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Minutes February 24, 2000

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Bernie Goldstein brought the meeting to order at 8:06AM. Dennis Harris moved, and Rand Link seconded a motion to approve the proposed agenda. The Agenda was approved unanimously. Goldstein informed the Members that the search for a Dean of Continuing Education will begin soon.


Goldstein asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the December 17, 1999 meeting. Steve Wilson moved and Kathryn Crabbe seconded the motion. Joe Latulippe indicated he is not listed on the membership page and should be added as present. Andy Merrifield asked that the line "Merrifield explained, according to the Provost we could lose our accreditation or have it held up" be changed to read "Merrifield explained, according to the Provost, at the CRC, we would not lose our accreditation". Those not present at the December 17, 2000 meeting abstained. The minutes were approved with no "no" votes.


(Please reference 2/24/00 Agenda packet located in AFC-3 for this document)

Library Software, ARSS

Bill Barnier asked if maintenance on the ARSS is included in the stated figure. Schlereth said no, however money from the Chancellor’s Office to operate new buildings could be used to hire people to maintain the equipment. Merrifield asked what the longevity of the ARSS is. Schlereth stated he did not know, but would find out. The ARSS at CSUN, he added, has been there for some time. In response to a question from Harris, he responded that the software would not have to be replaced during the five-year repayment period. Schlereth indicated the Schulz endowment money would not come to a PBAC vote since it is restricted for the Library and IT.

Moves to the Schulz Center

Schlereth presented this item and explained the funding would come from the construction contingency fund. Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the Moves to the Schulz Center funding plan. Harris moved, and Barnier seconded the motion. Barnier noted this figure looked good compared to previous estimates. Barnier asked if students would be participating, and benefiting in, the move. Schlereth said the move will take place through a third party vendor and no student employment is guaranteed. He expects, though, some students to be hired by the library and IT to assist those units. A vote was taken and the proposal passed unanimously.


(Please reference 2/24/00 Agenda packet located in AFC-3 for this document)

Schlereth explained the budget is fluid and he will update the Committee on any developments. The most significant development is expected to be the collective bargaining with the trades. Further, approximately $9,000,000,000 is said to be still in the Governor’s Office awaiting allocation. The Board of Trustees is readying a list to attempt to obtain a portion of this money. To avoid surprises, Schlereth feels we should wait until after the May revised budget before we begin budget discussions. As discussed previously, summer meetings will most likely be needed. Merrifield has some information from the Legislative Analyst’s Office that indicates cuts to the Governor’s Budget. Schlereth noted the Legislative Analyst’s cuts have not been widely accepted over the last few years. Merrifield asked what the process was for the distribution of 1998/1999 retroactive FMI money. He has heard conflicting stories. Wilson explained the process and indicated it is held up at the State Controller’s Office because they have to manually enter the data. Due to the late nature of our budget discussions, Barnier asked what accommodations have been made for our enrollment increase. Goldstein said we will still grow by 285. Barnier asked if this is risky. Schlereth noted it is, however not as risky as in the past due to the positive budget from the Governor. Scott Gordon asked why the Governor didn’t fund the CPEC salary lag adjustment. Schlereth said his guess is the Governor made deals with numerous folks and feels the 5% should cover all people, not just faculty. Gloria Ogg asked if there is discussion happening to reduce the State University Fee. Schlereth responded there are some discussions occurring and we may see this in the May revise. Goldstein added, traditionally Governor Davis has been supportive of fee reductions. Schlereth indicated the capital budget is looking good and would provide the University with about $285,000 for telecommunication infrastructure which deals with items included in the failed CETI initiative. This would be a three-phase project.Goldstein adjourned the meeting at 10:00am.


(Please reference 2/24/00 Agenda packet located in AFC-3 for this document)

Schlereth presented this item. Gordon asked if the Oracle item was previously off the top. Schlereth responded yes. Items are usually of the top if they are CSU mandated rather than campus mandated. Budgetarily this item usually appears in IT’s budget. Joe Latulippe commented this was a large increase. Wilson said it is a large increase and is primarily due to web processing. Merrifield asked how much over estimates is the CMS hit. Schlereth responded that we expected $150,000 and it is turning out to be closer to $200,000. Ogg asked if CMS is on schedule. Schlereth said it has been slower than expected. Latulippe asked if the delay will cost more money. Schlereth said yes. Wilson noted that while the project is slower than anticipated, it is not stalled and August 31 is still the target date for the finance software. Schlereth indicated the student record piece is taking the longest due to differences in the way each campus runs this. Crabbe asked what unidentified items are expected. Schlereth said other than Channel Islands, he does not know, but will have more information in April.

Schlereth feels some key issues will need to be addressed for May: instructional equipment, faculty/staff development, instructional technology, and a couple others he is drawing a blank on. He would like to do some planning for these over the next three meetings. Merrifield asked if others could add issues. Schlereth said yes, however he would rather create key points instead of a wish list.

Goldstein adjourned the meeting at 9:51am.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

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