MINUTES May 19, 2000

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. Schlereth noted he would be moving parts of the Parking Fee, South Entrance, and SSUITE topics to his report to accommodate the student members schedules. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Brian Turner moved and Floyd Ross seconded a motion to approve the Agenda. The Agenda was passed by consensus.

Approval of the Minutes- April 28, 2000

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of April 28, 2000. Dennis Harris moved and Lynn McIntyre seconded the motion. The minutes were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the April 28, 2000 meeting.

Action/Information Items to Date

Schlereth asked Members to review this list

Vice-President's Report

Schlereth presented the following recommendations made by the Fee Advisory Committee for the proposed parking fee increase: no general fund support should be used for the parking program; all campus members should pay; and encourage the University to explore alternative transportation options. A letter will be sent next week to the ChancellorÕs Office for notification to affected employee groups. The fees are planned to increase in the Fall. Eric Carlson asked why the parking fund was moved to Sonoma State Enterprises. Schlereth responded that it would be simpler and easier to issue debt out of SSE. Carlson asked if costs pertaining to the parking fund would be decreased. Schlereth responded that they would not decrease. Brian Talbot asked what the cost of the free bus program was. Gloria Ogg responded that no cost was borne by SSU for the past three years due to grant funding. This funding has dried up, however, and ridership has been low. Talbot asked if this program could be extended another year. Schlereth responded that the FAC would be the proper committee to raise this issue as fees would have to be adjusted upward to pay for the program. Schlereth renewed the charge to the Alternate Transportation Sub-Committee to explore additional options.

Schlereth does not feel the SSUITE program will come to pass in this fiscal year. He feels, however, the Schools will reach a crisis as staff machines become inoperative, especially with the on set of CMS.

Schlereth reported the cost of a new police station to be $300,000-$500,000. Funding will come from the minor capital budget and a debt issue with a lease purchase arrangement from an auxiliary. Yearly debt service will be covered by reengineering of positions in Human Services. Phil McGough asked if it would be possible to keep the station in the current temporary building. Schlereth explained that a deal was made between the University and the CSU to dispose of the temporary buildings if funding was given for the Salazar renovation. The temporary buildings are very expensive to operate and maintain. Schlereth does not feel the President will renege on his deal with the CSU.

Diane Brown will be resigning from the Campus Reengineering Committee and will be replaced by another Administrative Manager.

Nate Johnson, our Police Chief, will be receiving his Ph.D. tomorrow.

Schlereth presented the Administration and Finance Achievement and Accomplishment list for 1999-2000. He thanked everyone in Administration and Finance and on the CRC for making these fetes come to pass.

Committee Reports

Alternative Transportation
No Report
Information Technology Advisory Committee
Schlereth reported that the group had endorsed the exploration of a Technology Support Center. Administration and Finance will use year-end money to cover _ of the cost of Burke Cochran to do this. Information Technology will receive about $100,000 dollars next year from the Schulz endowment to pay for a network security position. Roughly $50,000 of year-end money will be used to buy new equipment for the Media Center.
Faculty and Staff Housing
Dr. Arminana will be asking the Chancellor for money to pay for the land needed to construct the housing. Focus groups will begin to review plans once they are developed. The Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District will be invited to participate as well. Jim Christmann asked if child care could be included in the plans. Schlereth said this has come up, however is not in his purview. Schlereth will relay this request to the Cabinet. CMS Schlereth reported that CMS was progressing.
Classroom Renovation
Schlereth reported that the Committee is being appointed and hopes renovations can begin over the winter break.
Copeland Creek
Schlereth was not there and has not yet been briefed.
Staff Training
Nakamoto stated that the group is deciding how to proceed with the training.

Campus Financial Affairs

(Please see the May 19, 2000 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth reported that many strategies had been discussed, however nothing has yet been chosen to pursue aggressively. Ogg asked what the next steps will be. Schlereth responded that the next meeting will include information about the May revised budget and any costs which have been passed to the Campus by the ChancellorÕs Office. He is hopeful to have a balanced budget by the end of the Summer.

Emergency Preparedness

Schlereth informed the Members that an emergency preparedness position would be filled by an existing Sergeant in Police Services. The Sergeant's vacated position would be filled from within.

MPP Reconsideraton Policy

(Please see the May 19, 2000 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the MPP Reconsideration Policy. Floyd Ross moved and Mike Kiraly seconded the motion. The policy was passed unanimously.

Simplification of Telephone and Postage Billing

(Please see the May 19, 2000 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Simplification of Telephone Postage and Billing proposal. Harris moved and Lynn McIntyre seconded the motion. Christmann asked if any consideration had been given to account for spikes and anomalies in usage. Harris said not at the division level, however this could still be monitored at the unit level. The policy was passed unanimously.

Maintanance and Repair Priorities 2000-2001

(Please see the May 19, 2000 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth noted the addition of Village health and safety to the list. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Maintenance and Repair Priorities 2000-2001. Floyd Ross moved and Alan Murray seconded the motion. The policy was passed unanimously.

South Entrance/Public Safety Facility

(Please see the May 19, 2000 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth introduced Chris Dinno, new Campus architect, to the Committee. Turner expressed concern over bus noise under this proposed plan. Perry Marker expressed concern over the perception a police station at the front of campus would bring. Christmann asked if growth had been taken into account in the police station design. Bruce Walker indicated it had. Harris agrees with Marker's concern, however feels the proper architecture and signage could alleviate this. Schlereth informed Members that he had picked this site based on synergies that could be created between the dispatchers and information booth. He is not opposed to moving the building if requested. McIntyre expressed concern with the aesthetic relationship between the police station and Person Theater. Susan McKillop suggested a light foot bridge for residents to cross the road. Christmann suggested the land south of the road, next to Sauvignon Village as a better location for the police station. Schlereth feels the Committee likes the idea of an improved entrance and better bus circulation, but dislikes the location of the police station. Members did not object to this assessment.

Items for the Good of the Order

Schlereth adjourned at 3:10pm

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 1999-2000
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