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Minutes April 1, 1999

Approved by PBAC, April 15, 1999

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Bernie Goldstein brought the meeting to order at 8:15AM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Steve Wilson. A second was obtained from Gloria Ogg. The Agenda was approved unanimously. Goldstein took a moment to comment on three issues: COPLAC, faculty development funds, and Cornerstones.


A COPLAC representative is on campus to recommend us for membership. Goldstein thanked Kathryn Crabbe for her work on the report to bring the COPLAC folks here.

Faculty Development Money

Some faculty development money will be available from the Chancellor’s Office. Goldstein feels this is good news. Victor Garlin, does not celebrate or welcome the money in the form it is coming because this money, he feels, should have come as faculty compensation.


The last piece of Cornerstones will be the accountability portion.


Goldstein asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the March 18, 1999 meeting. A motion was made by Ogg. A second was obtained from Wilson. No changes were made to the minutes. The minutes passed with no dissenting votes. Those not at the 3-4-99 meeting abstained.


Rose Bruce presented the analysis on large course sections. She developed the data with help from Sue Parker. Two main points were extracted from the information: large class sizes in the GE area have decreased and medium size classes have increased. One error was noted on the last line of the first page: the word small should be changed to the word large. Parker expressed her concern with large classes and said readers could help mitigate the issues involved with teaching large classes. Melinda Barnard asked to see a slight change in the data: small category at 20 and less students and medium category at 21-45 students. Bill Barnier expressed his interest in seeing the attrition rate of students compared between small, medium, and large classes. Barnier questioned how this information was relevant to the budget. Parker indicated it is related to the number of course sections and the money that goes to Academic Affairs. Melinda noted that this information gives us objective rather than subjective data. Bruce added she is willing to work with faculty to come up with a report rather than just bringing numbers. The members feel the numbers should go to the VPBAC first, then to the PBAC.


Schlereth noted this information is only the beginning. The data begins with the 1992-1993 year because this is the year he arrived at the campus. Schlereth presented the material and explained he tried to achieve a summary analysis with the pie charts. Steve Orlick indicated he would like to see the Academic Affairs portion of the pie split into instruction and administration to show exactly how much money went into instruction. Schlereth indicated this could be done. Barnard would like to see Academic Affairs broken into each of their units, a chart with the number of bodies employed in each division, and non-personnel expenditures over $250,000 in the General Fund. Garlin was interested in seeing Administrator II and III positions and where they are at. Barnard is also interested in seeing the number of non-instructional personnel hired in Academic Affairs. Barnard added she would like to see policies for departments to follow which would create a more centralized budget approach. She feels the money going to schools may not be being spent effectively for instruction. Barnier and Marty Ruddell commented they would like the money to continue to go to the schools for allocation and that non-instructional personnel do help the instructional process. Garlin commented he endorsed Barnard's "big picture" approach to the budget.


Schlereth asked this item be deferred due to the absence of Dennis Harris. No objections were raised.


Schlereth presented the information on accountability measures. Some discussion ensued.


Schlereth presented the Potential University-Wide Items 1999-2000. Garlin mentioned the President’s request at the Academic Senate meeting to withdraw a motion rebuking Chancellor Reed to better allow us to receive additional money from the Chancellor’s Office. Garlin asked what the possibility of us receiving money is and how long will this process will last. Schlereth indicated it is hard to tell how long the process will last but is optimistic about receiving at least some of the additional money we have requested.

Goldstein adjourned the meeting at 10:00am.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley.

PBAC minutes 1998-1999
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