President's Budget Advisory Committee
Minutes, March 8, 1991



  1. Benson announced that on March 19 and 20 at 2:00 p.m. in the Commons, there will be an open session meeting for faculty and staff to discuss the status of the budget for 1991-92.
  2. Quong distributed materials and discussed the Business Affairs' plan for the 9% budget reduction in 1991-92. Accordingly, in order to cover the resulting deficit, services will be severely curtailed and additional temporary personnel may not be rehired. This personnel cut is in addition to the twelve (12) or so positions that have been left vacant the past five years in order to augment other departments' budgets in the Business Affairs' area.
    Benson reminded the committee that all of the presentations regarding the planned 9% budget cut which have been discussed so far are "truly draft". More information on the final budget cut may be available next week during the meeting of the Board of Trustees at the Chancellor's office.
  3. Nunez apprised the committee on the Midyear Financial Status Report. The Chancellor's Office announced that the 50% State University Fee surplus that was taken away from the campuses will be used to cover campuses' utility and application fee deficits. For non-resident fees, the Chancellor's office will cover any deficits, but will also take away any surpluses from the campuses.
  4. Before discussing the university-wide funding (off -the-top items) , Benson addressed the rationale behind funding these non-line budget items in the General Fund budget and, their importance in supporting the goal of the University. Justification for each expenditure item was explained by the respective senior administrator. Concern as to the continuity of funding the university-wide funding items in light of the drastic budget cut for the upcoming year was raised. Benson explained that since the final budget cut is not known yet and, in the interest of time, the committee can start discussing the requests for next year.
  5. Quong requested, the committee recommended, and the President approved the funding of an estimated $83, 000 for hazardous waste removal this fiscal year from the fund balance.
  6. The next meeting will be on March 22, 1991 at 1:00 p.m. in the Sue Jameson Room. Senior administrators are requested to prepare: a) Recommendations on the use or rollover of any fund balance in 1990-91 and b) Discussion on university-wide funding requests for 1991-92.

PBAC minutes 1990-1991
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