October 12, 2001





Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. Schlereth introduced new Members to the Committee. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Floyd Ross moved and Susan McKillop seconded the motion to approve the Agenda. The Agenda was approved without objection.


Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of September 7, 2001. Steve Wilson moved and Gloria Ogg seconded the motion. Sue Hayes indicated that she was not present. The minutes were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the September 7, 2001 meeting.


(Please see the October 12, 2001 Agenda Packet for this document)

Status of Division Objectives: 2000-2001

Schlereth announced that 40 objectives had been completed including the Sauvignon Village wall and road improvements.

Status of North Campus Parking Project

The bid for the parking project came in $800,000 under budget. Further, interest rates are running 2-3%. These factors are good news for the parking program. Activity on the site should begin Monday.

Status of Beaujolais Village

The plans for the student apartments are currently in code review. Construction should begin around November 1st.

Student Housing Needs 2002-2003

ESAS is currently developing projections for freshman enrollment for the 2002-2003 academic year. Once this number is determined, a meeting will take place to determine how many beds to hold.

Managerial Staffing Changes

Sandy Bond, Director of Conferences, Events, and Catering, has retired. Neil Markley will assume her role in the interim period.

Emergency Telephone Service 911 Improvements

The current 911 system on campus is antiquated and in need of replacement. Administration and Finance will begin the process of replacing the old system. The current system is still operational and the Campus should still dial 911 from any phone on campus for a response.

2001-2002 One-Time Lottery Funds

Schlereth explained that Lottery revenue was higher than expected last year allowing more money to be allocated to the CSU. The Chancellors office was allocated $10,000,000, of which $1,000,000 went to Central Libraries, $60,000 has come to SSU for the Library and $120,000 has come for instructional technology. Schlereth would like to allocate the $120,000 to the classroom renovation project to pay for the technology equipment in the newly renovated rooms. This action would free up $120,000 to be used for another facilities related project. Schlereth has proposed buying furniture for all classrooms not yet renovated. Susan McKillop expressed a need to fund the upgrading of an obsolete computer in the art department because IT will no longer support it. Sam Scalise feels this is an instructional equipment issue and needs to be brought up at the department/school level. Melinda feels replacing the furniture in newer buildings is important because while the rooms may be in good condition, the furniture is not. Schlereth feels general support for this idea. No objections were heard.

2002-2003 Enrollment Target

Schlereth explained that enrollment for the coming year is still set to be 4%, 258 new FTES. An additional 151 FTES will be added if year-round-operations commence.

2002-2003 Budget Planning

Schlereth explained that the 2002-2003 budget for next year looks grim. State revenue is down, energy issues, and the terrorist attacks have all had an impacted on the States budget. Capital bonds needed to fund the Darwin renovation are in limbo for next year. If these bonds are not on the ballot and/or do not pass, the Darwin renovation would have to be delayed. Schlereth asked everyone to watch their spending for this year and try to save for next year.



Institutional Support and Technology
Item Amount
Housing Program, Institutional Support $ 42,000
Health Center, Institutional Support $ 60,000
Parking, Institutional Support $ 86,000
Student Union, Technology $ 20,000
TOTAL $208,000

Recommended Utilization

CMS Requirements in IT Above CMS Budget Plan: $208,000

Facilities Services charges to Enterprise Funds to increase from $2.00 per square foot to $4.00 per square foot.

Revised Service Charges
Enterprise Fund Amount
SSE Facilities $ 60,000
Health Center Facilities $ 39,000
Grants Facilities $ 12,000
CDL Facilities $ 6,000
Extended Education Facilities $ 5,000
Housing Facilities $ 429,000
TOTAL $ 594,000

Recommended Utilization
Item Amount
Facilities Services Administrative Support $ 45,000
Custodial Services Operating Expense Increase $ 25,000
Facilities Services Shift Differential $ 95,000
Housing Maintenance and Repair $ 429,000
TOTAL $594,000

Full Costing: Campus Risk Pool Program
Item Amount
Sonoma State Enterprises $ 13,639
Extended Education $ 40,436
Housing $ 45,645
Parking $ 3,590
Lottery $ 4,985
Grants and Contracts $ 241,705
TOTAL $350,000

Recommended Utilization
Item Amount
Technology Student Assistants $ 150,000
Instructional Equipment $ 50,000
Academic Software $ 20,000
Faculty Workstations $ 130,000
TOTAL $ 350,000

Schlereth explained that Executive Order mandates self-support funds fully reimburse the General Funds for services provided. Schlereth indicated that Institutional Support and Technology monies would be used to cover the $208,000 CMS will require over their budget. Without this funding, the money would come off the top. A majority of the facilities reimbursement will be spent on housing related items because a majority of the revenue is derived from housing. Full costing of the Risk Pool will be used to fund the gap due to the loss of one-time money for the BATS program. Schlereth indicated that these monies could also be distributed via the full cost model, however a funding gap would be left for the unfunded programs. Melinda Barnard did not fell comfortable giving the $429,000 for housing to spend. She feels this money should be held to help the University get through a potentially rough budget year in the future. Schlereth explained that this money is primarily student housing dollars and they would have objections spending this in ways other than housing. Ogg noted that residential student facility work requests were up which could require additional staffing. Ross moved and Hayes seconded a motion to approve the proposal as presented. Barnard feels the BATS programs should be reevaluated and now that the money is on the table we should reevaluate how it is spent. An opinion was expressed to decentralize the Faculty Workstation program to the School or Department level. Schlereth feels decentralizing these programs would be a mistake. In the past, funding was allocated in this manner and it proved to be a mistake. Wilson noted that the temporary BATS money has been used to fund permanent items. Ross asked to withdraw the motion, Hayes opposed the request. Wilson called the question. No objections were heard. A vote was taken to approve the proposal as presented. The proposal passed with 18 yes, 5 no, and 1 abstention.



Costs Above the State of California Major Capital Outlay Program
Item Amount
Costs Above Capital outlay Program $3,500,000
Campus Decision to Install Utility Saving Infrastructure $1,100,000
Campus Decision to Enhance Instructional Facilities $1,500,000
TOTAL $6,100,000

Funding Strategy

Sonoma State Enterprises will make a pre-payment of its full cost expenses requirements to the General Fund totaling $6,100,000

Sonoma State enterprises annual reimbursement to the General Fund will be offset by:

Schlereth explained the shortfall in the Salazar renovation budget. $3,500,000 has been known from the beginning of the project. This money was available as a result of the Technology High School, however was used to fund the third floor of Schulz. $1,100,000 has been allocated to fund an energy efficient heating and cooling system. This money should be paid back through energy cost savings. $1,500,000 was allocated to upgrade the 24 educational spaces to assure the best possible classroom experience. The entire amount will be funded as indicated above. Schlereth has agreed to attempt to fund $350,000 through administrative reengineering efforts. Hayes moved and McKillop seconded a motion to approve the proposal to fund the completion of Salazar Hall. Wilson feels $350,000 is a lot of money to reengineer based on the previous reengineering the division has accomplished. Ogg asked Schlereth where the money would come from. Schlereth said he is not sure yet, however there are some management positions that are currently unfilled that may remain unfilled. Edna Nakamoto is relieved to hear no rank and file employees will be effected. Barnard expressed support for Schlereth, however would prefer Administration and Finance not have to shoulder this cost. Barnard would like to communicate CRC members views to the PBAC and asked if any members feel this plan is too much to bear. Katharyn Crabbe expressed gratitude to Schlereth for offering to shoulder this cost and feels this will be a great sacrifice for Administration and Finance. Luttmann feels he cannot support the plan until he knows specifically where the $350,000 will come from. Schlereth does not believe a plan will be developed before February, however some indication has been given already (ie unfilled positions). Barnard is concerned with this plan coming at a time when budget cuts could be imminent. She feels resources will be needed to sustain cuts and this plan limits future flexibility. Schlereth feels a vote should be delayed until a plan is further developed. He feels the consensus is to give this plan some thought and see what he can do.


Schlereth believes, based on previous discussions today, that these positions will not be created this year.


(Please see the October 12, 2001 CRC Packet for this document)

Schlereth explained the current funding plan for the Green Music Center. Discussion and clarification questions ensued. Schlereth reiterated that the intent is to use instructional dollars for instructional programs only. Link expressed gratitude for sharing this level of detail. Luttmann asked Schlereth to present this at the Academic Senate. Schlereth agreed.

Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 4:20pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Neil Markley.

CRC Minutes 2001-2002
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