President's Budget Advisory Committee
Minutes, February 1, 1991


  1. Benson reviewed with the committee the various tasks that must be completed during the Spring.
    1. The major task will be to plan the 1991-92 budget in view of the reductions.
    2. University-wide expenditures than are funded "off the top" will need to be reviewed and adjusted in light of the severe budget.
    3. The normal mid-year analysis and budget adjustments will be done.
    4. End-of-the-year expenditures must be planned.
  2. Benson distributed a number of documents that provide information on the CSU budget for 1991-92 and Sonoma State's budget for next year. The discussion was directed toward a full understanding of the budget problem for the system and the campus. The essential features are:
    1. the funds available next year will be essentially equal to those in 90-91; however, the unavoidable costs will force the University to function with a budget that is functionally about 5% less than this year.
    2. last year's reduction of 1.3 million is built into the campus budget, but has not been allocated to the units.
    3. the additional reduction for '91/92 is estimated at about 3.2 million and this must also enter into the planning for next year.
  3. There was a general discussion on approaches to dealing with reductions of such magnitude. During the discussion there was general agreement that high priority should be placed on employment of permanent faculty and staff and that a simple prorata reduction for all units may not be the best approach this year.
    Benson proposed that unit executives be asked to identify the costs of all permanent employees, all unavoidable costs, and all essential costs. This approach was not deemed feasible for the initial analysis and the alternatives were explored.
    The group estimated that the 1.3 Million dollar reduction plus the estimated reduction of 3.2 million additional dollars would mean a percentage reduction of approximately 9% of the total 50 million expenditure budget.
    Following the discussion, it was recommended that President Benson ask the unit executives to analyze their budgets with a target of a 9% cut. It was understood that this analysis would need to be modified in light of certain unavoidable costs and program priorities; however, it would serve as an initial attempt to determine the possibility of avoiding layoffs and identifying major problems with prorata reductions of this magnitude.
  4. The next meeting will provide an opportunity to review the initial reactions.
  5. Meetings are scheduled at 1:00 pm, Fridays, 2/15, 3/8, 3/22, 4/1.9, 5/3, 5/17

PBAC minutes 1990-1991
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