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Minutes April 15, 1999

Unanimously Approved by PBAC, May 6, 1999

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Bernie Goldstein brought the meeting to order at 8:07AM and asked for a motion to approve the Agenda. A motion was made by Katharyn Crabbe. A second was obtained by Marty Ruddell. The Agenda was approved unanimously.


Goldstein asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the April 1, 1999 meeting. A motion was made by Dennis Harris. A second was obtained by Crabbe. No changes were made to the minutes. The minutes passed with no dissenting votes. Those not at the April 1, 1999 meeting abstained.


Larry Schlereth presented pie charts developed by the Budget Office which illustrate the difference in budgeted money to Academic Affairs between 1992-1993 and 1998-1999. The charts illustrated the following:

Academic Affairs - 1992/93 and 1998/99
Unit 1992-1993 1998-1999
Instructional Program 64% 67%
Provost 14% 6%
Information Technology 9% 8%
Library 6% 9%
ESAS/A and R 4% 10%
Athletics 3% 0%
Total $24,108,042 $32,249,397*

Note: In 1992-1993 ESAS/A and R was only A and R

*1998-1999 adjusted for the following:

Schlereth informed the Members that the Budget Office is currently preparing charts for the next meeting which provide information regarding the all-funds budget allocation and the proportion of faculty to other personnel. Schlereth asked the Committee if they would like to see this information at the next meeting. No objections were raised. Schlereth feels this presentation shows the effects of decentralization on Academic Affairs. Katie Pierce and Lori Heffernon expressed concern at looking at the "big" budget picture because many changes have occurred. For example, as older faculty retire, new faculty are hired at a lower cost, therefore we are getting more instruction for our dollar. Steve Orlick asked why the 1992-1993 budget numbers were used as a starting point for the comparison. Schlereth stated this was his first year at Sonoma State and it was the first year he could verify the numbers.


Harris presented this item through pie carts and tables he developed using budget data. The information can be summarized as follows:

1992-1993 - 71 MPP Positions
Unit % of MPP Position
Executive Office 7%
Academic Affairs 33%
Student Affairs 13%
Administration and Finance 47%

1998-1999 - 93 MPP Positions and 48 Redefined Positions
Unit % of MPP Position
Executive Office 6%
Academic Affairs 51%
Student Affairs 9%
Administration and Finance 34%

Unit Admin. Prof. Super. Total
Executive Office 3 2 0 5
Academic Affairs 12.75 7 4 23.75
Student Affairs 7 1 1 9
Administration and Finance 12.25 8 13 33.25
Total 35 18 18 71

Unit Admin. Prof. Super. Redefine Total
Executive Office 3 4 0 2 9
Academic Affairs 14 22 6 29 71
Student Affairs 6 3 1 3 13
Administration and Finance 12 11 11 14 48
Total 35 40 18 48 141

Also included in Harris’s analysis was information detailing position redefined from staff to MPP and new administrative positions. Harris explained we have gone from 71 MPPs to 141 MPPs since 1992-1993. If you subtract the 48 redefined positions from our current 141 MPPs, we have only increased by 22 MPPs all in the professional area. The 48 redefined positions were results of Sonoma State’s interpretation of job classifications and duties. Sue Parker said she would like to see these numbers in a General Fund, not All-Funds, format. She feels the All-Funds numbers distort the picture. Schlereth indicated it would be difficult to do this as it would be hard to tie the numbers back to the black book.


Schlereth presented the following information regarding the Governor’s Budget for 1999-2000.

Item CSU Proposal
Not Accepted
CSU Proposal
CSU Risk Pool Increase $ 260,000 $ 260,000
Common Management Systems $ 120,000 $ 120,000
Hope Scholarship Reporting $ 20,000 $ 20,000
YEAR 2000 Compliance* $ 350,000 $ 0
Schulz Center Warm Shell** $ 270,000 $ 0
Library, IT Moving Costs*** $ 115,000 $ 115,000
Un-Identified CSU Items $ 150,000 $ 150,000
Presidential Scholars Program $ 100,000 $ 100,000
Risk Pool Deductibles $ 100,000 $ 100,000
"True" University Reserve Items $ 100,000 $ 100,000
CMS General Fund One-Time Assessments $ 118,000 $ 118,000
SUB-TOTAL $1,703,000 $1,083,000
Less Projected New Discretionary Dollars $ -335,000 $ -335,000
TOTAL $1,368,000 $ 748,000

* Debt Service on interfund loan of $1,500,000. 5 year term @ 6%. Other possibilities being explored with the CSU.

** Debt Service on interfund loan of $2,000,000 10 year term @ 6%. Other possibilities being explored with the CSU.

*** Debt Service on interfund loan of $ 500,000 5 year term @ 6%

Schlereth indicated items which are expected to be good in the May revised budget, two of which will be positive for Sonoma State. The Faculty salary pool has been increased from 2.5-4% to 6%. The Baseline Assured Technology (BATS) money is back in the budget. The BATS money will probably come in the form of discretionary technology money which could be used to fund a number of projects including CMS. However, if the money is used to fund a project like CMS, money would have to be found to fund current BATS initiatives. Harris outlined four items he would like to discuss as part of the budget: 1. Divisions should be encouraged to reengineer vacant positions 2. Non-funded reoccurring budget items should be institutionalized in a division 3. An effort should be made to maintain SFR 4. A reserve should be established. Ogg suggested departments look forward for retirements as a way to begin reengineering. She stated if you wait until a position is open, it will likely just be filled. Ogg asked when we could start making budget recommendations. Schlereth indicated we should start making decisions as soon as possible. Melinda Barnard asked if Schlereth could bring options for us to explore. Schlereth said he is running out of options to bring. Most of our existing special funds are restricted and/or already over-exploited. For our next meeting, Pat Seda asked to see how much money is being spent on faculty sabbaticals. Crabbe indicated Academic affairs has already begun to look at things it can no longer do. Bill Barnier would like to see what the VPBAC is considering and requested a report from Bernie. Barnard asked if we could shift anything from the General Fund to a Special Fund. For instance, move the Presidential Scholars program to Development. Jim Meyer explained the scholarship process would have to be changed to do this.



Goldstein adjourned the meeting at 9:45am.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

PBAC minutes 1998-1999
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