October 9, 1998




Furukawa-Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:10 AM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Floyd Ross A second was obtained from Marty Ruddell. The Agenda was approved unanimously.


Schlereth introduced the following new members to the CRC: Kitty Salcedo, Bill Barnier (for Jim Christman (sabbatical) Karl Benzinger, Chrystal Shrouf, and Ahamad Hosseini. He welcomed the new members and expressed his appreciation for their willingness to serve. He also noted that all CRC seats were now filled.


Schlereth then made his report to the CRC focusing on the following items:

  1. He indicated that Professor Melinda Barnard had expressed an interest in serving as a CRC delegate to the PBAC. He noted that he was delighted to appoint her to the PBAC given her extensive experience with budget and financial issues at SSU.
  2. Schlereth noted that a process would soon be initiated to select an architect for the SSU Concert Hall project. He indicated that CRC Member Floyd Ross would chair the Selection Committee. He indicated that we would keep the CRC informed of the Committee's progress.
  3. He then provided the Members with an update on CMS. He explained that the first meeting of the CMS Board had been held and that he had attended on behalf of SSU. He further explained that a CMS Steering Committee for SSU would soon be formed and asked Members to inform him if they had an interest in serving on this important campus committee. He also indicated that financial details regarding CMS would be further explained later in the CRC meeting.
  4. Schlereth then indicated that he had been asked to ascertain whether there was interest on the part of the CRC in exploring a name change for the Customer Service Center. Discussion ensued. While some interest was expressed in exploring a new name, the majority of CRC members expressed no interest in engaging in further dialogue on this subject.
  5. Schlereth explained that he had asked Gloria Ogg to assess the current parking lot utilization method (Reserve vs Non-Reserved) as well as the parking fee structure. He noted that these items had not been reviewed for at least eight years and that he hoped for a report from Gloria during the Spring semester.
  6. Schlereth also noted that he had asked Dennis Harris, in concert with Sandy Bond and Lisa Andreson to develop a draft "blue paper" policy related to Risk Management and Food Service on campus. He indicted that the draft was likely in the late Fall or early Spring.
  7. The Vice-President informed the CRC that discussions were underway with Humboldt State University regarding the possibility of an internal auditor to be shared by both campuses. He promised to keep the Members informed of any developments in this regard.
  8. Schlereth concluded his report by indicating that the President had directed him to evaluate and as appropriate, implement financial and human resource controls to enhance the integrity of SSU administrative practices. He noted that he planned to work with the various administrative and financial managers on this project including those based in the schools, auxiliary corporations and other units external to Administration and Finance.


Referncing materials contained in the Agenda Packet (Packet) Schlereth then presented the President's Final Budget for Fiscal Year 1998-1999. Key components of the presentation included:

Discussion on the budget then ensued. Schlereth provided clarification and answered questions.


CRC Sub-Committee Reports were made as indicated below:

Specific recommendations of the CRC Signage Task Force were endorsed and Members agreed to forward the Phase I recommendation associated with signage to the Campus Planning Committee.


Referencing materials contained in the Packet, Dennis Harris outlined for the Members the results of the Waste Management RFP process. In summary, Harris indicated that the RFP evaluation revealed it was more cost-effective to maintain the waste management activity as a campus activity rather than contract the service to a private sector vendor. This was true, he noted, even when the cost of a new truck, dumpsters and compactor where included in campus costs. He therefore moved that the CRC recommend to the Vice-President that SSU maintain waste management activities as an in-house function. A second was obtained from Andy Merrifield. Following discussion of support, the CRC voted unanimously in support of the Harris motion.


Schlereth then led a discussion on the sale of "readers" in classrooms by the campus faculty. He noted that this agenda item had been requested by former CRC member Professor Sue Parker. CRC Members debated whether there was a need for a "blue paper" policy on this topic and concluded that existing campus policy and CSU Executive Orders already addressed the issue. It was agreed that the most appropriate strategy in this regard was to issue to these policies to the faculty at the beginning of each semester. Schlereth indicated that his office would coordinate this activity beginning with the Spring, 1999 semester.


Referencing materials contained with the Packet, Gloria Ogg outlined a proposed resolution regarding the utilization of the Department of Motor Vehicles for unpaid campus parking fines. The following motion was then proposed:

The Campus Reengineering Committee recommends that notice be given to those individuals with unpaid citations issued prior to January 1, 1999, waiving their late fees if their accounts are cleared prior to January 1, 1999 and indicating that uncleared accounts will be submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles for collection.

Steve Wilson moved the motion. A second was obtained from Dennis Harris. The motion was approved unanimously.


Referencing materials contained in the packet, Ogg outlined elements of a proposed "blue-paper" Key Control policy. Following Ogg's presentation, Harris moved to accept the policy as a first reading. A second was obtained from Drew Calandrella. The Harris motion passed unanimously. Discussion then ensued with clarifying comments from Ogg. Following debate, Schlereth indicated that the item would be brought to the CRC at its November meeting as a second reading and for action by the Members.


Referencing materials contained in the Packet, Dennis Harris then indicated that the "blue paper" policy entitled Special Events and Related Use of Campus Facilities approved on June 15, 1995, superseded a "blue paper" policy entitled Special Events Activities Requiring Public Safety Officers. He therefore moved that the CRC recommend that the latter policy be abolished. A second to Harris's motion was obtained from Calandrella. Following discussion, the Harris motion passed unanimously.


Referencing materials contained in the packet, Edna Nakamoto outlined elements of proposed revision to the "blue-paper" policy entitled Retired University Employees. Following Nakamoto's presentation, Bill Barnier moved to accept the policy revision as a first reading. A second was obtained from Floyd Ross. The Barnier motion passed unanimously. Discussion then ensued with several concerns being raised including the danger of making outlined benefits too specific and the need to have the policy conform to the campus policy related to emeritus faculty. Schlereth and Nakamoto thanked the Members for their input and noted that they would rework the proposed revisions to reflect the comments made. They noted that the item would return for a second reading and action at the November CRC meeting.


Given the time, Members agreed by consensus to defer a discussion of the CSU Risk Pool and a discussion of Catering Pricing until a later CRC meeting. Schlereth then adjourned that meeting at 4:00 PM.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

CRC Minutes 1998-1999
Updated 2007-12-19