President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes October 31, 1995

Approved by PBAC Unanimously, November 14, 1995


The meeting was called to order by Don Farish at 3:10 PM who asked for a motion to approve the minutes of October 10, 1995. D. Harris asked that the minutes be corrected to reflect the actual intent of his motion which should have been stated as:

"Steps 1 and 2 of the Vice-President for Administration and Finance's proposal as indicated in the Agenda packet of October 10, 1995 be recommended to the President."

With this correction, the minutes were approved unanimously. Farish then turned to the agenda and asked Larry Furukakwa-Schlereth present the materials attached to the agenda packet.

Schlereth first updated the PBAC on the condition of the University Reserve for fiscal 95-96 indicating certain new items had been added since the Committee had last met including two employee reclassifications, an emergency repair to the Stevenson roof, the projected operating expense deficit in the Executive Office and the absorption of Foundation service charges on gift accounts. These additions created a deficit in the Reserve of $66,100 as of October 23, 1995.

Schlereth then described corrected budget data comparing summary financial information for 1994-1995 and projected 1995-1996. Data of a similar nature had been previously mailed to the PBAC and had assumed the President would accept both recommendations formulated by the PBAC at the October 10 meeting. Because the President had only accepted the first recommendation, the summary financial data was corrected and was provided in the Agenda packet for PBAC reference.

Schlereth also outlined 6 items that had been removed from the University Needs list for 9596 including:

EHS Audit Compliance
$52,000 (Assume duties will be absorbed via the COPS program and the reengineering Human Services Cluster in Administration and Finance)
Pay for Performance, Payroll
$40,000 (Reduction in AFD Operating Reserve permits this expense to be financed)
Residence Life Shortfall
$50,000 (Funded by Housing Program. Funds for Housing Growth have been eliminated)
Campus Signage
$300,000 (Project deemed not viable for at least five years)
Stevenson Planning - Rear Entrance
$12,000 (Project to be deferred until funds can be identified from CSU System resources or potential savings from roof projects)
Executive Office OEE
$50,000 (Funded from University Reserve)

Discussion on the report and the comparison data then ensued. Specific comments centered on the impact on both Housing and Administration and Finance should the recommendations being implemented. The PBAC also discussed the difficulty in drawing conclusions from the comparison data given differences among campuses.

No formal action was taken regarding the recommendations although at the suggestion of the Committee, both Farish and Schlereth agreed to continue their discussions as to how the campus might achieve resolution of the 95-96 budget.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:15 PM.

Minutes prepared by L. Furukawa-Schlereth

PBAC minutes 1995-1996
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