November 13, 1998

Approved Unanimously by CRC, December 11, 1998




Furukawa-Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:10 AM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Dennis Harris. A second was obtained from Floyd Ross. The Agenda was approved unanimously.


Schlereth introduced Bernie Goldstein and Katie Pierce as new members to the CRC. He welcomed both to the group and expressed his appreciation for their willingness to serve.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: September 11, 1998

Schlereth then asked for a motion to approve the minutes of September 11, 1998. A motion was made by Ross. A second was obtained from Cara Puccio. Corrections to the spelling of several Members names were noted. The minutes were then approved with no nay votes but with abstentions from those Members not present at the September 11th meeting.


Schlereth then asked for a motion to approve the minutes of October 9, 1998. A motion was made by Harris. A second was obtained from Gloria Ogg. Corrections to the spelling of several Members names were noted. The minutes were then approved with no nay votes but with abstentions from those Members not present at the October 9, 1998 meeting.


Schlereth then made his report to the CRC focusing on the following items:

  1. He noted that he and the President and approved the CRC recommendation to maintain waste management activities as an "in-house" activity of Sonoma State University.
  2. In accordance with a Budget Accountability Measure related to quarterly reports on the Common Management Systems (CMS) initiative, he updated members on the status of the project, referencing materials contained in the Agenda Packet (Packet). He specifically noted the identification of the first-wave implementation campuses as well as the creation of an SSU- CMS Steering Committee, the November 23 campus forum on CMS, and the creation of Commonly Asked Questions and Answers document related to CMS that soon would be distributed to the campus community.
  3. In accordance with an accountability measure established by the President related to regular reports to the CRC on the land acquisition initiative, Schlereth updated the Committee on acquisition activities to date, referencing materials contained in the Agenda packet.
    He noted that the Ilg parcel had been acquired and that escrow was expected to close on the Henderson parcel before 12-31-98. Negotiations on the Anderson parcel were on-going. He also indicated that a draft master plan for the entire campus, including the new parcels, had been prepared and discussed by the Campus Planning Committee. He noted that an environmental impact report on the revised master plan would be prepared and that this process would provide significant opportunity for public comment. Schlereth concluded by indicating that discussions were underway with the CSU related to the use of tax exempt bonds issued by the Parking Program as a long-term financing vehicle for the project.
  4. Schlereth indicated that the Campus Planning Committee (CPC) had also reviewed the placement of the new food kiosk commonly known as "Toast". He noted that the CPC liked the concept but had required an opportunity for public campus comment. Such an opportunity was scheduled and advertised via the Star and NewsBytes. John Bond indicated that no campus community members attended the forum. Schlereth indicated that the CPC would likely formally approve the kiosk at their next meeting.
  5. Schlereth also updated that CRC on the status of the architect selection process for the SSU Concert Hall. He indicated that Floyd Ross was chairing the Selection Committee and that a recommendation to the President was likely in early February.
  6. Schlereth concluded his report by referencing the Agenda Packet, which included the list of deferred maintenance projects scheduled for 1998-1999. He noted that the list could change slightly given uncertainty regarding the legality of utilizing minor capital outlay resources for a network technology upgrade. He indicated that he would keep the CRC informed of any clarification on this item as it was obtained from the CSU. He also noted that the expenditure for a new garbage truck from the maintenance budget would be viewed as a non-interest-bearing loan to be repaid from other Administration and Finance funds.


Schlereth indicated that Administration and Finance faced several financial challenges resulting from a delay in CSU funds for certain projects and the variance between the PBAC Spring, 1998 budget recommendation and the actual approved budget for fiscal 1998-1999. Specifically, he noted that no funds had yet been provided for the maintenance and cleaning of several new campus facilities including the CIHS facility, the ASC facility and the Osborne Preserve. He also indicated that resources were currently not available for either the proposed Risk Management position or the proposed Internal Audit position. He suggested that the internal audit function would likely not be addressed for several years but indicated that he hoped to deploy existing personnel (via reengineering) to handle various aspects of risk management. Schlereth did indicate that resources for the remodel of certain portions of the Residence Community had been identified from both the Enterprises and Housing budgets and that this upgraded area of the Residence Community would serve as an interim home for the Technology High School.


Schlereth then provided the CRC Members with an update of the recent PBAC meeting, again referencing materials contained in the Agenda Packet. He specifically indicated that PBAC discussion suggested (and he and Bernie Goldstein agreed) the need for an additional Fall meeting of PBAC. Topics requiring additional meeting time include the following:

Schlereth promised to keep the CRC informed of PBAC actions as they took place.


Schlereth introduced this topic by indicating that several years earlier, on the advice of the CRC, he and former Provost Don Farish had recommended to the President, the expansion of the President's Budget Advisory Committee. He noted that while the expanded Committee was, in his view, working well, it did not conform to the written campus "blue paper" policy on budget consultation. Consequently, Schlereth explained that both he and Provost Goldstein wished to launch a process that would bring campus practice and policy into conformity. Since the CRC was instrumental in creating the expanded PBAC, he noted that input from the CRC was appropriate regarding next steps.

Schlereth then recognized Melinda Barnard who outlined how the expanded SSU budget process was perceived in the System. Referencing materials contained in the Packet which had also been shared with the State-Wide Academic Senate, Barnard reported that the SSU budget process was seen as one of the best in the CSU. State-Wide Academic Senator Susan McKillop echoed Barnard's comments. Former Senate Chair Marty Ruddell also confirmed the sentiments voiced by McKillop and Barnard.

Significant discussion then ensued. Following discussion, Harris introduced a resolution, as a first reading, to form a Sub-Committee of the CRC to prepare a new "blue paper policy" on budget consultation that would incorporate three guiding principles: consultation should be global, consultation should be based on factual financial knowledge and consultation should be representative of the campus community. Ruddell provided a second to the Harris motion, which was then passed unanimously.


Schlereth introduced this topic by indicating that the PBAC had discovered that the overall budget development process could be strengthened if the University identified a list of University-Wide budget priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. Such a practice, he argued, would permit a more meaningful discussion of budget planning during the Spring semester by the various budget consultative groups. CRC Members concurred with the idea and developed an initial listing of key budget needs seen as important by the various Members. The following items were identified and are listed in no particular order:

Members agreed that the above list should be forwarded to both the VPBAC and the PBAC for discussion and refinement. Schlereth and Katie Pierce indicated that they would coordinate this process.


Referencing materials contained in the Packet. Steve Wilson provided information and clarification to CRC Members regarding the CSU Risk Pool program. He specifically noted that, based on recent actions taken by the CSU Risk Pool Board of Directors, SSU premiums for participation in the mandated CSU program would rise by approximately $260,000 per year. He explained that this increase was largely the result of the campus loss factor, particularly in the area of workers compensation as well as the intent of the Risk Pool to provide sufficient cash to cover identified potential liabilities.

Discussion ensued. Members concluded that the whole area of risk management was of increasing importance to the campus given the probability of on-going premium increases in the years ahead.


Referencing materials contained in the Packet, Dennis Harris outlined the costs associated with the Zinfandel Dining Room renovation. He reminded Members that they had reviewed the proposed design for the project at their October meeting. Harris recognized that the proposed plan exceeded the identified budget but moved that the authority be granted to proceed with the project up to a budget constraint of $200,000. Ross provided a second to the Harris motion. Discussion ensued. Cara Puccio noted that she did not see a budget item for administrative overhead. Schlereth agreed with Puccio, indicating this item would need to be added. Schlereth also noted that he would explore additional funding sources for the Project should they be needed. A vote was then taken on the Harris motion, which was approved unanimously.


Referencing materials contained with the Packet, Edna Nakamoto outlined a variety of proposed changes to the campus blue-paper policy pertaining to retired non-faculty employees. Nakamoto noted that she had incorporated the various recommendations made regarding the policy revision at the last CRC meeting. Carol Cinquini then moved that the policy revisions be accepted. A second was obtained from Ross. The motion passed with no nay votes and two abstentions.


Referencing materials contained in the packet, Harris moved a resolution to abrogate the SSU "blue paper" policy related to Compensation to Managers for Additional Responsibilities. He noted that there was no need for a campus policy in this regard since a CSU Executive Order already existed on the subject. A second to the Harris motion was obtained from Ross. The motion passed with no nay votes and two abstentions.


Referencing materials contained in the Packet, Harris then moved acceptance of a revision to the current "blue paper" policy related to On-Campus Sales and Solicitation of Funds. Harris clarified that revisions were only related to changes in title and/or organization. Ross provided a second to the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.


Referencing materials contained in the Packet, John Bond then moved acceptance of a revision to the current "blue paper" policy related to the Acceptance of Exterior Art Work. Harris provided a second to the motion. Discussion then ensued regarding whether the policy should be expanded to include the acceptance of art work for interior public spaces. By consensus, the Members agreed to table this item until the November meeting allowing time for Bond to undertake further consultation on the matter.


Several items were raised for the "good of the order". These included:


Given the time, Schlereth thanked the Members for their attendance and participation and adjourned that meeting at 4:15 PM.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

CRC Minutes 1998-1999
Updated 2007-12-19