September 6, 2002





Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. Schlereth introduced the new members to the Committee and asked all members to introduce themselves. The Agenda was approved without objection.


May 17, 2002

Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of May 17, 2002. Floyd Ross moved and Rand Link seconded the motion. Melinda Barnard and Sue Hayes were listed as not in attendance at the May 17, 2002 meeting. They were, in fact, present. Hayes noted that she had presented the faculty and staff housing update, not Schlereth. No objections were heard to these changes. The minutes, as amended, were passed unanimously with abstentions from those not in attendance at the May 17, 2002 meetings.


(Please see the September 6, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Salazar Renovation

Schlereth thanked all those involved in design, construction, and move to Salazar Hall. He said the building is open and the move proceeded with few glitches. He noted how impressed he was with all the work as it was performed while he and the President were out of town and they were not contacted once.

Ameci Pizza and Pasta

Schlereth informed Members that they were eating food from our newest dining venue, Ameci Pizza and Pasta. Ameci is located in Sauvignon Village next to the Cooperage and has a full line of Italian products. Ameci will deliver anywhere on campus.

Parking on Petaluma Hill Road, East Cotati Ave

Schlereth informed members of the change in parking on Petaluma Hill Road and East Cotati Avenue. Due to safety related issues, Police Chief Nate Johnson brought forward a recommendation to the Campus Planning Committee (CPC) to eliminate parking on these roads. The CPC agreed and unanimously recommended the President eliminate parking on East Cotati Avenue and Petaluma Hill Road. The President agreed. Schlereth reiterated that this decision was motivated by safety, not money. The amount of money the few cars that used to park along the streets brings in will be negligible. As with the beginning of any academic year, the parking situation has been tight on campus and has created some aggravation. The new parking lots L,M,N,O,P will open in late October adding over 1,000 parking spots to our inventory. Some have complained parking enforcement has been lax. Traditionally, Sonoma State University is not as aggressive on the first week to accommodate the volume of cars on campus and to allow the community to become familiar with our parking policies. After the first week, however, enforcement commences in full force. Noel Byrne informed Schlereth that the Academic Senate had a passionate discussion about parking and developed a resolution on the matter. He asked Schlereth and Bernie Goldstein to attend the next Academic Senate meeting to talk about it. Schlereth responded that he will be on vacation during the next meeting and could not attend. He would be happy to attend future meetings. Schlereth reiterated that after the first two weeks the parking situation will improve and will improve further when L,M,N,O,P open. Schlereth laughs when people claim the new lots were built only for the Green Music Center. As everyone can see, they are needed now. Byrne noted that the Academic Senate resolution called for immediate action. Jim Christmann suggested excess space in reserved lots could be opened for non-reserved parking. Christmann noted his support for the actions taken to eliminate parking on the roads, he has brought this issue up many times. Hayes suggested bagging the no parking signs until the new lots are open. Schlereth responded that Dr. Arminana would likely not agree with this suggestion given the safety issues. Schlereth said he is leaning toward opening empty fields as lots until the new lots open. Byrne welcomed this suggestion from Schlereth.

Temporary Buildings

Schlereth reminded members that the former Village and AFC temporary building needed to be removed to make room for the new Recreation Center. These buildings were offered to the Sonoma County Community Foundation, however they do not have the land to place them. The building have now been opened for other CSUs to take. Two buildings will stay temporarily: CDL and Police Services.

Police Services Building

Schlereth informed members that the new Police Services building has been delayed because the contractor lost his bonding. This project will now be rebid.

Tim Young

Tim Young, an employee in Human Services, has resigned to take a new job at Cost Plus. Tim did a good job for us and will be missed. We are recruiting to fill the position.

Mary Wood

Schlereth announced that Mary Wood will be retiring in December after 35 years at Sonoma State University. Schlereth expressed his sadness at Woods departure and does not feel anyone can replace her. A recruitment is under way and Mary will continue in a consulting capacity due to the complexity of the job.

NHTSA 15 Passenger Vans

Schlereth informed members of a safety advisory from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration regarding 15- passenger vans. Schlereth is working on strategies to address the advisory. Sue Hayes suggested training for van drivers.


Jim Christmann noted that five classrooms had been renovated. Schlereth added that most classrooms also replaced old furniture with new furniture. Andy Merrifield feels the new tables are taller than the previous tables and asked if this is an ergonomic issue. Bruce Walker will look into this.

Hayes said some of the old furniture had found its way back into the classrooms and asked if there was a way to control this. She noted that keys were also an issue. Schlereth said the CRC would be discussing the key issue this semester. He informed Members that building were opened about 6:30am and closed by the custodians in the evening.

Melinda Barnard noted problems with markers missing from classrooms with whiteboards. Schlereth has asked Rich Marker to look into this.

Merrifield asked where information could be obtained about switching health plans. Edna Nakamoto said PERS is working on this and has sent numerous mailing to employee homes. Human Services gets information slowly from PERS and is working on getting the information to departments.


(Please see the September 6, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth informed Members that the Administration and Finance year-end resources stood at about $288,702. These funds will be used as described. Merrifield is concerned that items get placed on the reserve that are discretionary or unfunded. Schlereth agrees that this needs to be limited.


(Please see the September 6, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth reviewed the Administration and Finance Achievements for 2001-2002. Merrifield and Barnard expressed concern over certain course related issues in the new PeopleSoft system. Schlereth noted that while the system worked, a number of issues were discovered that need to be corrected for the next cycle. He said these issues would be worked on and hopefully corrected. Barnard noted that faculty have been patient this time, but may not be so patient next time. Some questions were raised regarding the status of the BDM lawsuit. Schlereth limited his comments for legal reasons and stated that the case has not been resolved and is still pending.


(Please see the September 6, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the Goals and objectives for the 2002-2003 academic year. He noted that Proposition 47 has made it on the November ballot and includes the Darwin Hall renovation. Schlereth asked the CRC to review the list and provide feedback at the next meeting.
Susan McKillop, noting that the Residential Community is looking a bit worn, asked if it could be painted. Rich Marker is developing a plan for the in-house painters to take care of this. She also noted the lack of signage in Salazar Hall. Schlereth said signage improvements are slowly being implemented.


Faculty and Staff Housing

Hayes briefed the committee on the progress of this committee. The University has made an offer for land within one-mile of the campus. We are awaiting a response from the owners. Schlereth noted that the committee is sensitive to the appearance that we are buying land in the face of budget cuts. Hayes reiterated that the purchase of this land will not impact the academic budget. Merrifield expressed his belief that the campus supports this project because this was an initiative brought from the bottom of the organization to the top and because it will not impact the academic budget.

Beaujolais Village

Walker informed members that Beaujolais Village is progressing and is ahead of schedule. The campus and the contractor are working diligently to complete the project as soon as possible. Schlereth said the apartments will be well appointed and would like to bring the furnishings to the group when they are finalized. Merrifield expressed his belief that the units need to be affordable to all income levels. Gloria Ogg noted that financial aid packages are helpful for lower income students.


Schlereth asked that we defer this item to the next meeting.


(Please see the September 6, 2002 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth presented the reserve and university-wide expenses. He explained that he would not go into great detail as many members sit on the Presidents Budget Advisory Committee as well. Schlereth noted that the Presidents Discretionary money item will be held until the budget situation is resolved. The state budget has been signed with few cuts to the CSU, however more cuts are expected as the Governor decides how to cut $750,000,000 from the states operations. These cuts are not expected until after November. Schlereth noted that Chancellor Reed has told campuses to brace for a 5% reduction. Merrifield asked if the Chancellors Office would be cut as well. Schlereth responded that he does not know. Schlereth noted that much speculation has been floating around about a golden handshake. Schlereth said he has not heard much information on this but generally this does not help us, but costs us.

Schlereth will present the CSU 2003-2004 next time. He also quickly briefed members on the Division budget issues for the upcoming year.



Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 3:59pm

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 2002-2003
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