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Minutes March 20, 1997

Approved by PBAC, 10 April 1997

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Meeting Agenda

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Approval of the Agenda

Larry Schlereth convened the meeting at 8:07 AM by asking for a motion to approve the Agenda. Debbie Gallagher moved to approve the Agenda. A second was obtained from Bill Barnier. The Agenda was approved unanimously.

Distribution of the Minutes of March 13 1997

Schlereth then asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of March 13, 1997. A motion was made by Victor Garlin. A second was obtained from Les Adler. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Information Related to Bond Repayments - Housing

Schlereth informed Members that the Agenda Packet (Packet) included a repayment schedule for bonds associated with the University's Housing Program as requested by Members at a previous meeting. The PBAC indicated that they also like to see an analysis related to the implications of refinancing the housing bonds. Schlereth indicated that he would prepare such an analysis but that it would likely not be ready in the immediate future.

Summary of Funds to Date

Schlereth informed Members that the Packet included a draft Summary of Funds spreadsheet that he had prepared for review by the PBAC. He noted that the document reflected his best assessment of how the PBAC viewed each of the funds reviewed to date and commented that the Funds Summary would be revised after each PBAC meeting. He asked Members to communicate any changes or additions to the Summary.

The Committee then deviated from the Agenda and raised a variety of questions. Specifically, Melinda Barnard asked for clarification regarding the presentation of general fund budgets in University Wide, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Administration and Finance. She indicated that she hoped these areas would present comprehensive financial information from all funds and not just identify unfunded items. Dennis Harris asked that the data for the five divisions be presented in a consistent format. Tracy Terrill asked for detail regarding operating expense. Schlereth indicated that the PBAC Staff (Staff) was preparing the financial information for the 5 areas in a fashion consistent with the requests made by Barnard, Harris and Terrill.

SSU Independent Operations

Schlereth then moved to Agenda Topic V and provided a brief description of the Independent Operations (IO) fund structure. He then outlined IO activity in the Executive Office noting a projected deficit in the Executive Office Graduation IO account. Harris asked now this deficit would be resolved. Schlereth noted that Graduation at SSU had been historically under-funded and deficits were resolved by either the Executive Office or the University Wide budget category.

Schlereth then asked Silvia Barajas to present IO activity in Academic Affairs. In response to several questions, Barajas clarified that athletic coaching salaries were reflected in Academic Affairs IO for 1996-1997 but that these costs would move to Student Affairs IO in 1997-1998 consistent with the reorganization of Athletics under Vice-President Link. She also discussed the Kaiser program in the School of Natural Sciences, defined the SLACK Program and promised to provide detail on the Consolidated Student Services Fee at the March 27 meeting. Barajas indicated the IO projection for 97-98 did include the anticipated 4% salary increase for employees paid from IO but did not include any projection for costs associated with the CSEA/MSA settlement.

Rand Link then made a presentation IO activity in Student Affairs which was followed by an IO presentation in Administration and Finance made by Schlereth. Barnard asked if the campus budget document aka known as the "black book" reflected employees paid from IO in Academic Affairs as it did for Administration and Finance. Barajas indicated that it did not but promised to provide the data to the Members. Schlereth commented that this information would be reflected in subsequent black book presentations. Link asked if Schlereth anticipated any vacancies in the IO salary base. Schlereth indicated that attrition was always a possibility. Barnard asked how one could identify an MPP employee in the black book. Schlereth noted that these employees were classified as either and Administrator I II III or IV and that this data was included in the black book presentation. Garlin asked for data regarding the number of MPP employees on campus. Schlereth noted that this data was available to the campus through the published budget document.

SSU Trust Accounts

Schlereth informed the PBAC that just prior to the start of the meeting, an error had been discovered in the Trust Account financial data. He asked the Committee's indulgence in deferring this item until the next meeting.

SSU Special Project Accounts

Schlereth described the nature of CSU special project accounts and highlighted University activities whose finances were housed in this campus-based fund referencing materials provided in the packet.

SSU Lottery Accounts

Schlereth and Barajas presented information related to SSU's Lottery Program highlighting differences between discretionary and non-discretionary funds.

SSU Academic Foundation

Steve Wilson presented the financial status of the SSU Academic Foundation utilizing data contained in the Packet. Garlin asked for clarification regarding the composition of contractual services. Wilson responded that these items included among other items, external audit services and payroll services. Garlin questioned whether payroll services could be handled by the campus Compensation unit. Wilson noted that this was possible and if the anticipated move of grants and contracts from the Foundation to the University's special project fund took place, payroll activity would be done by SSU.


Schlereth then turned to the "Good of the Order" agenda item and recognized Harris. Harris asked that the Agenda Packet be provided to Members in advance of the meeting time. Schlereth noted that while he understood and agreed with the request, the short turn around-time between meetings make it difficult to provide materials in advance.

Barnard raised concerns about Continuing Education's financial presentation made during the prior meeting. Barajas agreed to work with Barnard to restate Continuing Education's data in a fashion that was more clear for the Members.

Terrill reminded the PBAC that the Student Health Center was currently operating with a deficit and was projecting a deficit for the foreseeable future. He expressed surprise that the Committee did not raise this issue during the Health Center budget presentation and urged Members to address this concern during budget deliberations.


Schlereth then adjourned the meeting at 9:50 AM.

Minutes prepared by Larry Furukawa-Schlereth

PBAC minutes 1996-1997
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