned the meeting and reminded Members that the CRC would next meet on September 11, 1998 at 12 Noon.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

CRC Minutes 1998-1999
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