President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, November 1, 1991




  1. Schlereth handed out a comparative analysis of custodial staffing between 1986-1987 vs 1990-91 fiscal years. The total square footage of the custodial area to be serviced has increased from 640,322 to 669,332 while the actual number of cleaning staff was reduced from 35 FTE to 32 FTE causing the extra 29,010 square feet of cleaning space to be absorbed by existing custodians. Although the service has been satisfactory, concern as to job stress was raised. In response, a program review will be established to determine the services being offered and ways to spread it out to alleviate the workload. This will also extend to the grounds maintenance crew. Mechanism for suggestions and the need for proper consultation will also be considered.
  2. A report on cost reduction initiatives taken from 1980 through 1991 to reduce utility costs was presented by Schlereth. Bond offered additional plans to further reduce the utility costs which are more important this fiscal year because of the Chancellor's office decision to decentralize the administration of utility budgets to campuses.
  3. Discussion on charge card services followed. A statistical bar chart showing a dramatic increase of credit card users by campus students during registration was presented by Nunez. Facts and figures which included the advantages and disadvantages for keeping the charge card services were explained and extrapolated. Further study will be considered and presented at the next meeting.
  4. Benson explained the current process for building the budget which, if current proposals and plans should materialize, will significantly change the budget process, reports and allotment distribution on campuses starting with the 1992-93 fiscal year. Discussions ensued on ways to prepare for this change including the review of the current Orange Book Formula, a run down of the 1991-92 Budget Report B, and an analysis of what is considered a fixed cost.
  5. The next meeting is scheduled for December 6 at 1:00 in the Sue Jameson Room. Items for discussions are:

PBAC minutes 1991-1992
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