President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, May 22, 1992




  1. Vice President Farish presided. He apprised the committee of the University's task to cut $3.7 million over and above the 1992-93 Phase I budget. He went over the details of the Academic Affairs budget plan that is being cut $1.2 million which is the same plan that was presented earlier at the campus open fomm. He emphasized the obligations to Fall 1992 students and the necessity to make changes to Spring 1993 enrollment to meet the FTES targeted goal of 5,150.
  2. Dean Link presented a list of the budget cuts in the Student Affairs area which totals to about $31 1,000 in addition to the $250,000 reduction in the Health Center. He discussed the ramifications of the reductions including the impact of services to the student body population. A $30 mandatory health fee per semester is being proposed to restore some level of service in the Health Center. This fee has to be approved by the Chancelloes Office. Additionally, core staffing in the student outreach and retention program is going to be maintained to meet certain requirements.
  3. Dean Karas discussed the functions, costs, and consequences of a $405,000 budget cut in the Administrative area. Admissions and Records, CMTS , and Financial Aid areas will reduce support services, development programs, and some financial aid counseling to students.
  4. Vice President Schlereth explained how he plans to meet the $660,000 campus assessment in his division. He explained that the total cut he has to make in his area is $1.3 million because his OE money is depleted. He presented initial plans on restructuring his area which need to be studied, discussed, and approved by appropriate groups and individuals. He said that if these initial plans are accepted, full support from everyone will be requested because they are highly experimental and the process will take some time to successfully implement. A budget gap of $276,577 will still exist after these initial plans. Schlereth explained three scenarios that would cover this gap, two of which would further erode services and financial controls in his division as mandated by outside agencies. The other scenario regarding the retention of parking fees would require Chancellor's Office approval.
  5. Reactions to above plans ensued and discussions followed. Recommendations ranged from educating students of the need to charge more fees to presenting this same information to the Chancellor's Office were discussed. The elimination of restrictions-on the use and retention of parking fees was also suggested. Vice President Farish will present these plans and other ideas to President Benson next week.
  6. No immediate meeting was scheduled. Further information will be disseminated.

PBAC minutes 1991-1992
Updated 2007-12-14