President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes, November 4, 1992



President Armiñana announced that one member of the staff will be named and added to the Presidents Budget Advisory Committee.

Before discussing the Plan for Financial Survival submitted earlier by Cabinet members for PBAC discussion, President Armiñana went over the details of the earlier initial funding plans leading to the current budget predicament. To sunu-narize:

VPs Schlereth and Farish and Dean Link presented the Plan for Financial Survival for Spring 1993 which the Cabinet discussed and recommended earlier. Details of the plan included the use of $450,000 campus reserve zeroing out any money for contingent liability. Use of year-end monies including Administration and Finance's resources are alternatives that could cover any potential contingent liabilities on campus. However, the proposed plan is still in deficit by $206,000, and VP for Academic Affairs was asked to explore other alternatives to eliminate this gap.

Discussions ensued on feedback and ideas pertaining to the action plan for Spring 1993. Suggestions ranged from working on additional utility conservation, examining feasibility of full cost reimbursement from the Auxiliary Corporation after appropriate consultation with students, restructuring the current level of Administration and Financial Services, and to utilizing instructional OE to hire spring part-time faculty, analyzing 12-month Department Chair appointments, relying on additional Housing Dormitory Revenue Funds, and creating an alliance with SRJC pertaining to GE courses on campus.

The State may end up with a $5 billion deficit by close of the current fiscal year which could roll to the 1993-94 budget year. In anticipating this cut, SSU plans to reduce its budget by 6% with a goal of maintaining an FTES benchmark of 5,267 FTES. -There is no guarantee that another fee increase will materialize next year under present legislation. However, the Governor may revisit this issue in January, 1993 during review of the State's 1993-94 Budget.

The recommended strategic plan for the 1993-94 academic year is to prorate the projected deficit of $2,634,478 across the board with the following objectives-reduce temporary staff employees, study campus auxiliary operations, freeze all personnel activity regardless of fund source, and roll forward any 1992-93 resources after meeting contingent liabilities.

The PBAC consensus was reached to accept the strategic plan for Spring, 1993 and to approve the initial 1993-94 academic plan as presented by the President's Cabinet.

PBAC minutes 1992-1993
Updated 2007-12-14