Minutes: May 17, 2002

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:22 PM. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. Bernie Goldstein moved and Nate Johnson seconded the motion to approve the Agenda. The Agenda was approved without objection.

Approval of the Minutes-March 22, 2002
Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of March 22, 2002. Floyd Ross moved and Jim Christmann seconded the motion. The minutes were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the March 22, 2002 meetings.

Vice-President's Report

(Please see the May 17, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Goals and Objectives
Schlereth reviewed the Division's goals and objectives for the 2001-2002 academic year. Of the 78 on the list, 50 have been accomplished, 8 have been deferred, and 20 have yet to be completed or are in progress.
Academic Planning Committee
Schlereth informed Members that the Academic Planning Committee (APC) has asked Administration and Finance to appoint a representative for the APC. This is the first time a committee of the Academic Senate has allowed a voting member from the campus administration. Schlereth expressed his gratitude for this gesture. Schlereth informed Members that Steve Wilson would be representing the Division on the APC.
Renovation/Remodel Crew
Due to a backlog of small projects around the campus, Schlereth would like to establish a renovation/remodel crew to clear the backlog. Once Beaujolais Village is complete, the crew will join the Beaujolais Village facilities staff. No objections were heard.
Community Service Officer Pool
Schlereth presented a plan to retain a pool of Community Service Officers to staff special events when needed. This pool will be funded from event revenue. This option is less expensive than outsourcing the security function.
Service Awards and Staff Recognition Program
Schlereth thanked those involved in executing the Service Awards and Staff Recognition Program. Edna thanked Remy Heng for his comments with short notice.
Director of Financial Aid Appointment
Schlereth announced that Susan Gutierrez has been selected as Director of Financial Aid. She previously served as Interim Director.
Charlie Brown's Café Hours During Finals Week
Schlereth announced that Charlie Brown's Café will be open 24-hours during finals week.
Midnight Breakfast- Sauvignon Village
Schlereth informed Members of the breakfast that was held for the Residential Community at midnight. Administrators and staff served students until the early morning hours.
MPP Definition
A recent faculty report on MPPs at campuses suggests that Sonoma State University is heavy with MPP positions. Some members of the campus have used this report to infer that Sonoma State University is bloated with management. Schlereth does acknowledge that this campus has many MPPs, however this is mainly due to the integration of many ancillary activities and the campuses decision to classify slightly different than many other campuses. Schlereth wanted to take a moment to also explain that the MPP classification encompasses more than administrators and managers. This classification also encompasses professionals, supervisors, some auxiliary staff, CMS, Grants and Contracts, and more. Schlereth feels a report to explain this may be generated to avoid future confusion. Steve Wilson feels this issue has been beat into the ground and explained too many times. He is offended by the attacks and would like to stop wasting time on this issue.

Common Managment Systems

Wilson presented an update on CMS. The student administration module is moving along and progressing nicely. The final two human resources modules will be implemented in late July. Auxiliary accounting will be live in July. Sonoma State University will be the first campus to integrate all entities into one financial system. Financial Services will be upgrading to internet architecture in July of 2004. On the request of the CFA and CSEA, the State Bureau of Audit will be auditing the system-wide CMS project. The CSU has welcomed this review. Wilson applauded the dedication and loyalty of the CMS team. Schlereth noted that while CMS has been expensive, the cost would have been higher if we were not part of the system-wide initiative. Schlereth thanked all those involved with CMS.

Faculty and Staff Housing

Sue Hayes presented the latest developments in the faculty and staff housing initiative. The University would like to begin phase II due diligence on the land the University would like to purchase. If all goes well, the University will ask the Board of Trustees for approval to purchase the land in September.

Campus Financial Affairs

(Please see the May 17, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

GFD vs. MCF Schlereth addressed the issue of why the general fund distribution (GFD) of campus resources does not match the marginal cost distribution (MCD). History can help explain the imbalance. The State appropriated "orange book" formulas specifically allocated money to the campus. In 1994, the "orange book" was discontinued and additional funding came through growth. A base funding was established in 1994 according to "orange book"allocations, future years were based on the MCD. Schlereth does not believe one can make a parallel between GFD and MCD because the MCD did not exist for the 35 years prior to 1994. Further, certain fixed costs are assumed before a campus enrolls its first student. These fixed costs generally fall into the administrative side of the campus and skews the numbers. These factors explain why Academic Affairs receives 78% of new revenue based on the MCD, but totals only 66% of the campus budget. The CSU and CFA agree that MCD does not necessarily fund enrollment. Further, it does not recognize cost of living, faculty salary differentials, etc.

Governor's May Revision Schlereth briefed Members on the status of the Governor's May budget revisions. This budget is manageable, however the cuts are expected to increase significantly after the November election.

Salazar Hall Tour

The tour commenced after the meeting adjourned

Items for the Good of the Order

Schlereth thanked the Members for their hard work this past academic year and asked for a renewed spirit of cooperation in the next year. Susan McKillop likes the flowers at the main entrance Perry Marker thanked the Dining Services staff for the excellent lunches Rand Linked informed Members that the Lacrosse team had won a national championship.

Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 3:00pm

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 2001-2002
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