November 15, 2000





Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:26 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Carol Cinquini moved and Rand Link seconded a motion to approve the Agenda. The Agenda was approved by consensus.

APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - October 27, 2000

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of October 27, 2000. Dennis Harris moved and Sean Pridmore seconded the motion. The minutes were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the October 27, 2000 meeting.


Schlereth asked Members to review this list


Senior Director for Risk Management Search

Schlereth informed the Members that this search was in progress. Lori Heffernon, Edna Nakamoto, Steve Wilson, Sandy Bond, and Melinda Barnard are on the Search Committee. Interviews and open forums will be set up for December 4th and 11th. An employment offer should be extended before the semester break.


Schlereth and Dr. Arminana met with the Chancellor’s Office regarding the possibility of Sonoma being a pilot campus for the CMS student services module. Total cost for piloting the student services module would be $6.5 million. $4.5 million had already been set aside for work on this module. The Chancellor’s Office agreed to provide us with the additional $2 million. Finance and HR modules should be live on in July of 2001, followed by student system registration in the Fall of 2002.


Schlereth informed the Members that the Chancellor’s Office has agreed to continue the BATS funding into the foreseeable future. This money will in addition to the TII project money.

Training and Development

Jim McGuire has been selected to lead our staff training and development efforts. He comes from a similar position at the Oracle Corporation. He will start on Monday.

Student Housing

Schlereth informed the Committee that our housing demand is exceeding supply and only 600 returning residents can be accommodated next year. This will create a problem for students as vacancy rates in the community are extremely low and prices very high. The University did not expect to see an on-campus housing supply issue for some time, however the growing economy in Sonoma County is attracting many folks which need housing. Sean Pridmore and Eric Carlson expressed their belief that students will be angry when this is announced. Carlson asked if alternative arrangements could be made to house students. Schlereth said the University is exploring all options. The Committee agreed that the current system of guaranteeing housing to freshmen and sophomores works and should be continued while this situation is being remedied.

Pending Financial Concerns

(Please see the November 15, 2000 Agenda packet for the document)

Members discussed items on the list. The Committee would like to see a less expensive alternative to the $300,000 wall for the Sauvignon Village/Regent Circle wall. Schlereth noted that the CMS student system augmentation could be taken off the list, as the CSU system would be funding this item.


(Please see the November 10, 2000 Agenda packet for the document)

George Urdzik reviewed the Financial Aid cluster and challenges which need to be addressed. Luttmann asked what caused the staffing problems in financial aid. Schlereth indicated that many of these issues stem from budget cuts in the early nineties. Also present are medical issues with some employees. Urdzik indicated that the medical problem will persist however, these issues are being worked through. Schlereth indicated that CMS will have an effect on financial aid, however back-fill should address this. Rand Link and Dennis Harris expressed their belief that extra funding for financial aid is a top priority.


(Please see the November 10, 2000 Agenda packet for the document)

Steve Wilson presented an update on the CMS project. Schlereth noted that the student system augmentation form the CSU was a result of the fine leadership SSU CMS teams have demonstrated. Carlson asked that the faculty be engaged in the development of the student system module as this will be the technological backbone of the campus.



Schlereth informed the Committee that dollars exist from the Sauvignon Village Bond financing and Green Music Center landscape budget to construct the north campus entrance and Sauvignon Village entrance. As all of our campus entrances should have the same feel, Schlereth would like to plan the feel for all three of our entrances, though only two are funded at this time. Chris Dinno and Bruce Walker presented the concept. Rick Luttmann would like to see a correlation between our plan and the City of Rohnert Park bike path plan. He would also like to see a bike and pedestrian plan for the north campus. Turner feels bikes are safer on the street than in pedestrian areas and would like a bike lane added to the street. He does not want sign to impede pedestrian traffic and would like to see a bus stop added. Dennis Harris likes the proposed design features. Kitty Salsedo asked if the speed limit would be reduced on Rohnert Park Expressway with the addition of the entrance. Walker feels the University will probably ask that this be done. Rand Link asked what the cost of the Sauvignon entrance would be. Walker responded $75,000. Link feels pedestrians and bikers can coexist if the plan is designed correctly. Melinda Barnard would like a different color on the tower tops. Andy Merrifield feels the towers look like prison guard towers. Pridmore would like a pedestrian walkway added next to the sign. Schlereth asked that the design be softened to lessen the "prison-like" feel and asked that these comments be communicated to the Campus Planning Committee. Schlereth informed Members that our existing information booth will not pass an OSHA test and must be replaced. Money does not currently exist to construct another, but is hopeful a low bid on our parking projects could fund this. Schlereth asked Walker to flush out the design details based on the information obtained today and send this to the Campus Planning Committee.


Common Management Systems

This topic was covered earlier

IT Advisory Committee

Sam Scalise was not present to present this item.

Classroom Renovation Committee

Deborah DuVall presented this item. DuVall informed the Committee that the major issues confronting the Committee are design features, technology, furniture, lighting, tile, and sound absorption. No specifics have been decided, but will be presented to the Committee as soon as decisions are made. The first set of renovations will occur during the summer of 2001.

Copeland Creek Committee

A creek walk has been completed to discuss issues, wildlife concerns, and goal setting for the master plan, defining recreation and use plan, and implementation and monitoring of goals.

Alternative Transportation Committee

Ogg informed the CRC that bike racks for Schulz have been ordered and the Committee will meet again soon.

Faculty and Staff Housing Committee

Schlereth informed the Committee that focus groups have been finished. Discussions will ensue regarding the exterior and interior feel of the homes. The campus is awaiting word from the Chancellor’s Office on funds for land acquisition. Schlereth will be meeting with the City of Rohnert Park to discuss the impact of Measure N. A consultant will be retained to determine the value of the land across the Copeland Creek, north of campus.


(Please see the November 10, 2000 Agenda packet for the document)

Schlereth noted that the list of Environmental Factors should be considered the CFO’s list. A correction should be added to bullet two stating that our growth should not affect SFR and mix of permanent and temporary faculty. The CMS student pilot concern should be removed and the BATS concern may be addressed soon. Schlereth expressed his desire to create a five-year budget plan. Merrifield feels growth is the most important issue. Carlson believes student services are very important to future planning and housing should be a top priority. Schlereth would like to see the entire December meeting devoted to discussing the environmental factors.


Salsedo thanked Larry for appointing her to the Committee and would like to see more people have input into decisions. Schlereth thanked Salsedo for her work on the committee and wished her well.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 2000-2001
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