President's Budget Advisory Committee
Minutes, March 22,1991


Recommendations on the use or rollover of any fund balance in 1990-91 were deferred pending written proposals from senior level administrators. These proposals will be distributed on or around the 10th of April for the meeting on the 17th. Approaches on the use of the fund balance for next fiscal year were suggested. One is the university approach where the fund balance would be used to mitigate the campus' budget cut by cutting the top before assessing departments. The other approach is where departments would be allowed to use their year-end savings to mitigate their own budget cut. Or, both approaches could be utilized. Further discussion will commence at the next meeting.

University-wide funding requests for fiscal year 1991-92 were distributed and presented by respective senior level administrators. Issues as to the emphasis on the student recruitment program versus the retention program and whether to continue providing the use of the chargecard service were discussed briefly. Continued deliberations on the following requests will ensue in next meeting

Funding Requests
Items Amount Administrator
Admissions Development $ 36,000 Karas
Library Automation 55,000 Karas
Temporary Buildings (Option C) 75,600 Karas
Faculty Workstation 232,480 Karas
Gallery 15,000 Farish
Athletics 90,000 Benson
Executive Area (estimate) 40,000 Benson
Student Affirmative Action 13,000 Link
Chargecard Bank Fee 27,520 Quong
Hazardous Waste 30,364 Quong
Total $614,964  

The next meeting will be on April 17,1991 at 1:30 p.m. in the Sue Jameson Room. (Meeting scheduled on April 19 has been cancelled). Items to be discussed are:

PBAC minutes 1990-1991
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