President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, September 13, 1991




  1. The following handouts were distributed after the President introduced the members of the President's Budget Advisory Committee for 1991-92 fiscal year:
    1. Meeting Agenda
    2. Charge and Membership list of.the Committee
    3. 1991-92 Budget Report B
    4. General Fund Revenue and CSU Appropriation Summary
    5. 1991-92 SSU G.F. Budget Cuts and Distribution Summary
    6. 1992-93 Preliminary Planning Summary
    7. Organization of Project to Improve CSU Budget Process
    8. PBAC meeting schedule for 1991-92 fiscal year.
  2. Benson went over the 1991-92 Budget Report B focusing on SSU's summary of authorized expenditures. In addition, recent developments in PERS contributions and health benefits were discussed. SSU stands to keep PERS surplus money (resulting from pledged vacant positions) which is planned to support Spring semester classes. Health benefits premium for staff and faculty has been adjusted reflecting the lower premium rates bargained for earlier except for managerial and other non-represented employees.
  3. Perspectives on the ramification of the current budget cuts were articulated by area administrators. Reductions in the number of sections being offered to students this Fall, staff attrition and cuts in operating expense in the support areas, and continued effort in providing academic, student, and business supports were expressed by everyone.
  4. Benson announced the establishment of a committee for the Systemwide Developments on Budget Process. Benson will chair this committee with Karas as his assistant. The objective is to come up with better methodogy and effective way of funding academic and support programs that will be fundamentally different from the currently restrictive 'orange book' formula.
  5. Farish discussed plans for the overall academic priorities. Academic programs will be reviewed as to their efficiency. Studies will be made in shifting tasks from one program to another. Fundamental changes in funding higher education will be considered without changing academic priorities of the institution.
  6. Next meeting will be on September 27 at 1:00 pm in the Sue Jameson Room.

PBAC minutes 1991-1992
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