Minutes: March 14, 2003

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  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes - February 21, 2003
  3. Vice-President's Report
  4. University Housing
  5. Campus North Entrance
  6. Common Management Systems and Audit Report
  7. Administration and Finance General Fund MPPS
  8. Administration and Finance Reengineering and Budget Planning

Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 12:16 PM. Schlereth welcomed Catherine Nelson, Chair of the Academic Senate, to the committee. The Agenda was approved without objection.

Approval of the Minutes

February 21, 2003

Sue Hayes asked that 'former counter offer' be replaced with 'formal counter offer'. Schlereth delayed approval of the minutes until the April CRC Meeting.

Vice-President's Report

(Please see the February 21, 2003 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth added the topic of Part-Time Employees to his report.

Student Housing - Beaujolais Village
Schlereth updated Members on the status of the Beaujolais Village student housing development. At least 350 beds will open in the Fall of 2003, one year early. The opening date for the remaining 300 beds will be determined in April. Tim Tiemens announced that demand for student housing remains strong though the external market has softened. 1300 students would like to return in the Fall of 2003, 100 of these students are currently living off-campus. Currently, only 650 spaces are available for returning residents. Schlereth informed Members that positions, funded by the housing program, would be added to support Beaujolais Village. Jim Christmann suggested an informational campaign be launched to announce the early opening of the development. Schlereth announced the campus was able to gain a waiver from the Prison Industries Authority (PIA) allowing the campus to use other vendors for furniture in Beaujolais Village. Feedback from students indicates that the PIA furniture is not popular. Rand Link noted that the continued demand for our housing attests to the quality of our units. Noting the remote location of the development, Melinda Barnard stressed that Beaujolais Village should be reserved for upper-division housing only,
Non-Discrimination Policy
Schlereth announced that the new Non-Discrimination Policy has been reviewed by the bargaining units and approved by the President. A Blue Paper Policy will be issued shortly. Schlereth thanked Joyce Suzuki for her work on the policy.
Non-Faculty Positions Under Recruitment (Please see the February 21, 2003
Agenda Packet for this document)
Schlereth reviewed the 5 General Fund positions and 6 non-General Fund positions currently out for recruitment.
Support for Part-Time Employees
Schlereth explained that a groundswell of support has developed to help part-time University employees that may lose jobs in our current budget downturn. Schlereth committed himself and Administration and Finance to help brainstorm ideas to assist part-time employees.
Noting a recent Star article, Perry Marker asked if the Oakland Raiders would be training at Sonoma State University. Link responded that inquiries have been made in the past, however no discussions are currently taking place. Link feels the headline on that particular article was misleading.
University Housing
Faculty and Staff Housing Committee Hayes presented an update of the campus Faculty and Staff Housing project. An offer was made on a parcel of land suitable for the project. The owner of the property proposed a counter-offer. While reviewing the counter-offer, the value of the land lessened due to actions taken by the Rohnert Park City Council to remove the land from the Rohnert Park Sphere of Influence. A lawsuit is reportedly being filed by the landowner against the City for their actions. The committee is monitoring the developments of the lawsuit.
Student Housing - Beaujolais Village II
(Please see the February 21, 2003 Agenda Packet for this document)
Tiemens and Katharyn Crabbe discussed the forecasted demand for student housing. Data indicates student demand over supply of 820 beds in 2004-2005. Schlereth asked for Members to comment about possibly adding 650 additional beds to accommodate increasing housing demand. Veronica Lopez noted that social programs are being eliminated that help low-income and single-parent students afford housing. She asked that these students be kept in mind when building new housing. Schlereth asked for a motion to recommend the development of an additional 650 beds. Christmann moved and Floyd Ross seconded the motion. Susan McKillop noted that the Academic Planning Committee is still discussing the ramifications of new housing on the curriculum. Schlereth noted a process exists by which the APC has input into this decision. Marker asked if an element of family housing would be included in this development. Schlereth responded that the housing would be used to fill current and expected demand from traditional students, however family housing has been discussed as part of the faculty and staff housing development. This will be a separate discussion. Tiemens explained that capacity and the emphasis on housing freshmen students would have to be examined before current housing stock could be shifted to address other needs. Christmann suggested that 'empty nesters' could invite some of the non-traditional students into their homes. A vote was taken and the motion passed with no objections.

Campus North Entrance

Bruce Walker explained that money remains in the North Campus Parking Project to fund an identity sign and parking booth off Rohnert Park Expressway. He presented plans using materials similar to those of the Green Music Center and similar to the Sauvignon Village entrance. Walker passed sample photos to the Committee. Christmann suggested the entrance be constructed to allow future expansion.

Campus Financial Affairs

(Agenda item moved to accommodate time restraints)

CSU Q&A Document

Schlereth presented a budget FAQ document distributed by the CSU. He informed Members that budget information could be obtained on the CSU and Sonoma State University websites.

Endowment Earnings

Schlereth informed Members that that the endowment funds were not performing well given the current economic climate. Earnings have been substantially reduced causing a suspension of earning distributions for the 03/04 fiscal year. CPA stands to lose $180,000, Library $200,000, Information Technology $100,000, Wine Business Program $30,000, and the Engineering Program $150,000. Other programs, including scholarships, will be affected as well.

2003-2004 Governor's Budget: LAO Report

Schlereth presented the highlights of the Legislative Analysts report on the Governor's budget. The LAO is proposing enrollment growth funds be limited to 4% instead of the requested 7%. The LAO feels 3% of the growth is already at the campus being taught with current resources. The LAO proposes a 15% fee increase, down from the Governor's proposal of 25%. The LAO does not require one-third of the fee to be allocated to financial aid, however. This will create a further hardship for financial aid students. In short, the LAO's proposal would cost the campus an additional $1,400,000. Schlereth suggested support for the Governor's budget is important.

Common Management Systems Audit Response

(Please see the February 21, 2003 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth reviewed the Bureau of State Audit report of the CMS project and responses drafted by Sonoma State University. Schlereth also included the responses drafted by the California State University System. He noted that Sonoma State University responses were based on our experiences and needs. Certain items such as procurement were handled at a system-wide level and could not be addressed locally. Steve Wilson noted that many employees worked extremely hard to make CMS a success at our campus and asked everyone to be considerate of these employees regardless of the varied opinions of the project. Christmann asked why the Sonoma State University did not include the finding that the CSU and PeopleSoft share the risk of implementation? Schlereth responded that this item was discussed at the system-wide level and it was decided to implement on our own in order to retain more control and consultation on the product. Sue Hayes mentioned some 'nuisances' that existed with the system. Schlereth explained that any project needs adjustments when executed. He has asked Wilson to determine a process to collect and solve these issues. Marker noted that many faculty who attended a recent training are very pleased with the product. He complimented Margo Axsom and her staff on the excellent training.

Administration And Finance General Fund MPPS

(Please see the February 21, 2003 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth presented a list of current General Fund management positions for review. All listed positions are state funded and exclude reimbursed positions. Schlereth asked Members to review the list and suggest any positions they may be eliminated as part of the division's reengineering efforts. Schlereth stressed that the person currently associated with the position would not be eliminated, but potentially reassigned. He asked Members to communicate their recommendations directly to him.

Administration and Finance Reengineering

(Please see the February 21, 2003 Agenda Packet for this document)

Schlereth updated Members on the division reengineering efforts. $1,331,550 has yet to be identified to meet our reduction target.

Financial Services

Data was presented by Schlereth and Letitia Coate demonstrating workload in the Financial Services cluster. Fiscal year 91/92 was compared to fiscal year 01/02. While total employees have increased, expenditures per employee have also doubled. $47,000,000 in investments have been added to the unit. 13 additional audits are performed each year. Financial Services is willing to reengineer two vacant positions saving $90,000. The unit will work with other departments to fill impending retirements. Schlereth asked if the elimination of these positions would compromise the financial integrity of the University. Coate does not believe this would compromise the financial integrity. She explained that PeopleSoft has allowed Financial Services to consolidate business units into one database and has allowed efficiencies to be generated that allow her to eliminate the two positions. Hayes cautioned against giving up positions until the efficiency gains can be proven over the long-term.

Items for the Good of the Order

Edna Nakamoto informed Members that the Disability Services audit did not receive any findings. She recognized the people of Human Services and ESAS for their hard work.

Nate Johnson informed Members that the ticket machines in lots L,M,N and O have been installed. Signage will be installed shortly. Traffic is being monitored for speed limit revisions

Jim Christmann asked if the potholes around Redwood Circle are being addressed. Rich Marker responded that they are.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:10pm.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

CRC Minutes 2002-2003
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