President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, January 31, 1992



  1. President Benson discussed the proposed enrollment allocation of 270,050 system-wide FTES for the 1992-93 fiscal year. Except for any technical adjustments, campuses will roughly receive the same base allocation budget for 1992-93 as they did in 1991-92. A total of 1,000 FTES will be taken off the top to give San Marcos additional FTES. A "growth" factor is being proposed to provide campuses that are specifically interested in increasing their FTES. The level of fiscal support that would go with these FTES is being discussed. Sonoma State has a base FTES allocation of 5,600 in 1992-93. A decision could be made to increase this base to 5,800 FTES which means additional monies for the campus from this "growth" funding. New systemwide "forced costs" (bond payments, building replacement, MSA's, etc.) of approximately $40 million has to be funded in fiscal year 1992-93. For SSU, this would mean an estimated $1.113 million additional assessment. In order to mitigate the impact of this assessment, the proposed fee increase is going to be necessary. The President showed three illustrations that predict what the status of this campus would be with:
    1. No fee increase. The campus would have a base budget of approximately $46.2 million, $1.113 million less because of the additional assessment.
    2. A 20% fee increase would mean $1.2 million in additional revenue.
    3. A 40% fee increase, or roughly, $2.3-million additional revenue for SSU.
  2. In preparation for the 1992-93 budget, campuses are required to develop their budgets by March 31, 1992 for submission to the Chancellor's Office. The President distributed a copy of the current budget showing the allocation by cabinet level areas and listed by faculty, administrators and support staff. The same format will be utilized for the 1992-93 budget except prior year expenditures will be added for comparative purposes.
  3. The next meeting will be held on February 14 in the Sue Jameson Room at 2:00 p.m. Vice President Schlereth will make a presentation on the proposed budget plan.

PBAC minutes 1991-1992
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