President's Budget Advisory Committee
Minutes, February 15, 1991



  1. Benson reveiwed the current status of discussions on the system-wide approach to the 1991/92 budget.
  2. Nunez reported that the mid-year analysis shows that there may be about $400,000 available for planned expenditures. However, the figure will be reduced by a portion of the required loss in lottery funds.
  3. The discussion of year-end expenditures was postponed until the next meeting.
  4. Unit Executives reported on the initial analysis of a 9% reduction in their areas.
    1. Benson distributed materials and explained that the employment of a new Vice President will remove the previous flexibility in this Executive Area. The maximum reduction without loss of permanent personnel will be less than 9%.
    2. Farish distributed materials which outlined the severe impact on the library and instructional programs at the 9% reduction level; however, even at 9%, there would be no need for layoffs of permanent staff.
    3. Karas distributed materials on the four units within Administrative Services. Major reductions in service would occur; however, no layoffs would be necessary at the 9% level.
    4. Link distributed materials and discussed the approach used within Student Affairs. No layoffs would be reaquired.
    5. Quong discussed the preliminary findings within the Business Affairs areas. No layoffs would be required at the 9% level but services would be severely reduced.
  5. The Committee urged the President to consider meeting the faculty and staff in general open meetings after more information is available. The effort should be directed at mainting morale in the face of a very difficult budget crises.
  6. The next meeting is scheduled for March 8th. Discussion will continue on expenditure plans for the remainder of 1990/91, University-wide (Off-the-Top) expenditures for 1991/92, and planning for 1991/92 budget.

PBAC minutes 1990-1991
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