Minutes: March 31, 2000

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:30 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Floyd Ross moved and Dennis Harris seconded a motion to approve the Agenda. Brian Turner asked to change the Copeland Creek item from action to discussion because the Committee was not able to have a first reading. Schlereth responded that he would not change the item because this item was somewhat time sensitive. He will explain this reason once the Committee reached the Copeland Creek topic. The Agenda was passed unanimously.

Approval of the Minutes &endash; February 25, 2000

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of February 25, 2000. Dennis Harris moved and Alan Murray seconded the motion. Brian Talbot asked that section VI be changed to read appropriate administrator instead of budget officer. The minutes, as amended, were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the February 25, 2000 meeting.

Action/Information to Date

Schlereth asked Members to review the Action/Information Items to date.

Campus Lighting

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Nate Johnson presented this item. Johnson feels the following problems exist in our current lighting program:

Johnson provided the following recommendations:

Perry Marker asked if ambient light had been taken into consideration in the study and asked if solar technology is available. Johnson responded that new lights should eliminate ambient light and solar technology is available, but he has never seen it used on such a mass application. Talbot passed out a letter from Eric Carlson outlining hot spots he has found in talking to the students. Andy Merrifield asked what the cost of the new lights would be. Schlereth responded that an exact figure would not be available until the consultant has finished its work. He feels a good estimate, however, would be in the several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Harris feels the University has been approaching this project in a piecemeal fashion and would like to see this taken care of. Jim Christmann would like to see a balance between ideal and reality. Kitty Salsedo asked if any areas had to be finished now due to safety issues. Johnson indicated these areas have been identified and action is currently being taken. In general, most Members were supportive of the consultant. Turner emphasized that the focus for the lights is safety and asked that the consultant be knowledgeable in solar technology.

Emergency Phones

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Johnson presented this item. This proposal was started by a grant request that was not approved. Many of our emergency phones are not in compliance with regulations, are old, and do not have needed blue lights. Schlereth asked if the Committee was interested in taking this on. Most agreed this is a safety issue and should be addressed.

Copeland Creek Policy

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth presented this item and noted most of the language comes from the Department of Fish and Game. In dealing with local agencies, Schlereth believes it has become clear that the University needs a policy regarding Copeland Creek. In order to demonstrate good faith, Schlereth would like to see this policy passed before the April 24th Campus Planning Committee. Ross, Phil McGough and Christmann suggested inviting the Friends of Copeland Creek to participate in the Copeland Creek Committee. Schlereth responded that they would be welcome to provide input to the Committee. Brian Turner feels it is important to have oversight of the Creek; however, he does not feel comfortable going forward today without hearing input from others. Merrifield understands Turner's concerns but would like to see the Committee meet at least once before the CPC meeting. He would like to see this done now. Turner asked if another student could be added. Schlereth said he would not object. Christmann suggested B2 be changed to reflect that the Committee will not directly monitor the Creek. Rand Link moved to approve the Policy with the addition of another student, "e" be added to Copeland, and Christmann's change to B2. A second was obtained from Cinquini. The Policy passes unanimously.

State Vehicle Policy

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Gloria Ogg presented this item and stated the primary purposes for the changes are to update the policy and prohibit off-road use of University vehicles (this is a safety concern). Bernie Goldstein asked that this first go to the departments for input and alternative transportation needs for off-road trip be discussed. Hosseini asked if a cost/benefit analysis had been done to assess the merits of outsourcing the fleet program. Schlereth said an analysis should be presented at the April or May meeting. Christmann asked that page 3 section 5,F be changed from animals to pets due to animals being involved in some trips. He asked if supplemental hazard insurance could be taken to allow for off-road use. Schlereth said he could not allow this because this is a safety issue. McGough requested that Page 2 section 4,D be changed from conviction to charged. Schlereth said he feels uncomfortable checking employees driving records but will consider this.

Salazar Space Issues

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth presented this item and noted the problem is not enough space to accommodate what must go in. Schlereth proposed moving Police Services to a new structure by the main entrance and counseling to a more discreet location in Stevenson. Administration and Finance would have to pay for the new Police Services building. Some concerns were raised from members regarding the perception a police station located at the main entrance may convey and the potential loss of scenic vistas. Schlereth responded that these concerns are being kept in mind. Salsedo asked how this building would be funded. Funding would come from student assistant salary savings in Human Services. Christmann asked if an exception could be made for us to keep the portables. Schlereth said this is unlikely, but he could ask.

Maintanance and Repair Priorities 2000-2001

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth presented this item. Christmann hopes that one of the emerging issues is the stairwell door replacement in Darwin. Schlereth responded that currently it is not. Susan McKillop and Hosseini expressed the need for computer projectors in the classroom. Schlereth indicated this concern would fit with the charge of the IT Advisory Committee.

Ssuite tProduct

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth and Scalise presented this discussion item. Schlereth noted a first reading would be coming for review soon. Talbot passed out a handout developed by Carlson that highlighted some thoughts on outsourcing this product. After discussion, consensus leaned toward not outsourcing. Christmann did not feel most departments could afford this product. He noted most OE is already slim. Merrifield noted this has to be a global initiative.

Campus Financial Affairs

(See the 3/31/00 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth presented this item. Merrifield informed Members that the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate would be developing a survey to assess faculty priorities.

Postage and Billing Simlification

Schlereth put this proposal on the floor for a first reading. Harris seconded the motion. Schlereth explained the Controller would take the money out of each department's OE. This money would be placed in University-Wide to pay the bills. Any excess money would be distributed back to the departments. Any shortfall would be assessed via the marginal cost formula. Merrifield asked that this program be put on paper. If approved, Ogg would like to see the program reviewed after three years to assess the effectiveness.

Vice-President's Report

Schlereth informed the Committee that the Student Grievance Policy had been forwarded to the Academic Senate and is still there. Barbara Kelley will be the new Director of Training for staff development. Schlereth would like to create a sub-committee to advise Kelley. The Chancellor has mandated an emergency preparedness program. Schlereth and Edna Nakamoto will meet to work on this. The other topics on this list have already been discussed.

Committee Reports

Alternative Transportation
Ogg presented this item. The new bike racks have arrived and are ready to be installed. The Free Bus Pass program will end at the end of the semester because the grant dollars are going away and ridership was low.
Exterior Lighting
No report
IT Advisory Committee
Schlereth informed the committee that the amendments to the existing Disposition of Surplus Property policy dealing with surplus computers had been approved.
Faculty and Staff Housing
Schlereth updated the Committee on the progress of the group and briefly explained the survey results.
Student Housing Growth
No Report

CMS Schlereth explained that three parts will be going on line in the Fall and back fill positions will be needed during this time.

Items for the Good of Order

A tour of the Sauvignon Village will be on the Agenda for the next meeting. McKillop said the New York Times had Sonoma State listed as a pioneer in student computing. Christmann explained a safety issue exists at the Bodway campus exit. People turning from Bodway onto East Cotati from the Taco Bell side do not yield when making left turns. Scalise noted that the new telephone switch and telephones are coming soon and that training courses are available. Talbot would like to reevaluate agenda packet reproduction. Marker expressed his thanks to the catering staff for their great work.

Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 3:57pm

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 1999-2000
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