November 5, 1999





Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:13 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Drew Calandrella moved and Floyd Ross second a motion to approve the Agenda, which was approved unanimously.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES &endash; September 10, 1999 and October 8, 1999

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of September 10, 1999. John Bond moved and Calandrella second the motion. The minutes were passed with no nay votes and one abstention from Crystal Shrouf. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of October 8, 1999. Bond moved and Calandrella second the motion. The minutes were passed with no no votes and abstentions from Rand Link and Diane Brown.


Schlereth asked that the Academic Senators on the Committee to please relay the information on this list to the Senate. Schlereth then introduced Lori Heffernon, Joyce Suzuki and Kathleen Spitzer as guests.


Alan Murray presented two second place awards won by Reprographics from the International Design in Higher Education competition. The IT Advisory Committee has been formed and will probably be revised once the Committee meets. Any funding implications from this Committee would probably come through the CRC. AB175, dealing with recycling, was recently signed into law and Sonoma Earth Action recently contacted Schlereth to set up a meeting to ensure Sonoma State University would be in compliance. Brian Turner asked if a new position would be created in the Recycling Center. Schlereth responded that it is the Administration’s interpretation that a designee had to be assigned which may or may not be a new position. Schlereth expressed his concern with the consultative process. He feels that no matter how much consultation is undertaken, folks do not seem to communicate or remember the information discussed. He stressed the importance of communicating the information. Schlereth stated he would like guidance on the matter. Carol Cinquini feels the information is out there, but you can’t prevent people from forgetting or not knowing the information. Ross stated people must be responsible for seeking out the information instead of just expecting it to get to them. Ross asked that members pass the information on. Brian Talbot suggested preparing a template used to send information to people. Ross indicated the information is on the Web, but perhaps we should remind folks yearly. Schlereth indicated he is skipping to the faculty-housing topic due to the time certain at 1:00pm.


Schlereth informed the Committee a Faculty Housing Committee has been appointed by the President from recommendations received from the Academic Senate. This Committee will determine a course of action for faculty housing. This Committee has been formed because housing prices in the Sonoma County area are pricey and cannot be afforded by many entry-level faculty. Edna Nakamoto asked if this was to be faculty and staff housing. Schlereth said he would consult the Committee on this.


Schlereth explained that this group has been set up to discuss the next housing phase after Sauvignon Village. He indicated future housing plans were driven by enrollment, which must be determined before housing can be built. Discussion ensued regarding Rohnert Park’s tight housing market. Turner feels the University being cooperative with outside developers would be useful in easing the housing crunch. Jim Christmann feels the students should express their housing woes with the City of Rohnert Park. Talbot said the Associated Student’s Lobby Corp is currently handling this. McGough would like to see this brought to the Academic Senate.


Sandra Bond presented this item and noted the format change. Eileen Merberg proposed moving last sentence of IIIA to last part of IIIA2. Rand Link suggested eliminating language regarding the Children’s School needing a permit as they do not need, and cannot get, a permit. Other changes were made. A motion was made by Christmann to approve the policy with changes. A second was obtained from Drew Calandrella. Christmann suggested a sentence be added explaining where a copy of the policy can be obtained. Talbot asked that under section IIIA1 covered trays be listed in front of wrapped items. Katie Pierce asked that "perishable food" be added to the last sentence of B. A vote was taken and the motion passed with one nay.


Schlereth presented this item (for presentation details, please see 11/5/99 agenda packet located in AFC-3). Schlereth asked that CRC members on the PBAC relay comments made by Members to the PBAC. Ahmad Hosseini asked if there were any incentives for Deans to negotiate salary with prospective faculty to save money. Schlereth indicated yes, so Academic Affairs may pay for their unfunded items. Hosseini asked if the Environmental Technology Center could exceed the current cost. Schlereth indicated this is a possibility and it would be paid for by university wide assessments. Hosseini asked, further, if the SSE loan would bear interest. Schlereth said yes, the interest rate would be equivalent to the rate SSE currently gets on its portfolio. Ross moved to support the recommendation; Christmann seconded the motion. McGough indicated he would like more information, but will wait VPBAC. A vote was taken and the motion passed with no nay votes, McGough abstained.


Kathleen Spitzer presented this item. Schlereth asked that all changes or clarifications be directed to Spitzer before the next meeting. A motion was made to accept the first reading by Diane Brown. A second was obtained from Mike Kiraly. A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.


Joyce Suzuki presented this item. Christmann asked if there were provisions for staff sabbaticals. Schlereth said only in extreme circumstances would the President approve this. McGough asked that this policy be made easier to read and suggested an executive summary be added. Ogg said that sections dealing with reduced time base employees are confusing and should be clarified. Cinquini likes the way this policy is written because of the broad topic it encompasses. Nakamoto indicated she would contact some folks "off-line" to help clarify this policy. Perry Marker indicated the footnote on page nine does not address some of the complex families that exist today. Suzuki explained much of this came from collective bargaining agreements or the Family Medical Leave Act. Nakamoto indicated if a person was on leave for a son, rather than a stepson, she would not question it. Schlereth added that it is clear to him a training session for managers is needed once this is approved. Ross asked if domestic partners are included. Schlereth indicated that this must be bargained per the Governor, however the CSU would not oppose this request. Christmann asked if qualifiers could be added to let people know whether the leave would be paid or unpaid. Nakamoto said language could be inserted which directs folks to Human Services for assistance.


Schlereth explained that Information Technology has had a hard time moving and installing telecommunications and computer equipment in a timely fashion due to the amount of work and inadequate staffing. He indicated that he is ready to redirect funding from unidentified areas in Administration and Finance to relieve the back log. He asked whether we should do this now or wait for the IT Committee. McGough and Marker expressed support for the idea. Pierce asked how much this would cost. Schlereth responded around $50,000. Ogg asked if this would be permanent funding. Schlereth responded that this would be one-time, but a permanent solution would be needed to avoid future problems. McGough said if this was a choice between phones and faculty development, he would choose faculty development. Ogg believes at times we over consult when its not necessary. She sees the phone issue as a critical need for people to do their jobs that can’t that can’t wait for further consultation, particularly when previous consultative processes have yet to result in a clear picture of University priorities. Nakamoto echoed this view. Letitia Coate asked how much time and efficiency is wasted when we can’t do our job. She supports the funding. Ross also expressed his support. McGough stated while this is not at the top priority, it is an unavoidable cost which must be addressed. Schlereth indicated he feels reasonably confident to go ahead with this and will bring a funding proposal to the next meeting.


Schlereth feels that when people call the campus main line, they are not always given the correct information. Currently, students answer the line and are not necessarily the most knowledgeable people when it comes to campus information. Schlereth asked if the Committee felt it was a priority to have a person answer the line full-time. Ogg mentioned the research project forwarded to campuses by Chancellor Reed indicating poor telephone service to the public throughout the CSU. Turner feels with adequate student training, this is not necessary. Christmann is not convinced this would work much better. Sam Scalise indicated we do currently train students, however turnover is the problem. Hosseini feels more information on our web site would help alleviate the problem. Schlereth indicated he does sense much support for the idea.


John Bond presented this item. The Fall walk will occur on November 17th. The final stage of phase one signage is under way and phase two has been deferred. Hosseini indicated the signs were difficult to read at night. Bond said lighting will be placed around the sign. Crystal Shrouf asked that lights be placed on emergency call boxes.
Alternative Transportation
Gloria Ogg presented this item and said that the Committee has met and is finalizing recommendations that will be brought to the next CRC.


Talbot would like to see the agenda double sided. The fence on the southwest corner of the construction site is trampled and people are walking through. Markley indicated the newspaper racks are being removed from the front of the Commons. Schlereth noted the sculpture at the front entrance to campus is peeling lead paint and will need to be restored to remove the hazard. Also, the sculpture will be moved to the Art building due to recommendations by the Campus Planning Committee. Hosseini noted dust from the roof of Darwin and Stevenson is a health problem because it blows into offices. He asked if the dust could be cleaned . Schlereth said a detailed cleaning should be done once construction is complete.

Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 4:05 pm.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 1999-2000
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