Minutes: April 16, 1999

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Dennis Harris. A second was obtained from Floyd Ross. The Agenda was approved unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes:March 12, 1999

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of March 12, 1999. A motion was made by Jim Christmann. A second was obtained from Ross. The minutes were then approved with no nay votes but with abstentions from those Members not present at the February 12, 1999 meeting.

Action/Items/Information Items to Date

Schlereth asked the Committee to review the Action/Information Items to date contained in their agenda packets.

Vice-President's Report

Schlereth noted the following are his fourth and final quarterly reports on CMS and Land Acquisition.

Prototyping is continuing and the Steering Committee has been sending information to the Campus. We are on target for our CMS budget this year. Schlereth does not feel the CSU has fully grasped the scope of CMS. Many things our Campus has been planning for havenÕt been defined by the CSU yet. One concern, currently, is that we have not budgeted support money because we felt this function would be centralized. This has not been determined yet, however. Schlereth indicated Sonoma is ahead of all the other campuses in preparation for CMS.
Land Acquisition
The Illig and the Henderson parcels have been acquired and negotiations continue for the Henderson parcel. A gentleman who owns forty (40) acres on the west side is willing to sell his land, however we do not have the money to acquire the land.
Mid-Year Financial Assessment
Administration and Finance is on budget for the year. All other units, except one, appear to be on budget as well. Information Technology will come in slightly over budget. This is a concern given the BATS money may not be continued next year.

Dough Freer ; Housing Growth

Doug Freer, a doctoral candidate researching housing expansion, asked the group questions regarding the current Sauvignon Village housing expansion project.

PBAC Update

Schlereth presented materials discussed at previous PBAC Meetings. Because many CRC Members also attend PBAC Meetings, Schlereth indicated he would move quickly through the material. Schlereth presented Rose BruceÕs data on large course sections. The data indicated large course sections have decreased since 1992-1993. Schlereth explained the material relating to the Historical Analysis of the Budget and thanked Bill Barnier for his input. The material is simple and easy to reference to the Black Book. Most of the twelve (12) million dollars in additional revenue Sonoma has received has gone into compensation increases. Lynn McIntyre asked to see how much money was actually spent for student services. Schlereth explained to McIntyre how to find the data in the Black Book. Melinda Barnard noted that these figures do not include one-time money. Schlereth explained the MPP Analysis which was undertaken at the request of Steve Orlick. Much of the MMP growth at Sonoma was due to reclassifications of staff employees to MPPs. If the redefined positions are not factored in, Administration and FinanceÕs MPP growth was 3/4 of one position between 1992 and 1999. Schlereth briefly addressed accountability measures. Schlereth believes the key PBAC issue will be where do we go from here in relation to the Potential University-Wide document. Schlereth then asked for Members to provide input for the PBAC regarding the budget. Steve Wilson pointed out that we cannot increase revenue and our expenses are somewhat restricted, therefore he feels a reorganization is needed. Wilson feels if we cannot cut our expenses, lay-offs may be necessary. McIntyre indicate Jim Meyer may have found a donor for the University Scholars program. Barnard noted, as life changes on campus a reorganization can occur. Harris said any reorganization can not hurt instruction, however, support functions should be seriously examined. Ahmad Hosseini said in a time of crisis, it is essential that administrators and academic people work together for a solution. He added, productivity and efficiency are the key elements to examine. Kitty Salsedo noted staff lay-offs are a possibility and she understands. She added , any reassignments should have the salary carefully considered. Barnard believes there is some overlap between Administration and Finance and Academic Affairs that could be targeted for cost savings. The human resource and affirmative action functions are two examples. Barnard also suggested the "Jim Lyons" position not be filled this year. Susan McKillop feels it is a good time to start looking at reorganization with the arrival of a new Provost. Schlereth agrees this is a good time to develop a plan so the incoming Provost has a framework to work with. Gloria Ogg agrees with the restructuring idea and feels it should be comprehensive and encompass all areas. Schlereth indicated there are two ways to solve the budget problem: growth and restructuring. However, the growth function needs to be addressed by Academic Affairs. Harris believes the growth question must be addressed this year. Floyd Ross believes CMS is a good way to increase productivity through technology. Schlereth thanked the Committee for its candid comments and invited the Members to the next PBAC meeting. Bernie Goldstein noted it was clear from the WASC report that a self-study must be developed to address the UniversityÕs challenges.

CRC Sub-Committee Reports

This item was skipped due to time. Schlereth did note, however, faculty members must be named for the Classroom Renovation Sub-Committee to go forward. The window for renovations this year has been missed, however labs will still go forward.

Maintanance and Repair 1999-2000 (Action)

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the item. The motion was moved by Harris, seconded by Ross. Schlereth presented the 1999-2000 Maintenance and Repair Budget. Two additions had been made: Schulz Center irrigation and Schulz Center hookup. Jim Christmann suggested the campus may perceive the irrigation at Schulz coming at the expense of Academic Affairs and should be considered when going forward. Deborah DuVall agreed to change the words Schulz Center irrigation to Schulz Center site development to avoid possible campus misinterpretations. DuVall stated we should be able to complete through number six on the Deferred Maintenance List and through number four or five on the Minor Capital List. This item was approved with no dissenting votes.

Servery Design (Action)

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve this item. The motion was moved by Harris, seconded by Hosseini. Ogg feels a carefully worded press release should be issued for this action so it is not mis-perceived by the Campus. Steve suggested adding it to the Budget Letter. Barnard remembers last time the servery was remodeled and warned of its problems. This item was approved with Pierce and Barnard dissenting.

Proposed Parking Changes; Fall 1999 (Action)

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the item. The motion was moved by Harris, seconded by Ogg. Ogg presented this item. Crystal Shrouf asked that lot A be opened to non-reserved parking in the evening to accommodate art students who must carry art supplies from their cars. Ogg stated that the short-term parking spaces were placed near the Art Building to take care of loading and unloading, however the evening reserved decal will offer a second option. Christmann suggested number nine to read: Eliminate reserved lot enforcement in Saturdays and Sundays. This item was approved with Shrouf dissenting.

Risk Management; Food Service Policy

Sandy Bond presented this item and explained changes from the current policy. Ross asked that the Center for Performing Arts be included in the athletics section of the policy. Link noted the Student Union kitchen will be upgraded so clubs may safely cook there, however students and faculty will complain about the restrictiveness of the policy. Link suggested a separate section be created for the Center for Performing Arts as Athletics already has a certified serving area. Barnard feels the penalties should be more severe considering the consequences of dangerous food issues. Lisa Andresen thanked everyone for their input.

Risk Management Policy; Revised

Wilson presented this item. Because of time restraints, little discussion ensued. Schlereth reminded the Committee this will be brought back for a second reading.

Items for the Good of the Order

Christmann noted the entrance stripes at the Campus entrance are faint. He suggested these be checked before commencement.

Salsedo noted the lighting from Stevenson to Lot A near the trees is not very bright.

Schlereth adjourned the Meeting at 4:10pm

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 1998-1999
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