President's Budget Advisory Committee

Minutes April 27, 2000

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Larry Schlereth brought the meeting to order at 8:05AM. Kathryn Crabbe moved and Bill Barnier seconded a motion to approve the proposed agenda. The agenda was passed by consensus.


Schlereth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the March 30, 2000 meeting. Crabbe moved and Phyllis Fernlund seconded the motion. Barnier asked to be recorded as voting "no" in section III. Jim Meyer asked that Scott Gordon’s comment in section III be changed to read: "Scott Gordon feels that it is not without precedent that a fund does not get assessed fees. He noted private gifts are not taxed." Gordon did not object. Crabbe asked her comment in section III be changed to read: "She does not want to see Academic Affairs hit with the IRA assessment fee when a majority of the IRA program resides in Student Affairs. She does not necessarily feel, however, that Student Affairs should absorb most of the assessment either." The minutes were approved with no "no" votes. Those not present at the March 30, 2000 meeting abstained.


Schlereth informed Members that the 1999-2000 budget had been sent out and all Members should be receiving their copies soon. Additionally, an ad has been taken in the Star to inform the campus community of the budget release. Schlereth indicated Neil Markley would be coordinating a summer meeting schedule. Victor Garlin requested a per diem be paid to those with academic year appointments. Schlereth said he is supportive of this notion and would try to accommodate the request.

Schlereth said the lack of a reserve is currently a hot topic because the units are receiving their year-end assessments. He feels the need for a reserve should be discussed again.

At the request of Andy Merrifield, Schlereth explained the proposed north campus entrance, roads, and parking. Schlereth explained the need for additional parking and roads over the next few years to accommodate the anticipated increase in enrollment. The location of the proposed entrance would relieve some traffic pressures from East Cotati Avenue and the location of the lots would be closer to the core of campus than some current lots. The lots could also be used to support the Green Music Center, which - through parking fees - would help fund the lot. Schlereth noted the project could be paid for from parking fee increases and/or general fund support. Garlin explained he does not currently perceive a traffic problem and asked if traffic and parking are separable. Schlereth responded that traffic and parking are separable, and he does not currently perceive a traffic problem either. However, with our anticipated growth, the local communities have expressed concerns about potential traffic problems in the future. The new entrance, roads, and parking should help mitigate this. Garlin feels the communities should be informed that we are a financially strapped institution and do not have money for any projects other than education. He also reminded the Committee of the unrest that occurred when north campus development was last discussed. Schlereth feels the administration has been very sensitive to the issues surrounding the creek and north campus land and that many measures have been taken to preserve the areas. Garlin asked if one group will be responsible for issues related to the parking, entrance, roads, creek, and land. Schlereth responded that the Copeland Creek Committee would make a recommendation to the Campus Planning Committee who will make a recommendation to the President. Deborah Duvall is named as the person responsible. Rand Link noted that significant differences exist between the plan that was protested some time ago and the current plan. He does not feel the campus will have the same reaction for this plan. Bill Barnier feels that we already have enough off-the-top items and does not support this coming off the top. He would like to see a straw vote on whether to support this or not. Merrifield agrees but feels alternatives should be discussed as well. Gordon feels the new entrance will create issues because it will be considered more convenient and all the amenities at the south entrance will be needed. Schlereth said the amenities have been figured in the estimates. Schlereth said he would still be asking the system for money. Barnier moved the PBAC to urge all the delivery bodies to vigorously pursue other funding strategies for the north campus entrance and parking improvements. A second was obtained from Crabbe. A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.

Schlereth indicated Faculty and Staff Housing has emerged as a hot item in the CSU especially at Monterey Bay and Sonoma. Schlereth asked the Members to relay to David Spence, who is visiting the campus today, the importance of this issue. Barnier agrees with Schlereth and feels the search committee chairs should be contacted as well. Phyllis Fernlund also agrees with Schlereth and feels the town homes have been important in securing new faculty. Garlin supports faculty housing for some faculty; however he believes the market solution to this problem would be to pay the faculty more so they could compete in the housing market. He does not want to see the system using this subsidy to ignore pay increases. Merrifield agrees and feels this is a system-wide issue. He feels we should act quickly if we want any money from this.

Crabbe asked to add student housing on the needs list. Schlereth indicated student housing is different because it is a self-sustaining project.

Garlin noted the CFA System-wide President is on campus today.

Merrifield feels a more global approach should be taken toward faculty development, staff development, and technology support. He would like to see these items combined into one need, titled professional development. Fernlund agrees this is a global issue but feels faculty and staff have much different needs and are somewhat specialized. Merrifield agrees these are specialized but feels they should be strategically linked.

Garlin would like to discuss the information technology faculty support position because this item does not seem to be supported by the faculty. Schlereth said this position was perceived as being a very important issue and wanted to move quickly. However, it appears more discussions are needed on this item before a decision is made.

Schlereth adjourned the meeting at 9:55 a.m.

Minutes prepared by Neil Markley

PBAC minutes 1999-2000
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