President's Budget Advisory Committee
Minutes, May 3, 1991



There was a brief discussion on the current status of the State Budget for '91-92. Benson distributed a summary of the actions taken to date on the reductions approved by the Trustees.

There was a lengthy discussion of requests for all-university funding. Each item was discussed and amounts were considered. Following the preliminary discussions it was MSP to recommend the following expenditures for 1991-92.

Notes on Recommended Expenditures

Bank Card Charges
The recommendation includes: need for survey to determine who is using charge cards, need for information campaign to advise students of additional costs and costs of collecting non-university fees for Associated Students and Student Union should, be passed on to those corporations.
Faculty Workstations
The recommendation for no funding is based on assumption that faculty workstations will receive high priority for any mid-year funds available.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 17, at 1:00 pm in Sue Jameson Room. This should be the final meeting of the academic year. Please bring schedule of personal summer plans so committee can determine opportunities for special meetings if any are needed as the budget decisions are made in Sacramento.

PBAC minutes 1990-1991
Updated 2007-12-14