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Minutes: February 22, 2002

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:10 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Floyd Ross moved and Bernie Goldstein seconded the motion to approve the Agenda. The Agenda was approved without objection.

Approval of the Minutes December 7, 2002

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of December 7, 2002. Ross moved and Goldstein seconded the motion. The minutes were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the December 7, 2001 meetings.

Vice-President's Report

(Please see the February 22, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document) Division Goals and Objectives: 2000-2001 Schlereth explained that eight objectives have been completed since the last CRC Meeting. Group 2 money will pay for staff workstations in Salazar Hall, managers will bring some existing furniture with the balance to be purchased with Administration and Finance funds. The University received funding from the Chancellor's Office for the People Soft portal.

Faculty Workstation Program Funding Update
Schlereth announced that the faculty workstation program would be funded for the current year. Workstations are being purchased and should arrive soon. Rick Luttmann asked how the faculty workstation program was being funded for the current year. Schlereth responded that salary savings from the retirement of Dennis Harris would fund the program for this year.
Beaujolais Village Update
Schlereth said this will be covered later in the Agenda.
Dennis Harris Retirement
Schlereth announced that Dennis Harris has retired as of February 1st. He will be FERPing to the faculty in the School of Social Sciences.
Common Management Systems
Katharyn Crabbe informed the committee that the campus is live on People Soft 8.0 SA/HR modules. We are the first campus to integrate the SA and HR databases as well as the first to share the system with another institution (CSU Maritime Academy). Crabbe stated that the new system has been a learning curve for all, but the system is live and they are working on fixing issues as they arise. Schlereth commended all involved for their hard work.
Sonoma State University Strategic Planning
(Please see the February 22, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth explained that the Academic Planning Committee (APC) of the Academic Senate has been in the process of creating an academic strategic plan. The APC has many ideas for the goals of Administration and Finance. Dr. ArmiƱana has identified a software program that would track quality improvement ideas as well as goals, and report the status of each. Due to these initiatives, Schlereth thought it necessary to discuss a strategic plan for the division to present to the APC and President. Schlereth presented a list of goals developed by the management of Administration and Finance for review by the CRC. This list was developed based on Dr. ArmiƱana stated goals of retention, graduation, and student satisfaction. Sue Hayes feels the list needs to be prioritized and a timeline developed. Andy Merrifield, on behalf of the faculty, is happy to see the academic implications of a residential campus being discussed by the administration. Melinda Barnard feels childcare should be added to the list based on the changing demographic of our incoming faculty. She would also like to see a plan developed for the future IT on the campus. Schlereth responded that IT is currently discussing this issue. Susan McKillop expressed the need for married student housing. Lynn McIntyre suggested developing a matrix to prioritize the list. Hayes suggested dropping vague items or items that could not be achieved in a timely manner. Schlereth indicated that he may be contacting Members to work on a method for prioritizing the list. Jim Christmann suggested giving the list to the APC for prioritization.
Student Housing
Bruce Walker announced that the Beaujolais Village contract has been awarded and construction will begin April 1, 2002. Approximate cost of phase one is $38,000,000 and will be completed in the Summer of 2004. Phase two, if needed, will begin construction in the spring of 2003.
Faculty Staff Housing
Schlereth reviewed the project and its similarities to the UC Davis and UC Irvine projects. Schlereth informed members that we are still looking for land and an offer has been made on the Bradley parcel, thought this is likely to not be accepted. Barnard wants to be sure staff are not buried at the bottom of the eligibility list. Hayes responded that the Faculty Staff Housing Committee is looking at this issue. Perry Marker asked if a number of housing options were planned (homes, condos, etc). Schlereth responded that most surveyed prefer a homes to condos and the development would primarily consist of single-family detached units. Christmann encouraged the Faculty and Staff Housing Committee to develop flexibility in their capital so a new phase could be started as soon as one ends.
Campus Financial Affairs
(Please see the February 22, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document) Schlereth reviewed the current numbers for the 2003/2003 budget. The bottom lines is that we will receive no new money to teach an additional 225 students (after off the top items). Merrifield reminded Members that this is an optimistic budget by the Governor and will only get worse.
Student Workstation Proposal
Sam Scalise and Michel Davidoff presented a concept for the rental of student computers. In this concept, the student would pay a monthly fee of approximately $60 to receive a new computer upgraded periodically, full software and hardware support, and space on the network for storage. This service would be similar to the current GeoTeam support campus staff receive. If a computer were to break, a replacement would be provided. This program would cost the University no additional resources. Rand Link asked if a voluntary program of this type has worked elsewhere. Davidoff responded no, this program would only work with a minimum 20% student participation. Schlereth feels a mandatory requirement to be unlikely as it would need to go to a referendum vote. Schlereth does not think the administration would create such a referendum, it would need to come from the students. Many additional concerns were expressed about the possibility of this becoming a mandatory requirement and was not generally supported.

Items for the Good of the Order


Schlereth wished all Members a good holiday and adjourned the meeting at 4:10pm.

CRC Minutes 2001-2002
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