Student and Workforce Housing: Overview

The Student Housing Task Force and the Workforce Housing Task Force were formed to address the need to provide housing options for our student population and affordable housing options for our faculty and staff. Prior to October, 2017, housing costs had risen more dramatically than wages had. Finding affordable housing options were difficult for many recruits and so many positions were left unfilled due to the cost of housing in the region. Then the fires of October 2017 destroyed over 5,000 homes in Sonoma County, stressing and already tight market.

In the Spring of 2018, the Student and Workforce Housing Task Force groups were started. The services of Bob Linscheid from Linscheid Enterprises, Inc. and JLL, a nationally recognized real estate advisor, were enlisted to assist us with assessing the needs of Sonoma State University students and workforce. With their guidance, and the support of the task force groups, Sonoma State has begun the conversations and started to explore possiblities. A preliminary demand study of the student and workforce housing markets was completed. A brief synopsis of the work that has been done and continues:

Student Housing

  • The campus is currently exploring the possibiltiy of a new Student Housing complex and building a more efficient "Traditional" first-year style housing complex. This has the potential to provide 400-600 new beds on campus.
  • The campus is currently looking to update the Master Plan to address the above proposed project.
  • The Student Housing Demand Study is nearly complted and should be uploaded to the website in Spring 2019
  • The Student Housing Master Plan Addendum is expected to be completed in Summer 2019
  • Student Housing build-out is proposed for possible start in Summer 2023

Workforce Housing

  • Partnering with the Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County to look at options to make homeownership more affordable for the SSU workforce. Progress to date: we have placed one faculty member and their family in the new Willowglen Development
  • We have reviewed potential partnerships in sonom aspect of the 175-acre Sonoma Mountain Village development. The site is currently entitled for approximately 1700 single and multi-family homes.
  • The Workforce Housing Demand Study is nearly complete and is expected to be uploaded to the website in Spring 2019

We continue to explore options and will update this webpage as information becomes available.