President's Budget Advisory Committee
Minutes April 17, 1991




End of year Expenditures
An analysis previously distributed to members indicated that a balance of $261,960 was available for distribution after planned expenditures for payment of July and August paychecks for eligible part time faculty.

Discussion regarding the use of these funds resulted in a recommendation for the following allocations:

President Benson accepted the recommendation and will ask the appropriate areas to proceed with the expenditures.

President Benson reviewed the current status of the 1991/92 budget
based on the approved Trustee plan and subsequent decisions communicated to the campus. Many items in the plan still have not been resolved and there was a general discussion on how to proceed. Professor Harris emphasized the need for decisions in time for schedule preparation and Vice President Farish presented an analysis of the problems faced in the area of Instruction. Careful review suggests that the University will be forced to reduce approximately 110 sections from the number offered this year if the 9% reduction applies to instruction. He presented the following analysis for committee discussion and deliberation:

Following discussion, President Benson authorized instruction to proceed with scheduling the same number of sections as that actually maintained in Fall '90. It was understood that other areas may need to increase the percentage reduction or other savings might to found to reduce instruction's reduction to approximately 8% rather than 9%. Additional planning will be delayed pending further developments with the 1991/92 budget.

Note: Next meeting: May 3rd at 1:30. IN PRESIDENT'S OFFICE

PBAC minutes 1990-1991
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