Minutes: May 11, 2001

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:20 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Floyd Ross moved and Eric Carlson seconded the motion to approve the Agenda. The Agenda was approved without objection.

Approval of the Minutes - April 6, 2001

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of April 6, 2001. Sean Pridmore moved and Ross seconded the motion. No objections were heard. The minutes were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the April 6, 2001 meeting.

Action/Information Items to Date

Schlereth asked Members to review the Action/Information Items to Date.

Vice-President's Report

(Please see the April 6, 2001 Agenda Packet for this document)

Division Objectives

Schlereth reviewed the Division of Administration and Finance objectives for 2001-2002.

Division Financial Priorities

Schlereth reviewed the Emerging Financial Priorities for the division. He informed members that debate has taken place whether the information booth should be a staff or student employee. Most Members feel a staff employee would be better. Jim Christmann suggested one information booth be staffed by a student the other by a staff employee. If the student does not know the answer to a question, they could call the staff employee.

In regards to CMS funding, Andy Merrifield does not feel any sub-section of the campus should be immune to the cost of CMS, including the President's Office. Schlereth indicated that it is not likely the University would receive new discretionary money in this year's budget. He feels this will affect all aspects of the University.

Schlereth noted that the cost of the information booths have been built into the cost of the parking projects. The design has been approved by the CPC.

Solar Power Analysis

Solar panels are being considered and analyzed as part of the solution to our energy costs. We will also analyze alternative fuel cells. Luttmann feels this is a smart idea that could make the University a leader in the community. Dennis Harris feels we could use our on-campus faculty resources (people, not money) to analyze this.

Parking Policy: Minor Revisions

(Please see the April 6, 2001 Agenda Packet for this document)

Nate Johnson presented the proposed revisions to the Parking Policy. Johnson noted that most of the proposed revisions were minor updates to outdated language. Joseph Venderame is concerned about the overselling of Residence Hall lots. Schlereth asked that we take this issue up at a later date, he would like the committee to focus on the revisions that were made. Brian Turner does not feel the new language dealing with carpools should be inserted in the policy. He does not feel general statements should replace the current language. Luttmann does not feel we should include carpool language in the policy. He feels a better place for the carpool language would be in the parking brochure. Rick Ludmerer suggested including language that "carpool may exist, but does not currently". Schlereth suggested new language be created with input from Luttmann and Turner. Harris moved to approve the revisions to the Parking Policy with changes forthcoming to the carpool section. Ross seconded the motion. The Parking Policy revisions were approved by consensus.

Fleet Management

(Please see the April 6, 2001 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth informed Members that the campus is exploring issuing an RFP to receive a better rate and more accommodating terms when renting vehicles. He noted that Ludmerer is also crafting a policy dealing with automobile rentals. Turner asked to see a one-day rate comparison of rental vs. fleet vehicles. Schlereth asked Turner to get together with Harris on this issue. Christmann motioned to approve the outsourcing of the fleet. Gloria Ogg seconded the motion. The motion was approved with three no votes from Turner, Eric Carlson, Venderame, Sean Pridmore, and Luttmann. Katharyn Crabbe abstained.

Students Housing Expansion

(Please see the April 6, 2001 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the preliminary plans for student apartments and the feedback from the Faculty Committee on Student Housing. Schlereth reaffirmed the demand/enrollment number with Crabbe and Bernie Goldstein to be sure the numbers were still correct. Crabbe feels the projections are correct. Luttmann feels demand for the project will be higher and asked if more apartments could be built. Schlereth responded that we could, however our EIR caps the new complex at 1350. We could increase this number, however a new EIR would have to be conducted which would add about a year to the project. Christmann feels we should begin construction now and should work with the community to meet additional demand. Pridmore suggested the staff in the Off-Campus Housing Office be increased to accommodate the increase in students looking for housing.

Bruce Walker presented the latest draft design for the project. Venderame would like to see air conditioning, multiple laundry facilities, and more recreation facilities. Schlereth noted that a large building is being discussed to take care of meeting room space. Carlson noted that the construction of a large building would affect the affordability of the apartments. Luttmann asked if the lake would look good year-round. Walker replied yes. Luttmann asked where the meeting/public areas would be placed. Walker responded that flexible space is being designed throughout the project that could be used for this purpose. Merrifield asked if the public space could be converted to apartments. Schlereth does not feel these would make good living spaces. Merrifield feels we don't have the luxury of being a "Mercedes-Benz" campus, and if we need the space to house students we need to do all we can. Schlereth expressed his feeling that there are a lot of wants and conflicting goals for this project that need to be flushed out. Link feels the overall design is good and the multi-purpose space is great. Turner expressed concern about water/energy efficiency planning and wastewater usage. Also, Turner is concerned about the impact on the frisbee golf course and the community relations impact this may have. Walker has had preliminary discussions regarding this. Christmann asked if the cross ventilation would be adequate to cool the apartments. Walker assured him it would. Christmann suggested that the public spaces be air-conditioned to provide refuge to students.

Goldstein commended the Faculty Committee's report and the points made regarding the residential population.

Link commented would like to see financial aid information relating to the existing price structure. Carlson dislikes student subsidy idea, he feels no consideration has been given to the overall impact on financial aid students.

Items for the Good of the Order

Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 3:58pm.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley.

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