President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, May 15, 1992


  1. President Benson handed out copies of the latest directive from the Chanceller's Office (coded letter BP 92-20) pertaining to the 1992-93 Phase II Budget Allocation. He explained that the developing crisis facing the State of California has triggered additional planning assumptions for the CSU System which would be an eight percent reduction below the net General Fund Phase I allocation. SSU's share of this contingency plan is $3.1 million. An effort is underway to implement a meaningful early retirement program to mitigate layoffs. NO additional dollar reduction associated with the Mandatory Cost is expected to be assessed to the campuses since the assumption is that this will be covered by the final fee increase that is approved. An effort to permanently allocate the Systemwide Provisions as part of the campuses' base budget is under discussion, but most of these provisions are for specific purposes in 1992-93.
  2. Vice President Farish distributed and discussed budget planning strategies that included a set of operating principles for 1992-93 budget deliberations. He talked about the importance of making a permanent set of solutions this year that would bridge future budget plans. He reiterated the core mission of this institution, the maintenance of quality instructional programs by not going above the 20:1 ratio, the importance of infrastructure support, and the level of functionality of other programs that should be maintained to support the university's mission. The principle of privatization of selective activities not central to the university's mission which could be supported by new fees was discussed. Finally, he maintained the institution's conviction that tenured and tenure-track faculty layoffs should be avoided because of hiring ramifications in the future.
  3. Vice President Schlereth illustrated the dollar savings associated with Vice President Farish's recommended set of guiding principles. It was made clear that these figures are for informational display of where the monies are and that no official decisions have been made on any one of these items. Discussions ensued amongst the committee members included other alternatives like closing some departments during the summer, combining school departments, rollover of 91-92 year-end monies, etc. Schlereth reiterated the importance of identifying the mission of this institution ... what is the targeted FTE, level of SFR, and the targeted Phase II dollar cut?
  4. Identifying the core of the instruction program was reiterated by President Benson. Once this is is done, required faculty positions and support positions can be built. He plans to identify a budget cutting plan that will show specific permanent cuts that will be given to cabinet level officers on Monday morning.
  5. The next meeting will be on Friday, May 22, from 1 to 3 PM., in the Sue Jameson Room.

PBAC minutes 1991-1992
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