President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, March 20, 1992



  1. Benson distributed a copy of his formulated approach to Phase 1 of the 1992-93 budget plan after proper consultation with the members of the President's Budget Advisory Committee. The plan requires the cabinet level officers to come up with a tentative scheme to eliminate the $2.2 million gap (based on current year's expenditure pattern) to meet the level of the Preliminary Phase 1 budget appropriation.
  2. Benson handed out his modification plan for the Executive office followed by Karas (Administrative Services), Link (Student Affairs), and Schlereth (Administration/Finance). Farish (Academic Affairs) explained the schools' preliminary plan which he intends to present at the next budget meeting after conferring with the school deans on Tuesday. One difficult decision that has to be made is determining between maintaining our current students vs. accepting new students.
  3. Schlereth asked the Committee members for some direction on how to confront a $700 thousand plus Operating Expense budget requirement and still meet the required minimum level of supplies and services in 1992-93 fiscal year in his division. over the past several years, his division has continuously decremented the OE&E budget (including augmentations from vacant positions) to meet the yearly budget assessments. One position that was raised is to re-evaluate the process of parceling any additional allocations (should the state's economy improve) and give the full allocation to Schlereth's area to cover the OE&E requirement. This would mean a deviation from the normal prorata process between the divisions and would have to be agreed on by the Committee.
  4. The next meeting will be on April 3, 1992 at 1:00 p.m. in the Sue Jameson Room. Some agenda items are as follows:

PBAC minutes 1991-1992
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